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  1. Prologue

    Yes gang, that last (GTA) story was a horrid mistake ;) Well, the story in itself maybe not too much but the platform was ill chosen. Thanks to those who commented and told me straight up that they didn't like it. Because I like that, you can't win 'm all (but you can try!).

    So the decision was quickly made: A Minecraft story... But not just that: an Empire Minecraft story. I had some help, and I'll be honest straight up: we 'cheated' a little. Just so we're clear:
    • It's an EMC story, its going to actually take place on SMP9 but I had to cheat for the start due to time & location considerations (more below).
    • The story will tell you that we have nothing. While that is true playing-wise we did cheat a little:
      • Brought plenty of food so that we didn't starve before we found a suitable location. Once we're there the food goes. But before that...
      • Used an ender chest from the get-go which contains a silk-touch pick. The story will be truthful for most part but we do keep problems in mind as well. As such: an Enderchest will be in place from the start to help protect ourselves against griefers.
    This is going to be a Minecraft fantasy story, and I think (hope) that some of you may even learn a few things over time.

    It begins

    "Hey, are you alright? Can you hear me? Hello down there?!"... I hear a voice, somewhere in the distance. Everything is still blurry.. I try to get up and "Ow, my head...".... "You'll be alright", the voice says: "I'm glad, I thought that creeper had you for sure. You are one lucky guy, I can tell you that". Wait, wha? What is this? Last I remember... Come to think of it, what was the last thing I did anyway? Oh, this is not good, not good at all...

    I thought that creeper had you for sure...

    "Can you walk?", the girl asks me. I slowly nod my head. Well, at least I think so: "where am I anyway?". She looks at me with a puzzled look in her eye: "Don't you remember? I was afraid of that, those creepers sure pack a punch alright". "Creeper?", I ask. "Don't worry about that for now, quick, lets get a move on. We really need to find shelter before the sun goes down. Because if we don't then we're both doomed. I don't think we'll get a lucky shot like yours again", she answers and helps me get to my feet.

    When I look around I see the savanna we're on. While we're walking some things slowly start to come back to me... "Are you ok?", the girl asks. I nod once more: "Who are you anyway?", I ask. "Later, we need to find shelter. It's already past noon", she answers and points to a location in the distance: "Think you can make it to those hills? There's water there and plenty of wild stock, we should be able to hold out there for a while..". "Lets just get this over with", I answer while groaning. My foot hurts like heck, but... "Something wrong?". I shake my head: "I'll live, lets get going".

    We walk for hours and finally the mountains start to become more clear. The only thing between the mountain and us is a forest. "Need to rest, gimme 5 min", I say. "Yeah, I could use some rest myself as well. Lets sit over there", she answers and a few moments later we're sitting near the edge of the forrest.

    "So what brings a boy like you to a place like this?", she asks. I grin: "that's my line!", I joke. "But seriously: its slowly coming back to me now. Surely you heard the rumors and read the news?", I ask. She nods: "you mean the confirmation that the Empire actually exists, right?", she says. I nod. "Legend has it that a man called Aikar has managed to raise a massive Empire. And instead of being crowned Emperor he's actually the chief builder; always trying to make it a better place than it was before", I say: "The towns are said to be unimaginable. Wide roads, plenty of food for everyone, large spaces where people can live and most of all: no hostile monsters".

    She nods: "Yeah, I heard those rumors. So you think there's truth to them?". "Has to be", I say: "Some stories are just... too wild for anyone to imagine. I mean, have you heard about the outposts?". The girl looks at me with a puzzled face: "Outposts?". "They're the structures which guard the town from invasions. Rumor has it that you can see the quartz steps from miles away. Tales go around of majestic towers which spawn waterfalls so that travelers can lesten their thirst and it also drives any hostile invaders off". "Speaking of which", the girl continues: "I'd feel a lot safer if we'd get to those mountains". I nod my head in agreement. I take one step and immediately yell out from the pain. "This is no good, we need to get moving", she said. "Stay here, I'll scout ahead to see if there's a quicker route".

    Yeah, the legendary Empire.. I dunno.. Did I do the right thing by dropping everything in order to pursue my dream? What if its just that? A dream... No... I can't let my thoughts go out into despair now. First we need to find shelter, then we'll see about the rest.

