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  1. A short one, I'm already busy with the next chapter :)
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  2. please please pleae another!!!!!
    (when r guest apearing?)
  3. No pictures in this part, sorry. Aya doesn't have much time to play this week and yesterday we both felt more like mining than "limited surviveling" (on smp9 we have 1 diamond pickaxe, 1 set of iron armor and the rest is a combination of iron and stone tools. And Aya wanted to use her "goddess armor" again ;)). So we went mining instead of surviveling. But then again; some things wouldn't work in a picture anyway ;)

    Guest appearance: it's coming. But I can't rush this, sorry. The story comes absolutely first, so it needs to fit in. As soon as I see an opportunity I'll contact you guys (I know 2 people are very interested in this).

    The Imperial giant - Part 2

    Ok, this is creepy. A giant zombie which is holding a massive sword is looking down on us and quite frankly I'm not sure what to make of all this. "Rei, stand behind me", I ask Rei. She hesitates. "Just to make sure, I'm not sure if we can trust this guy", I say. "No, we can", she tells me: "think about it; it could have attacked us any time it wanted, probably would have killed us too". "Well, that's a reassuring thought, thank you very much", I jest.

    "I. AM. MOMENTUS!", the giant says again. This is really getting weird. "What do you think it wants?", I ask Rei. She raises her shoulders while she keeps staring at it. "What?", I ask. "If there's anything which might stand even a small chance against the dark wyvern, don't you think it would be him?", Rei asks me. I shrug: "How would I know?", I say: "all I'd like to know is what we should do with him. I don't think there's enough food on this entire island to even put a small dent into his appetite". Rei sighs: "How typical, we have a mysterious creature here and the only thing you men can think of is food", she says. "No, wait, that's not what I meant!", I protest.

    But Rei steps away from me and walks right in front of Momentus while she keeps looking at it: "Hello Momentus", she shouts: "My name is Rei. What are you doing here?", she asks. The giant looks down: "I. AM. MOMENTUS!", it says again: "I. HAVE. BEEN. SENT.". This is getting interesting, we're finally getting somewhere. "Pequaak!", a chicken suddenly squeals behind me which really scared me. I shoo it away and look at Momentus again.

    "Momentus, who sent you?", Rei asks. For a moment it looks as if the giant is hesitating, then it suddenly asks: "ARE. YOU. THE. BEARER. OF. THE. BOOK?". "Careful Rei", I say. Rei nods while never taking her eyes off from the giant: "Who wants to know, and why?", she shouts. "MY. MASTERS.", the giant responds. "Momentus, who are your masters?", Rei asks. Momentus hesitates again when all of a sudden he answers: "AIKAR. AND. KRYSYY.".

    WHAT?! My mouth almost drops open in amazement. Did he just say that Aikar sent him? The legendary builder of the Empire? So the rumors are true?! I walk up next to Rei: "Wait, did... did he just say...", I begin to ask while Rei nods and interrupts: "I heard too! I can't believe this myself", she says. So the rumors are true, the Empire is real? This is amazing!

    "Momentus, will you take us to the Empire?", I shout. "Shell, what are you doing?", Rei asks. "Might as well try, you got to admit that it would really help us", I answer. Rei shrugs. "ARE. YOU. THE. BEARER. OF. THE. BOOK?", Momentus asks again. Well, so much for that idea.... "That I am!", Rei says. "HOLD. OUT. YOUR. HANDS!", the giant responds after which Rei holds out both her arms in front of her.

    Suddenly the giant begins to move, it's slowly bending down a bit and it moves one of its hands towards Rei and it doesn't take long before his hand looms above her. I'm really on edge now, if that thing makes one false move then I swear by Notch that I will push her right out of the way. Suddenly it opens its hand and a metal brightly glowing sword drops down and falls right into Rei's hands. When she catches the sword a strange aura is briefly visible but it disappears so quickly that I'm not even sure I actually saw it. "Momentus, what is this?", Rei asks. "TO. LIGHT. YOUR. DARKEST. HOUR!", the giant says and all of a sudden it is gone!

    What was that all about?

    "Are you alright?", I ask and Rei nods in return. "What was that all about?", I ask. "I'm... I'm not entirely sure, but I think this is one of the eternal swords", Rei answers. "May I take a look at it, please?", I ask. Rei nods and holds the handle of the sword out to me. But the moment I try to grab it a crackling sound is heard and I feel a sharp sting in my hand. "AUCH!", I shout: "what was that?". "Amazing", Rei gasps: "Shell, I think this sword is soulbound...".

    We walk back to the cave and Rei tells me that she also read stories about the Empire in her book. Stories which also tell about these magical swords. "How can that be true?", I ask: "Wasn't it Herobrine who wrote your book? LONG before the Empire even existed?". Rei nods: "But you forget that my book is magical. It holds all the secrets of the world, but all of those past, present and future.". I look at Rei in amazement: "They don't forbid books for nothing, you know..", Rei jests in return: "But anyway, I read about these swords. They are given to those people who have devoted their time to the Empire. Those who have helped the Empire out for 75 continuous days have all been given the honor of wielding this Imperial sword", Rei tells me. "And what is so special about it?", I ask.

    "These swords cannot be broken nor destroyed, and because the very essence of the sword is bound to my soul I am the only one who can wield it", Rei answers. "Wait!", I say while I grab Rei by her shoulder: "Look, there's a creeper over there", I whisper. "Good", Rei says: "let me demonstrate something to you", and after she beacons me to stay here she carefully sneaks towards the creeper. Then, all of a sudden, she stabs the creeper with her sword and the very moment she does the creeper is suddenly set on fire!

