Where should my EMC adventure continue?

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Where should the story continue?

Poll closed Dec 13, 2015.
In the wastelands: the resets help to refresh the story. 4 vote(s) 22.2%
In the frontier: not having resets will help to build up the story. 12 vote(s) 66.7%
Other (please leave a comment below!) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Why you don't take beacon from well? (sorry, sorry, blame Aya! :-)) 2 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. Hi gang!

    So for those who don't know: a few months ago my friend AyanamiKun and myself started a survival game in the SMP9 wastelands. I'm not exactly sure anymore how things exactly started but if I remember right then Aya mentioned something in chat about how this was a cool adventure, that got me thinking. Because a previous (GTA) story kinda failed I decided to re-start the whole story idea and start a (Empire) Minecraft story. In case this sparked your interest then see this link:


    Now onto my question...

    The story started in the wastelands and that worked out pretty well. Then we had to cope with a wasteland reset which I think also went well but we had to adjust a bit. We had plenty of fun, we still have plenty to discover in our current settings but the next reset is coming up soon. Which calls for a new small story twist to explain the upcoming new environment.

    Anyway, we had a little bit of an argument and decided to leave it up to the readers...

    What do you think we should do next?

    Should we once again find a new place in the wastelands and more or less start over, or should we settle for the Frontier so that we don't have to worry too much about resets?

    Note: we're not leaving SMP9, I actually took a liking to the server and it even makes me want to be a supporter so that I can check up on town chat while not being in town. So any suggestions like "you should try SMPX" will be silently ignored ;)

    Poll runs for 2 weeks, and thanks in advance for any votes & comments!
  2. I'm not sure: I'll read other people's arguments first.
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  3. You should try smp1! Nah jk, go to the end!
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  4. Well, the current poll result is really helpful (tie at the time of writing) :D

    All joking aside: the End huh? hmm :)
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  5. Thanksgiving Edition (most likely not, because the turkeys will disappear soon.)

    And also that ended, but nevermind...
  6. i vote that OUR survival adventure should be done in frontier next ^.^
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  7. Time for a quick bump, even though I think we most likely have the result already ;) Time to check out the frontier map I guess :)
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  8. A thank you to everyone who voted in the poll!

    Because of the upcoming wasteland reset we decided to clear out the base we had made a little ahead of schedule. And yeah, I guess we could both agree that moving into the Frontier would definitely have its advantages...

    So this evening we didn't have much distractions from the forums and so I decided to explore the SMP9 Frontier to see if I could find a place which would suit the both of us. We had already decided to try and aim for an island again because we took a liking to that style of gameplay. You keep one section more or less safe (lit) and let mobs spawn on the other so you can hunt 'm a bit for their drops. Of course the other reason is because it's easier for me to write this into the story.

    Goodbye SMP9 wasteland island, it was fun!

    Well, it took me long enough. I think I might have easily spend an hour looking for a suitable location but it was well worth it! Several islands were already occupied but this one was completely empty. Its a bit smaller than where we used to live, but also a bit longer. The island actually consists of 2 separate parts. Which makes it ideal to separate between our (safe) area and the one where mobs can spawn.

    And to make things even better: we also discovered a huge underground cave system which spreads out in all sorts of directions. That should also provide some interesting storylines and get us some very nice gameplay.

    We already set up the first locked chest and enjoyed our first meal ;)

    More to follow soon enough!
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  9. it was a really cool island and imma mostly gonna miss the cool mobs like wooly :confused:

    BUT im really happy with the new frontier island!! now we can build and do stuff and dont worry about resets.
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