    "RUN! GET OFF YOUR BUTT, RUN, FOLLOW ME!!", I hear the girl yelling while running right towards me. Wait, wha?

    While she's running towards me I can slowly make out a green shape which is slowly following her. Is that the cause for all this panicking? That creature doesn't look that tough to me. "No wait", I shout back: "We can take him". "For the love of... come on!!", she yells. But no, honestly; that creature doesn't look dangerous at all. I slowly stand on one and a half foot, my other leg still hurts like heck, but even with the pain I'm sure I can deliver some close and personal punches.

    Suddenly the girl shows up close besides me and yanks me around by my arm: "This is no time for heroics you idiot, get on your feet and RUN ALREADY!", she snaps. When I look up I see a bewildered look on her face. This looks serious....

    I quickly get to my feet and make a run for it, closely following her. A few moments later we made our way past the forest and are now nearly by the mountain. "What.... what was that? Why... the panic all of a sudden?", I ask while gasping for breath.

    This is no time for heroics you idiot, get on your feet and RUN ALREADY!

    I can hear her breathing heavily as well: "Have... you.. already forgotten... about creepers?", she asks. I raise my shoulders: "That was a creeper?". "Actually...", she starts: "It's... not the creepers I'm usually worried about. It's their skeleton overlords with their bow and arrows which worry me the most". "With that foot of yours we wouldn't have stand a chance, take my word for it". "So now what?".

    "S, S & B", she says. "S, s, what?". "Shelter, supplies and food. But considering the state you're in I think we should settle with shelter for now. Can you walk?". And so we continue. Past the mountain, leaving the savanna and now entering the border between a desert and the green plains. And in the middle: one large hill at the edge of a river.

    Half an hour later we make it to a cave. "Excellent, there's lava here. Watch your step though!". Eh? "You call that luck? One small step and we'll be cooked and done", I say. "Yeah, but at least its a light source and this way we won't have to worry about the cold night either". What is she talking about?

    "You don't know, do you?", she asks: "'They come at night' ring any bells?". "who are they?", I ask. "How old did you say you were?", she asks. Oh come on, no need for the sarcasm all of a sudden. "During the night the creatures of the night come out. Spiders, zombies, the skeleton overlords and who knows what Herobrine has in store for us.... But for now we'll be safe here.. Why don't you get some rest? I'll stand guard and wake you when its your turn...".

    I nod while I make myself comfortable against the side of the cave. Hmm, she's right about one thing: that lava does help make these walls a lot more pleasant to lean against. Before I know I'm vast asleep....

    End of part 1, to be continued.

    And that's one. I really wanted to get this out today even though I didn't have as much time as I needed / wanted. But alas; more next time!
  2. Oh man! Why did it have to stop?
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  3. Although I think this would be a great fit for the blog, I don't really read the blog (:oops:) so thanks for sharing this here!
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  4. It will get going soon enough. The plan is actually to try and come up with something every week. But this week I aim for 2 parts: the introduction which you just read, and the story about when we found ourselves a place to stay.

    It's going to be a Minecraft (fantasy) story, a survival guide and a little bit of a blog all rolled into one. We're actually going to play and a lot of what I'll write about will be about things we actually experienced or did. I aimed for a longer start but we had some problems finding a suitable location on SMP9.

    Agreed. Thing is: the forum gives me more control. I get to decide when something is going to be posted and I really want that because my goal is to try and come up with something every week.
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  5. Wait, this is on EMC? Then why didn't you have a health bar? :eek: Oh, resource pack. But what's the reason against it?
    Also, you messed up my emoticon in your quote :p
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  6. Uh, oh, you're onto us :eek: As I mentioned earlier it's going to be played out on SMP9 (wastelands). Unfortunately we couldn't find a suitable location in time so before we burned through all of our food I decided to use an "alternative location". But that was a one time event only, next stop: SMP9 :)

    Fixed :)
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  7. Introduction part 2a - The book of the Dark Lord

    No pictures in this part, sorry. We were both online earlier this morning (local time) but we had to spend too much on trying to log on. When we eventually were logged on the time worked against us once more. Despite my earlier promise I did try using "that other place" again but yeah... I don't think anyone is waiting for the adventures of Steve & Steve ;)

    We sent a lot of ideas back and forth last night and well... Once I finished a story (chapter) in my head to this extend I really want it out. So without further ado...

