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GRIP: what do you think?

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+1 This is an awesome idea! 15 vote(s) 34.9%
+2 This is awesome & I'd help (donate, help, etc.)! 21 vote(s) 48.8%
+0 Seeing is believing. 1 vote(s) 2.3%
-1 The idea is good, but just waiting to get abused :( 5 vote(s) 11.6%
-2 This will never work. 1 vote(s) 2.3%
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  1. Hi gang!

    So it has finally also happened to me personally: a friend and me got griefed even though we were pretty far out in the wild. I can only assume where it came from, considering that I did disclose some details of the location in a Minecraft fantasy story, but that's speculation and I got more important things to do than to worry about this (in the end this only helped us a bit because it makes one heck of a story twist).

    I couldn't care less about the missing items but it did make me once again realize that there is only so much which our staff can do. They most certainly don't have the option to refund everybody who has been griefed and I can well understand why.

    It still got me thinking. I can understand that staff can't do this, but why can't we? We, the EMC community?


    The Griefing Refund Items Project


    A lot of us know the issue: you have been griefed. I mostly focus my attention on the wild because as you probably know: you cannot be griefed in town. Even so, I am seriously considering to include the town world as well as long as the griefed player is younger than, say, 30 days. But that's something to discuss later.

    The idea is to have a central "organization" if you will: a group of players who can put themselves above (or besides) petty things such as personal wealth and all that and who will maintain a bulk storage area with the primary goal to refund or donate to those who have been griefed.

    That's right: a huge storage facility. Because my intent is not to try and donate rupees so that griefed players can buy stuff for themselves. No: my intend is to create a HUGE collection of items which are not to be traded with, which are not meant to be sold, but which are meant to be given away as compensation to players who got griefed.

    Note: My aim is not to try and come up with something which can fully refund players per definition, but at least a huge part of it.


    Player's mob grinder got griefed and he lost all his villagers, his dog and his cobble structure is also mostly missing.

    What we could definitely do: replace the villager & wolf eggs. Optionally we could provide cobble / stone as well (main focus is the items which mattered most).

    Player's wild base got griefed and all their wooden structures have been burned to the ground. 3 DC of wood, 1 DC of glass and a SC worth of quartz have gone missing. Their treasury also got hit: they lost 5 stacks of iron blocks, 1 stack of gold blocks and 4 stacks of nether quartz.

    What we would definitely do: provide as much wood and glass as we got, and also a large dose of quartz. We wouldn't help with the treasury because although it's just as bad that it went missing, it's not something which mattered to the building / structure. It was located in the building, but not part of it.

    How would this work?

    This is the difficult part. First and foremost we'll need a very strict set of rules to prevent foul play. And trust me when I say that I realize like no other what I'm proposing here: this sits very closely to a banking structure or an insurance kind of thing (which isn't allowed per EMC rules). And I'm doing my utmost best to comply to those rules as best as possible while also making sure that we can rule out internal foul play as much as possible as well.

    If you have been griefed

    You would definitely need to provide us with proof. What would count as proof? At least a screenshot of the area while a staff member is present to inspect the damages. Then a member of the organization (I'm really hoping to attract more people interested in helping, but I will be uberly critical in who'd I include) will also take a look at the area while you can explain to him/her/them what was lost and what items you'd need to repair it.

    Then we will check what we'd deem valid for refunding (based on our policies, you have seen one short example above) and you'd be given access to a section of our storage facility where you can find the item(s) you'd need.

    My intend is to focus on all sorts of griefing: even if your cobble base and your dear enderchest went missing you'd still be welcome to make a claim. We'd most likely refund the enderchest, not the cobble ;)

    If you want to help

    Donations would be mostly appreciated. Here's the fun part: although rupees would also help I would actually prefer that you don't donate rupees but items instead. Because it's items which we'll be trying to refund, NOT rupees.

    What items? ANYTHING!

