The griefers won

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  1. You can build in the wild for weeks or months, and someone can just walk in and destroy your work. If they send a friend / use another account to do their dirty work they can just continue while you know they did it.

    EMC urgently needs protection in the wild. Or some way to roll back grieves. Preferably both.

    It makes me sad. I lost everything I worked on for weeks. A spawner was destroyed so I can't rebuild either.

    This is a nice server to play on, but without some protection in the wild there's no point to put significant time into your builds. Players deserve better protection.

    It's bad for business as well. How can you expect people to pay for accounts if their work can be destroyed at any time by a random player?

    Time to move on for me. It's been nice knowing (some) of you!
  2. Senior staff can replace spawners if you message them. They wont haphazardly do it but if there has been a griefing like this they will. Griefing is a problem but if you are dug in where you are and have put effort into your stuff there are players that will help and staff will hear you out if you have a problem. Senior staff, maybe only aikar I'm not sure, should be able to tell if its an alt and deal with the situation.
  3. Hi... griefers never win, and I know that first hand. Dont give up, I'll be on tonight after work and I'll help you rebuild and supply any materials you need. We'll get it back just the way it was :)

    EDIT - griefer has been dealt with
  4. I'm so sorry this happened to you!! If you need help rebuilding it let me know. I know it's terrible getting griefed like that. EMC needs wild protection very badly. It HAS needed wild protection very badly... but hey.. We have a friendslist now though...
  5. Thanks everyone for your support. That makes me feel better :)

    Well, that would be the only thing missing to rebuild. It was a public zombie XP farm, with a nice bridge from /wild west leading there. I put it so close to /wild west so new players could easily gain some XP.

    There was a private area a bit further down with a combined skeleton farm and iron golem farm. Not much damage there. We could make it public as well. That would be a nice statement to griefers.
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  6. Sounds great. Ill contact you tonight and we will get it sorted :)
    We're all here to help you
  7. What Kaizimir said... It's way too early to throw in the towel IMO. I'll start a convo in a second and would like to know what blocks gone missing. We can't replace spawners but we can replace a lot of other stuff.
  8. OMG! Why would someone do that? Don't they know rules lol. Talk to a Senior Staff Member, they can help you resolve this problem.
  9. Be optimistic, I bet it isn't so bad because there is always worse. My small medieval frontier castle got got griefed I was sad but when I heard that some buildings much larger got whipped out, I was jut it isn't so bad. My build was partly griefed so you always can repair it, but some outposts get whipped out from griefers, be optimistic!!
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  10. Sorry to hear about it. Unfortunately, a few bad apples can spoil the pie, but please dont give up on our community because of 1 or 2 bad apples. There are alot of really great things about emc that you wont find on other servers. Have you contacted GRIP? I forget exactly what the name stands for, but their primary goal is to give back and repair griefing damages
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  11. Thanks for the offer. I don't think it's needed. A lot of resources went into a nice bridge and nice tunnels. That's all still there.

    The only thing I don't have in stock are villager eggs. A number of villagers is missing, there were 2 x 10 villagers in the iron golem farm. 10 are missing, I haven't checked the other ones yet. Honestly I could just buy the eggs.

    I do like your initiative though, I checked the link. Once I have this sorted out I'll make a contribution. What blocks are needed?
  12. No, we got that covered ;)

    Edit: check your /mail ;)

    We're pretty good so far. We've been a little idle as of late (and I still need to fix some stuff on the policies and such) and right now we got a decent amount of cash and materials. Only "problem" we have is that in most cases of griefing we encountered it's not so much the materials which matter but the damaged trust and motivation.

    So in general: anything you can spare can help.
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  13. I feel the same about damaged trust and motivation. Getting some help here though restores faith, thanks everyone. Turns out there was griefing elsewhere as well. All villagers have perished.

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  14. Griefers never win, there's too many staff and players that care too much ;)
  15. I heard staff have a way to track certain blocks....
  16. Don't Worry Griefers Will NEVER win! :cool:
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  17. This thread is the whole reason I love this place, so many people happy to help
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  18. I'm glad it was all taken care of, if you need anything let me know. ;) Griefers will not win.
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  19. Looks like you have most of the actual damage sorted, but I still wanted to offer help. The worst part about greifing is when it also takes players away from our community, thanks for reconsidering.
    Public farms really are a labor of love, get help and don't let greifers hurt your good natured spirit.
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