    "Would you like some milk? That'll be 3 emeralds", the villager tells me. I hand him his three green stones and take a sip of the milk. Aah, that's the better stuff. "Would you like a cake?", the villager says: "I must warn you though; it is a lie", after which he laughs it out. I don't get it... "No thanks", I say: "I don't pay for lies". "But, but....", and before I know the villager starts to cry. "Hey, sorry..", I say: "I didn't mean to be rude".

    "Noo, IT'S ALL GONE!", a voice cries out immediately followed by more sobbing...

    Wait, where did the villagers go? Suddenly I wake up and I see the girl who I met yesterday crying: "Hey, what's wrong?", I ask: "did anything bad happen while I was asleep? You should have woken me up, maybe I could have helped?".

    She looks at me while tears flow down her cheeks: "It's... it's all gone", she mumbles: "everything...". "What is gone? Your gear? We can make new one, and you know what they say: if done once again it'll be twice as better than before". "You don't understand", she says: "just leave me alone please...".

    "Hey, surely it can't be that bad?", I say while I go sit next to her: "come on, we're in this together. You can trust me, honest. Why don't you tell me what's wrong?", I say while I hand her a handkerchief. "Its my book", she says: "I lost my book. And without that book... I searched everywhere, I went through all my pockets, I checked my backpack. My whole inventory: empty. That book...".

    "Well, we can always make a new one", I tell her: "it'll be hard but once we find some sugar cane somewhere then there is a way to dry it, slice it up and then make paper out of it. I know the recipe for that you know. And once we have paper... Well, all I need then is a good piece of leather and I'll make you a new book in no time!".

    "You don't understand", she says: "you cannot craft this book. This book was written by the creators themselves". "Wait... creatorS? You don't mean..". She nods: "Yes, both. The creator, the almighty Notch and his evil counterpart..." "Herobrine", I answer. Suddenly I gasp: "Wait, you mean... no, it can't be.. You don't mean The Forbidden book?!".

    "You... You know of that?!", she asks while blowing her nose. "Yes, I read about it many years ago. While I was studying in the great library of Mojanius.". I look at her and... I did promise to keep some of my teachings a secret but, surely it couldn't hurt to tell her about my discoveries? It might even cheer her up a bit..

    "Make yourself comfortable, and I will tell you all about it", I say while clearing my throat.

    "It was many years ago. I wanted to learn more about the world and so I decided to travel to the capital city of Mojanius and visit the great library. Once there I started my study which lasted well over a year (more or less anyway). During that time I discovered a small, dark toned, section which contained lots of strange books. When I wanted to examine them I learned that the shelves were all locked down using a powerful magical seal. I asked my teacher about it and he told me that this small section contained all the lore they had on the Realm of the Dark One. No one is allowed to access this knowledge because, as always, it could be used for great deeds but also even greater evil.".

    When I see that she's slowly beginning to calm down a bit I reach into my inventory and I find a small piece of bread. "Here, eat this. It'll make you feel better", I say after which I continue my story: "I actually had to take a vow you know... After it was determined that I had no ties to the Dark Lord nor any of his followers I was granted access for 3 days. No more and no less. Hardly enough to read everything, but that is just what they wanted. If you know what you're doing you know what to read and what to skip.".

    "And that's where you learned about the book?", she asks.

    "Yes.. It was mentioned in a Nether tale, or Dimensional legend if you will. In return for being allowed passage from and towards his realm the Dark Lord Herobrine would bestow his lore and knowledge upon the world in the form of the Book of Power. 18 days did the Dark Lord work on writing the book. On the 19th day, or so the legend goes, a disaster happened. A disaster so great that it was decided to remove its memory from history itself. But it is said that this day is said to be described in that very same book of power. A chapter written by Notch himself entitled: "The folly of the Dark Lord"".

    "Amazing", the girl said: "I never would have imagined that anyone else would know about that. And do you know why the book has been dubbed forbidden?", she asks. "No, like I said I didn't have time so I decided to skip that bit of history. I wanted to know, but it took way too much time to translate all the ancient writings".