    You're building a huge castle and you got 1 stack of leftover bricks? Please, we'd like to have it! You're a high roller and you build this mega-mall and now have this DC of glass lying around and you can't be bothered with those difficult auctions? Uhm, well, you see Mr. High Roller...

    You run a shop and you want to help but you can't really afford much? How about a small discount in the event that we need to buy something for the organization? (only a VERY select few people will be allowed to actually make purchases for the organization, in order to prevent abuse as much as possible).

    I only got rupees to give, also because I don't play much :(

    Not to worry. Rupee donations will also be highly appreciated but only under the condition that your donation will become public. If you want to donate anonymously then there will be a few issues to keep in mind (read on). Here's the thing: we need to rule out abuse, so if we do get a rupee donation then it'll be mandatory for us to log it on our project thread (which is going to be made depending on how the community feels about this). This will make sure that everyone gets to see what rupee amounts went in, and what rupee amounts went out.

    Obviously: only a select few people will be allowed to accept rupee donations for the organization because of this.

    When rupees do come in then the intent is to buy new supplies as soon as possible (but obviously also making sure that we don't just waste the rupees either).

    Anonymous donations

    The problem is ruling out abuse. If you wish to remain anonymous then it's probably best to come over to a (to be build) donation area and dump some valuable items in there. Then we'd be able to see those and use the profit for the organization. Sure, this will mean some overhead will find its way into the community itself but that's only part of game.

    Anonymous rupee donations

    Definitely not preferred but doable. If you make such a donation you need to realize that you're giving $player your money and that this money, at that point, is lost to you. From there on its use is at the discretion of said $player.

    Most likely you'll soon see a new log entry stating that $player has donated $amount of rupees but.. yah... (there will be more detailed rules to handle all this, I'm already working on some drafts).

    Why do I think this would work?

    I know what you might be thinking, or I hope that you might be thinking this: "Shell, you claim to already work on an auction house project and a redstone tutorial project and we've yet to see anything happen but talk. Why would this suddenly work?".

    It's a question I'm actually (and honestly) asking myself.

    The answer is simple: because this project doesn't require fancy buildings (only a huge storage facility, anyone can make that) or good looks.

    All it requires is: a residence to build a storage facility on (I got that), an approval from the community (here's hoping for you guys), a bunch of integer players to help out, an organizational hierarchy (not to be discussed here), authorizations when it comes to our treasury & storage (now that residence groups are a thing this is easily doable) and most of all: a strict bunch of rules & policies.

    It may surprise you: but the latter won't be too much of a problem for me.

    Most of all we need transparency. And I think we can do that too; these forums excel on that.

    Putting my money where my mouth is

    Right now I own approx. 300k. If the community approves of this project then I shall put 1/3rd of this (100k) into GRIP in order to build the first area of the (underground) storage facility. And there are a few players out there who have already promised funding for the start up (for example: we'll need chests, a lot of them ;-))

    I want to help!

    Tell me/us in this thread or send me a PM. It's waay too early to start thinking about handing out tasks and chores, but we'll get to that. Do keep in mind that I will take a close look at your EMC age and at you as a player in general. I'll be honest: I am hoping for some specific players to respond but.. yah. We'll see.

    EMC community: what do you think?!
  2. Will this organization tie up of fixing the lands that were greifed or just to refund items?
  3. Main focus right now is to refund items to players in order to repair damages to their buildings. Also because we have pretty limited resources right now.

    But this might come to pass over time as well, but it's a little too early for that right now.
  4. Well Cool organization! If that is planned, I will be rebuilder when you get to it ;)
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  5. I would love to help out I do many of these projects. I help new players I fixed a whol outpost once for over 250k outpost must stay anonimous. I really would like to help many you heard from Zikko NewsPaper I may write a article about this if its approved from you. I have been player EMC for 50 days now and I seem to be young but really already owned 3mil own a lot of shops and promos. I really love to help. I got grieved at one of the most modern XP farms EMC. Got griefed still in reapering. I really try to help the Community and EMC. If you think I would steal/grief I own already too much items so I don't need to grief.
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  6. Great idea :D As much as i would like to help i dont play in-game anymore :( Good luck with the project :)
  7. if ur so sure about GRIP u should not be so derpy about approval but just GO for it!

    see pm
  8. U don't?
  9. This will be so useful...
  10. On the rare occasion to do stuff with friends
  11. I have a suggestion. Anyone who has an outpost that contains a beacon should have screenshots ready in case of griefing. That way, you would not have to worry about people taking advantage of your generosity for running this organization.

