[Help] The Greifers have struck!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to make a thread to help some people on EMC! So a lot of people have been making threads about people griefing. Well, this thread will help you and tell you what to do if this ever happens to you! I hope you enjoy the thread :)

    Staff Member Help
    Staff members have seen griefing a lot of times. Make sure you PM a Moderator if you get greifed, or see a building that got griefed! What you do is you show them pictures, tell them what the coordinates are on what Smp, and then give out other information if you want. The Moderator(s) I'd private message is RainbowChin. He's the one he mostly figures it out, and does something about it. The link to PM him is www.emc.gs/conversations/rainbowchin if you'd like to speak to him!

    Threads Help
    It's not necessary in my opinion, but some people make threads and report to EMC about the griefing, or what they saw. The threads include pictures, and what happened. The most recent thread I've seen about griefing is http://emc.gs/most-recent-grefing-thread.com. This person worked on this area very hard, and the person just decided to troooolll.. and that makes me feel sad, because people don't deserve this.

    How EMC Players React
    EMC Players react by helping out others. This shows a kind of act. A special kind of act, and this act is called kindness. I'd like to thank the EMC players for helping out others! We should react by saying what they should do, or even help them rebuild the area!

    This is what I think EMC should do when a grief happens. Sorry if you got griefed, I'm so sorry! Do these instructions and you'll be fine. Remember, EMC is a caring server! They'll help you out!

  2. Nice guide :)
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  3. Thanks! I worked on it for a few minutes ;)
  4. After about 100 grief reports, this is how it usually works for me:

    Type /staff,
    Go to the area that was griefed
    Msg the staff with "Have time to research a griefing?"
    Let them know that you are at the area and they can tp to you.
    Show them which blocks were destroyed, which areas were griefed and the approximate time it happened.
    Give them time to research.
    Say "Thank you!"
    Then you can rebuild/repair. If you don't have the materials handy, be sure to contact GRIP, they will help.
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  5. Awesome idea! There are yet many ways to report a griefing. That's a great one, I'll keep the in handy :)
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  7. That dedication
  8. No, this is incorrect. Griefing should not be handled or reported in a thread. All players should message a staff member instead.
    It's always best to message multiple moderators or senior staff members in a griefing report. This ensures the quickest response time possible.

    A bit off-topic: where do you get these links from? They make absolutely no sense, lol.
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  9. Cute guide :)
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  10. I said in my opinion, I didn't say you couldn't.
  11. It's not a matter of "I/he/she/it does/does not want to," it's the fact that a thread shouldn't be made. All griefing reports should be handled in a PM and should not be taken publicly. Threads are easily overlooked by staff, whereas PMs are not.
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  12. I don't care what people say; your heart is in the right place which is all I care for. You go Kitty!
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  13. thanks!
  14. This thread title is a little misleading...

    I thought you were griefed and needed help.
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  15. *thread
  16. C'mon, don't do that. You make tons of spelling errors. There's absolutely no need to call others out on their own...
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  17. *autocorrect :)
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  18. Agreed, same here, but to be honest... In this case I truly believe the end justifies the means. Some subjects should be shared more often. And well... No offense, but we all know our KittyRo, right? ;)

    Nah, I think it's all good tbh.
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  19. kevmeup pretty much has it down. I would call such an interaction a productive one.

    StoneSlabGod wins points for linking to the Official EMC Blog!

    PenguinDJ did have a couple good points. The best way to report a grief is by contacting a staff member directly rather than creating a thread. Of course, getting help from the community to rebuild is another matter, and GRIP is there to help! ( PS- Thx, GRIP! ) Now, don't get me wrong, the Chin is everyone's hero! But all EMC staff are willing/able to help with griefing, so reach out to any of us, and we'll be more than happy to help!

    HelloKittyRo good job on those message links, they totally work!

    And just as a reminder, the EMC Wiki is the best place to get Empire info. Here's the page on how to report a player for breaking the rules:

    Thank you, HelloKittyRo for being so helpful! Remember, knowledge is power! So keep on reading ^_~
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