    She nods: "Well, then it's now my turn... When the book had been written the Dark Lord was permitted to leave his realm. As was to be expected he often played many nasty tricks on the world, and his actions were always carefully watched by the creator. At one time the Dark Lord burned down an entire village because he got heavily offended that the head villager would only offer him one emerald for selling his book. This enraged the creator so much that he threatened to lock the Dark Lord in his dimension again if he didn't agree to turn over his book. In return Herobrine was paid exactly one emerald and the book was kept by the villagers. When they read about the events which happened on the 19th day of writing they were so shocked and appalled that they vowed to make sure to never speak of that day again. As such the book was from there on known as The Forbidden Book".

    The girl sighs: "I don't know, maybe it is for the best I suppose. But... that book doesn't only contain the Nether tales, it also holds ancient knowledge about the world we're in.". "Tales of the Overworld", I mumble. "Wait, how do you know?". I look at the girl: "Know what? I didn't say anything".

    "Yes you did, you said Tales of the Overworld". And after she finished her sentence my head suddenly feels as if its going to explode. I cry out while grasping my head.... "What's wrong?!"...

    I suddenly see a vision.. A man looks at me, a strange man. His eyes shine pure white and when I try to look him in the eyes it makes my eyes fill with pain. "Remember", a hollow voice sounds and before I can even realize what's happening the vision is gone.

    "The black book!", I shout: "It's the black book!". "Wait, that can't be!", the girl says: "How did you...". I stand up and empty my entire inventory. Empty. Wait.. Could it be... I open my backpack and I gasp.. "I.... I... don't understand..", I say. I pull out a book with a black/blueish leather cover and letters written in gold on it. The pages are all coloured red and when I touch the book I feel a strange sensation.

    "My book....", the girl gasps: "you got it.. How did you... ?!".

    I hand her the book: "It was when you almost pulled my arm out of its socket. In a flash I saw something drop and before I knew what was going on I was holding that book. It was the strangest thing: all of a sudden my leg no longer hurt and all I can remember after that was following you. I don't know what happened..."

    "This is amazing, thank you so very much!", the girl says: "this book has been within my family ever since we...", and she suddenly stops. "Ever since what?", I ask. She looks at me: "It's a secret, I promised not to tell", she says. "Ever since you moved into 'that' village?", I ask. She doesn't answer.
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  8. Introduction part 2b - The book of the Dark Lord

    (the previous message was too long :rolleyes:)

    "Well, the sun is almost coming up. I think we should make a plan on what we're going to do", she tells me instead. I nod: "First we need tools and some food.". "There are some trees nearby", the girl says: "we might be able to use those".

    "Yes", I say: "that's the plan: WSID at its finest". "WSID?" "It's an ancient crafting acronym", I tell her: "'Go from Wood to Stone and Iron and Diamonds shall soon follow'". She smiles. Finally...

    "Ok, my turn to share", she says while she opens up 'that' book. "Wait, what are you doing?", I ask. "It's ok", she says: "The book is filled with riddles and puzzles. And maybe you can help me solve some of these riddles, I think it could really help us out...". Okee then...

    "Here goes", she says, and she reads an ancient poem out loud:

    If there is power to gain,
    Thy shall find it in the Dark Lords domain.

    The strongest passage must thou build,
    For this is the portal which cannot be killed.

    Oh foolish mortal, know what thy seek,
    For His minions are everything, most certainly not weak.

    Lord Herobrine; your powers are plenty,
    The number of thy portal: it has been dubbed 20.

    Amazing... The girl closes the book. "What do you think?", she asks me. "Dark and forbidding", I say: "but... I dunno...".

    "Well, now you know the first poem", she says: "Lets concentrate on getting some supplies first".

    I nod and we both head outside and split up. "Be careful!", I tell her. "You too! We'll meet back here when we're done, ok?". "No", I say: "we meet back here at noon. That way we'll know if the other ran into problems".

    "Agreed! Good thinking!".

    And after that we both go on our way...

    End of the introduction.