    EDIT: I have some ideas to help avoid scamming, I will put them in when I get to a proper computer.
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  12. I would love to help however I can. I have been part of multiple outposts, some that have gotten griefed, and I would like to help other outposts get back from something like this. This would definitely be possible to do and would be easy. Even without official staff support, we, the players, can accomplish any big project if enough of us work hard at it.
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  13. First: thanks for all the comments & shown support so far.

    It's official: I'm going full speed ahead with this, already got someone on board to handle finances. As someone said above: I should just go ahead with this and then see what people think afterwards; when we're in "business".

    Main place of operations: A secret underground storage facility with a public section for pickup which will be located on / under my SMP5 residence. Just don't tell anyone, it's a secret afterall :D

    Main focus so far: rough start with the storage facility, main priority will be put on making donations possible by building the donation options / chests as well as working out the draft policies which should protect your & our interests.

    300k is already reserved for this. Some will be used on setting all this up, sure, but most of it will find its way into the project. Both Aya and me are heavily putting in items from our own storages to build this critter.

    this is going to be a very interesting weekend for sure.
  14. This sounds like a tremendous undertaking, but I think it's an incredible idea :D I would love to contribute by donating items. Is there a specific residence that you have or will have a drop box for donations set-up?
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  15. I would love to help supply. Maybe we could work on making wood/stone farms to help supply the missing items and remove a little of the need for donations? not sure.
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  16. I would gladly donate a couple DC's of random items I do not need since I won't be selling them in my Mini Mall :D

    Being a part of this project would be amazing, but I will need to think about it because I still plan to be using materials for my unfinished residences. Feel free to ask me for materials/minerals for the griefed person, though :)
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  17. It is. But I'm determined to make this work and the more I think about this the more convinced I am that we (this is a community effort after all) can make it work. At this point I've even made sure to cancel other (unlikely, but still possible) obligations by withdrawing some applications I've made in the past.

    As to donations: thanks for the offers you guys! A donation section is going to ready this weekend on smp5. I'll provide full details when we're done.

    (it's one thing to accept donations, we also need to store them).
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  18. Definitely an excellent idea and I will also donate. I was wondering that if someone gets raided and the perpetrator is determined is it not possible to confiscate back the stolen articles from their chests, etc... ?
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  19. I'm not sure but I don't think a staff member would (or could) do that, also because it would be very hard to determine if those are actually the stolen items or if those items got destroyed during the grief.

    Also keep in mind that when a player gets banned for griefing it's usually a permanent ban. Meaning so much that if they make an appeal and its granted they'll start over with a clean slate: all their in-game items are removed from the game.

    Which is why I honestly think that we should be able to help each other. (sorry for the pun, it's weekend): by getting a GRIP on those griefers :)
  20. We're ready for item donations!

    You can go to residence 10566, located on SMP5. OR you can use /v +grip, while on SMP5. We're most certainly not prepared for whatever is to come but we have plenty of chests ready as an emergency storage for now while we're busy building the main storage (ongoing effort).

    2 DC's are used as donation "buffer" but in the mean time we've also placed several DC's near the walls so that we'll be able to store as much stuff as possible. We've almost completed the floor of the main storage area and then we'll be able to set up something more permanent.

    As you can see we are trying to keep this looking nicely enough, but we're not going too much overboard with items (then again, everything came out of our own storages for now so meh ;) ).

    We're also going to do a small advertisement later on to raise more awareness.

    Our awesome storage floor, we decided not to go with the bedrock look ;)