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  1. Sorry, this is only an editorial comment.

    In case anyone is wondering: no, I'm not abandoning this story in favor of that other one. No sirree. I have this story more or less worked out, I even have official permission for an upcoming plot twist (sorry, no spoilers! ;)) and best of all: Aya and me managed to spend more time on SMP9 during the past weeks.

    The problem I have now is that in December the wastelands will reset again. Right now the story is more or less open so I can work around it, but that will become harder after I start the plot which we have in store next. As such I postponed things a bit. But rest assured that more is coming; next month I'll have most of the holiday season all to myself and I'm definitely going to spend some time to heavily catch up on this one.

    But... I'll see if I can work some kind of intermezzo out. Thing is: even though I have the main lines worked out I still need a bit of inspiration to work out the details, and that's unfortunately not something I can fully control and summon at will.

    This story is my all time favorite so far, and I'm quite determined to finish it. So... Sorry for the delay and such, but more is coming, that's a promise.
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  2. i've been framed!! ^.^

    but were gonna play in frontier this week 2 continue the story! shell doesnt like spoilers but 2 make u guys a bit curious: we're gonna hunt a magical chicken! ^.^
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  3. bawk?
    (a rare turkey?)
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