    Next time: A new place to call home.
  9. Ah, amazing. I really love this!
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  10. Thanks a bunch for the compliment, I'm happy you're enjoying this. The plot is already roughly under development and I really think that this could very well be one of my better stories so far. At least I really hope so; it was great fun for me to write all this so far.
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  11. Ahhhh! It stopped again! Pardon my intrigue, this is awesome!
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  12. Ok, I didn't quite expect that reaction. I mean; the last part was even too large for 1 post :eek:

    (unless... maybe you skipped the previous part? In that case I can see how it's way too short ;) )

    Anyway, the weekend is finally here, so there is a very good chance that we'll be able to sort out the official preparations on SMP9's wasteland this evening. And when that happens we can really start things off.
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  13. Guest appearances? I have the weekend off :D
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  14. End of introduction - A new place to call home

    We made it! I'm really happy to announce that we found a place for our survival project & story on SMP9. Took us more than an hour or so (real time) and a few points of discussion but we found something which we both liked (its not our favorite / first choice, but working with what you got also adds up to gameplay).

    This chapter is shorter due to time restrictions but will have some extra pictures to make up for the previous one ;)

    After we leave the cave the girl and I split up and I climb a little higher up the mountain to finally get a good overview of our surroundings. Hm, I can make out a desert near the horizon, I obviously see the savanna through which we came and fortunately for us there's plenty of water around us. All we need is some string, some wood and we can make ourselves a fishing rod; good for a nearly endless supply of food. But first: supplies. I can make out a jungle across the river and that means that there should be plenty of wood.

    I climb down the mountain and make my way to the river. Wait, did I see something move on the other end? I carefully enter the water and swim across. And for sure: there are plenty of creatures lurking within the shadows of the forest. I'm not sure I like this... I swim across the shore to see if there are other - more inviting - areas but as could be expected from a jungle: it's basically one huge green wall with all kinds of creatures hiding within.

    Without weapons or tools I'm not going to take chances and I decide to make my way back to the cave. At the very least we should do this together, then one can keep an eye out for any hostility while the other goes to collect resources. After a few moments I reach the cave and when I prepare to climb up I see the girl I met before exiting the cave: "We have a problem, the cave collapsed. I have no idea what happened, it looks as if a tornado hit this place". That's impossible...

    It looks like a storm hit this place...

    "A tornado inside a cave?", I mutter. After climbing up I enter the cave and for sure; its one big dark pile of rocks now. The lava pool has been completely smothered and.. I shudder when I look at the walls. "Yeah, that got me startled also", the girl says. It almost looks as if gigantic claws have scratched their way through the rocks and the rubble. "Either way, I don't think its safe to stay here anymore. Follow me, we might be able to find shelter in the forest", I say. After walking for a few minutes we reach the edge of the river. "I don't like this", the girl says: "it's almost as if we're being watched". I nod in agreement, ever since we left the cave I've also been a little on edge. Very hard to describe..

    I have a bad feeling about this...

    And then, suddenly, the weather changed. The wind starts blowing, rain pours down and a heavy thunderstorm starts, literally coming out of nowhere. "This is not good, this is not good at all!", the girl yells at me. We make a run for the beach so that we at least have some clear space around us, that way we'll be able to see if something is coming towards us. "Now what?", I ask. "We need to find shelter, quickly!", the girl answers: "If this storm keeps up then there's no telling what creatures could come out of hiding". "Yeah, but.. where are we supposed to go? We can't go back to the cave, the jungle is probably full with critters.. where?". She looks around for a moment and then starts digging in the sand with her hands: "quick, help me dig out a tunnel".

    You have got to be kidding me... "That's your idea? Hide in a stinking hole of dirt?". "Fine, if you don't want to help then make yourself useful and see if there are any creatures nearby", the girl snaps. I sigh.. A dirt hole, what is she thinking anyway.. I make my way to the edge of the river again and carefully follow it a little bit further up stream. Wait, what is that? I quickly lie down in the grass and carefully look across the river. For sure, I can see two creatures on the other side. Some kind of weird looking monster and he's closely followed by... My breath stocks for a moment when I see the familiar shape of a creeper again. "This is not good", I say to myself. It's almost as if they're looking for something. Looking for us perhaps? I'm so going to hate myself in the morning for this...

    It's almost as if they're looking for something...

    I quickly run back to the girl and also start digging. "Oh look who it is", she says sarcastically: "Mr. 'I don't want to live in the dirt'". I look up: "I think they're looking for us", and continue to dig. "They?". I shake my head and continue to dig and 20 minutes later we finally managed to dig out a hole large enough for the both of us, while also making sure that the ceiling can't easily collapse. "Well, it may not be much now but at least it's somewhat of a home", the girl says. "First we need to wait for this storm to pass, then hopefully we still have enough time left to gather some basic supplies. I saw some pigs walking around, so we should be able to get some food".

    It may not be much, but at least its somewhat of a home...

    Unfortunately luck wasn't really on our side. Eventually the storm passed and the weather more or less returned to normal. Quickly followed by the setting sun. "Guess we'll have to wait until morning again", the girl sighs. I nod. I walk to the entrance to check the barricade we set up and to look at the sunset but the sight only worries me even more. "Do you see anything out there?", the girl asks. "No, nothing to worry about.", I tell her. I feel bad about lying but there's no reason to worry her over what could be nothing. "I'll close up the entrance and then we can take turns to get some sleep. I'll take the first watch", I say.

    I sigh. I have no idea how we are going to get out of this mess....

    Next chapter coming somewhere next weekend.
  15. I'm definitely open to the idea, but it won't be this weekend. First we'll have to set up some basic settlement so that we have a (story-wise) steady environment. At least where food and supplies are concerned. But after that; for sure. We'll need to come up with a small plot but that should certainly be doable.

    Basically, this is how it currently works: I come up with a rough plot and we then try to make it work during gameplay. That cave for example was sheer luck; Aya found it and because it had no lava or such I came up with the twist above (also adds up to the overall storyline, but that obviously remains a secret). The rest is basically using whatever we encounter for the story. After I have everything worked out I then discuss the main ideas and plot twists with Aya, she checks if she's ok with it (there are some topics I'm not supposed to touch, and I obviously respect that) and if all is ok then the story gets posted.

    So if we can come up with a rough plot idea then for sure; could easily work out ;)

    (edit): But that's obviously best discussed in private ;) No spoilers allowed :)
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  16. The Messenger

    Sorry, but some of the pictures are a little bit messed up. Usually I keep chat off and try to keep track of my inventory but I got so caught up in the gameplay that I forgot all about that. But then again; the pictures are only used to support the story anyway...

    The next morning we slowly wake up. "How are you feeling?", I ask. "Hungry". I nod: "I could use some food as well.", I say while we carefully take down the barricade we set up yesterday. Much to my relief I see no more hostile monsters lurking around the island across the river. And the weather also looks good today; the sun is shining and it looks like a pretty good day. "We need to gather food and other supplies", I say: "I was thinking to check out the jungle across the river, what do you say?". She shakes her head: "No, it's too dangerous. We shouldn't go there unarmed. Besides, there should be plenty of trees and vegetables on this side of the river as well". "Ok then", I say: "I'll try to gather up some wood, do you think you can get us some food?". She nods.

    And once again we split up. While she walks across the beach towards the edge of the savanna and the desert I decide to climb up to a ledge which seems to lead to some kind of platform. It takes me quite some effort, I really need to get something to eat soon, but eventually I make it. And this time it seems we're in luck: Acacia trees! While most trees like Oak and Birch grow pretty much straight up and keep their roots firmly in the ground Acacia are quite different. These can actually grow entirely in one direction which makes them a little unstable sometimes. So if you push and bash hard enough on one side then there's a good chance that you can get the whole tree to collapse on itself. Of course that's not saying that all of this is easily done, but at least it quite doable without tools. Even if you are pretty hungry.

    I push, punch and bash several trees for hours and the result is well worth it: as expected I get several of them to collapse and once they're down its easy to break them up into smaller pieces which are easy to take with you in your inventory. I'm so caught up in my work that I almost forget the time. Just after the sun sets at the horizon and the area becomes a lot darker do I suddenly realize how late it has become. I think I'd better head back, and quick. There's no telling what kind of creatures might come out at night. But my efforts sure paid off. I got plenty of wood. I wonder what kind of food my friend managed to get. When coming over here I've seen plenty of pigs and other livestock walk around, so with a little luck we can cook 'm up and have ourselves a small feast later on.

    Time to head back to the cave...

    "I'm back!", I yell while I climb over the barricade: "Sorry I took so long, some of those tree's were quite hard to chop down". "That's ok", the girl answers: "were you successful?". I nod: "I got several wooden logs, this should be perfect to make us some useful tools", I say while I put all the logs down on the floor: "and what did you get?". "Plenty of things", she says while she spreads out her hands: "Look.. I got saplings which we can grow into trees to get more wood, I got seeds which we can plant to get wheat from it, I got these colored herbs which can protect us should we get sick. And I also got this collection of sand which we can use to strengthen the barricade!", she says proudly. I check out her collection of stuff with a puzzled look on my face. "And what about the food?", I ask. "Oh, that's no problem. Look, these berries should help us get through the night", she says.

    My stomach grumbles and to be perfectly honest I'm not exactly happy here: "So you spent all day picking berries and useless plants while you could have gone out to hunt some wildstock?", I snap. "wha?". "And another thing", I continue: "you really think a handful of berries is going to feed us? what about those pigs I saw?". She's visible taken aback by my harsh words but at this time I don't really care all that much. "You're being unreasonable", she says. "Oh, I'm being unreasonable?", I respond: "so kindly explain this to me then: We're in a stinking dirt hole with walls which even an endermite can push over, we're surrounded by Notch knows what kind of creatures and you're expecting me to carve this wood, craft some tools and weapons and in case we do get attacked also thwart off any enemies and all on a handful of berries?!". "But these berries...", she starts but I interrupt without letting her finish: "What were you thinking?!". "Thats unfair!", she snaps right back at me: "after all I did; you don't even know what you're talking about!". "Sure I don't!", I answer: "I've been surviving on my own for years sister, don't think you can tell me how to survive in the wild please.", I'm really agitated...

    Look, I collected saplings, herbs and berries which will help us...

    "These berries will help us!", she says: "And as for those creatures: I doubt they'll come looking for us again". "And how would you know? Perhaps your magic book told you?", I say sarcastically: "How am I suppose to know that you're not in league with them anyway? All I've been doing ever since I met you is running away from all sorts of weird creatures...".

    That hit a nerve...

    "how... how... COULD YOU?!", she cries out in anger: "Is THAT how you think of me? That is SO unfair and selfish of you!". "Oh yeah, so what am I supposed to think anyway? How about finally telling me your name for example? Or is that also one of those "dangerous secrets" I'm not supposed to know? Maybe because I'll see right through you if I knew?". "I.... I.....", she starts... I cross my hands and stare at her intensively. Really, what is she thinking.. Ms. know it all claiming to have all this wisdom and she doesn't even stop to think of getting us some decent food?

    "I don't need this", she snaps while making a way for the barricade at the doorway: "you're mean, selfish and totally unreasonable! You have no idea what you're talking about and even too stupid to realize it!" and with that she slides over the barricade and runs off into the night.

    My arms drop and I stare into the darkness. Maybe I was a little bit harsh back there? I wonder... But then again. naah.. I told her we needed food, she herself said that we needed food and what does she come up with? Plants and herbes no one needs. "Meh!", I snap. Suddenly there's a flash outside followed by a rumbling in the distance and a few seconds later a heavy rainstorm starts out of no where. I'm starting to feel a little guilty.. So now she's all alone, unarmed, in the middle of a rainstorm which also rages within the middle of the night? Bah, I raise my shoulders... She knows where the cave is so why should I care? If she thinks her nails are getting dirty and her clothes all wet then she can always make her way back here. "Not my problem anymore", I mumble to myself.

    The moment I said that a flash lights up the entire cave immediately followed by a huge thunderous explosion which in its turn is followed by an icy scream. "That's her!", I gasp. Without even thinking about it I rush to the exit, jump over the barricade and quickly look around. On the beach I see the girl and a pink, pig-like, repulsive creature standing in front of her. Within seconds I'm standing besides her: "You alright?", I ask. She nods her head and is visibly surprised to see me: "Just a little shaken", she says: "one moment there's a pig in front of me and the next... this...". The monster makes a weird, squealish, noise as if its laughing at us: "Aah, the book bearer and her trusty sidekick.", a hollow voice says: "what a lovely sight". "Who are you and what do you want here?", I harshly ask. "I am a messenger and I bring you two some wise words of advice", the creature says. While looking at the creature my stomach almost turns upside down; half of its face looks a bit like a pig with a partially molten away face while the other half looks a little bit human, were it not for the lifeless greenish tan it has. It's almost as if little bits and pieces keep falling off. Guess it was a good thing that we didn't have dinner after all I think, and I immediately grin a bit.

    End of part 1
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  17. "Did I say something funny?", the creature asks while it's menacingly waving its golden sword into our direction. "So what is this advice anyway?", I ask. "You shall hand over the book, leave this area and maybe we'll let you live", the creature says. "Never!", the girl snaps: "you shall never get your hands on my book!". I must admit that her courageous words surprise me. Unarmed, perhaps surrounded and still defying this... monster? I take a step closer towards her: "You heard the lady", I tell to the creature: "You gave us your advice, now leave us".

    "As you wish. General, seize them!", the creature says and when I quickly look over my shoulder I see a skeleton aiming its bow at us: "take them!", it says and immediately two zombies appear next to him. "your plan?", I whisper. "taking them down", she answers. Uh huh.. The two zombies walk right at us and when one of them makes an attempt to grab the girl she smacks him in the face with her fist and sends him crashing to the ground: "A little help here please?", she says. Oh right... I run to the other zombie and share some close and personal punches with it. These aren't as tough as I thought, it's almost as if.... ....they're holding back! I look at the skeleton and see that its aiming its bow and... "Look out!", I yell while I quickly push the girl aside. Auch! I feel a stinging pain in my leg: "Get him, I'll take these guys", I say. She nods, and runs for the skeleton, carefully making sure to dash left and right so that it can't hit her. I slowly back away from the zombies a bit when my back suddenly pushes against a tree. Perfect! I quickly break of a branch and now armed I focus my attention to the zombies again. "Come and get it boys...."..

    A few moments later I'm holding some disgusting remains of rotting flesh in my hand. When I look at the girl I see she's already taken care of the skeleton and is on her way back to me, now armed with a bone. I look at the creature: "Well, thank you for the advice but I think we'll have to decline for now", I say. "You may have won this round book bearer", it says with an angry voice: "But I shall be back for you!". It backs off into the ocean and before we can say anything it eventually disappears.

    I will be back!

    "Nice work!", I say: "And... well... sorry I was such a jerk back there.". She shakes her head: "You were right about some things. I could have been a little more open with you", she answers. "Still...", I say: "shall we go back?". She nods.

    Once we're back in the cave we carefully check the barricade before sitting down on the floor. "Here, let me look at that wound of yours", she says. After examining the arrow she pulls up my pants a little and says: "don't worry, I got just the thing" and starts to mix some herbs and plants together. "This may sting a little", she says while smearing the mixture around and on my wound. For sure, it does sting a little bit but what happens next is something I never would have expected: she hands me the arrow! "How did you?", I start... I didn't feel anything! She grins: "I told you these herbs would come in handy!".

    "I was an idiot to doubt you...", I say. "Yes you are!", she teasingly answers.

    And the berries and our hunger you wonder? Like I said: I've been an idiot ;) We enjoy a small, but very decent meal and soon after that close up the entrance and get ready for some sleep. I'm really glad that it eventually all turned out for the best...

    Next part: "A mining we will go!".
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  18. That was intense! I turned off my music playing in the background to be able to concentrate on the story more...
    but really, did a pig actually get struck by lightning?
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  19. Yes. This all played out in the SMP9 wasteland and that actually happened. Of course; not when Aya was outside, we were of course both safely hiding in our small "mud mine". That pigman turned out to be quite a nuisance too btw; it wouldn't leave!

    It seems that it rains quite a lot at our location, or maybe we just had some bad weather.

    Anyway, eventually I had to persuade the pigman to leave using the sword I kept in the enderchest ;) So hopefully we can now go back to the survival part and turn the mudhut into a nice miners house.
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  20. You have a very interesting writing style... :)