    "What the?!", I begin to say while Rei runs towards me, leaving the sword stuck in the creeper: "DUCK!", she yells.

    The next moment a loud explosion follows and it almost sends me crashing to the ground. "Are you crazy?!", I snap: "now your sword has been blown up and... that explosion almost killed us", I say. Rei grins at me: "Now you don't see it...", and then she makes a gesture as if she's drawing an invisible sword. And I don't believe my eyes... Because the moment she makes the actual draw the sword which the giant gave her suddenly reappears! "And now you do", she says while once again holding the magical sword: "See? soulbound!".

    When we're back in the cave Rei suddenly asks: "What's with that chicken Shell? It's been following you everywhere you go". I look around and for sure: the same chicken which startled me so much earlier is still walking around: "I have no idea", I say. "Here, come sit close to me, then I'll hold the sword and you can look at it", Rei says while she grabs me by my arm. The next moment it's as if the chicken goes completely crazy! It starts to squeal, its flapping its wings and starts "attacking" Rei with everything it has which looks so darn crazy that we both end up laughing.

    "Oh, sorry Shell, it seems your friend is jealous of me", Rei jests. "Hey now!", I grin. But it is kind of strange I think. It's almost as if that chicken is guarding me. A guardian chicken? Naah! I grab Rei by her shoulder and point to her in front of the chicken: "See? She's a friend. Now stop acting so weird", I tell the chicken. I must be losing my mind but I guess it doesn't hurt to try... "Yes", Rei says: "and don't be so jealous either!", she teases.

    We go sit down on the beds which Rei made earlier and she holds out the sword so that I can clearly see the handle. It's plain out majestic! A faint, but clearly visible, magical glow is visible around the sword and the handle shows an image which consists of three letters which are somewhat vertically "stacked": E.M.C. "Rumor has it that a council of Imperial leaders, known as the staff, come together every time someone is eligible to receive such a sword. A vote is then held and when the outcome is positive the person gets it. This is why these swords are sometimes also called voters swords", Rei tells me. "Would there be any way to allow others to use it as well?", I ask. She nods: "Yes, I think so. But I really need to look that up in my book", she says.

    And while we're sitting on the bed the chicken, which never left my side in the first place, suddenly also climbs up onto the bed and goes to sit on Rei's lap. "Well, I guess this means you two are friends now", I say. Rei carefully pets the chicken and it seems it actually likes it. "Pequaak!", the chicken suddenly squeals out while heavily flapping its wings, this time startling the both of us. "Will you stop doing that already!", I say.

    "I think it left me a present", Rei grins while she grabs an egg from her lap.

    Next time: Signs of darkness.
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  4. Oh, I loved that. I kind of missed the pictures, but I love the chicken already ^.^ I'm wondering why Rei wasn't more careful around the Momentus, though..
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  5. I can give a small hint (hard to keep some secrets): this chapter is filled with (small) things which are going to play a much bigger part very soonish.

    And that is indeed one of them :)
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  6. Cluck ..... I think that may have been one of my chicken friends :p
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  7. Mmm... You are in creative in the first two pictures. :)
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  8. I so need MORE cluck
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  9. Hey Shell
    U online making story?
  10. Yups, that was before we found a place on smp9. We cheated and used my private server. Chances are high that we'll use it again in the future for some pictures & scenes, but... no spoilers ;)

    Nah, playing survival. This is basically how it works: we go onto smp9 and play, no plans no plots just playing. And during that play we often come across stuff which I can use in the story. When useful (and if I remember) I snap a picture, sometimes we also pose but I try to keep using "ad-hoc pictures" (they're more fun IMO). Then when we're done playing we usually discuss the story a bit; how we can use whatever happened during our play in the story (and if we can use it, sometimes I also skip things of course).

    Example: that zombie pigman (the messenger)? The original plan was to have him come up to the cave, then we came up with the idea to add a little bit of drama with a small fight. And that resulted in the idea to get the pigman to come after Aya first.

    Then, later on, I check out the pictures, usually sleep it over and think about the next chapter and how I can use whatever we did or decided on. Then I send a rough draft to Aya (provided we didn't already agree on the main plot lines), she either agrees or comes up with other suggestions and then I roll the whole thing into the next part of the story.

    Speaking of which: the general plot is already worked out for the most part. The main thing is filling in the details, and playing survival really helps to come up with some of those details or to get new ideas of course.

    Which is something to keep in mind: it is a fantasy story, so not everything I write about really happens in the game. The enraged zombie was real; but obviously we didn't get an invasion of several, Momentus did appear; but obviously he never said anything. That chicken? Well, there is a chicken on our island, but it does not follow me around like that ;) And obviously we encounter more hostile mobs, but not every encounter is worth writing about.

    One thing is for sure: eventually we will make it to the Empire... Or not. :eek: At least we know the Empire is real now, and knowing is half the battle (as we were told in the 80's)! :D
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  11. ommmmmg , you should write stories for real shelly !!! , i like it so much , keep it up ! i read all of it :D
    better than shakespeare in minecraft :p
  12. Don't make fun of creepers because they will get their revenge, right up to a point which made Aya almost rage quit today :D First 2 blew up our beach and vegetable garden (almost!), and at the end of todays session one even made it inside the cave! :eek: Anyway... lots of stuff going on... And some of you already know 1 thing which is going to happen in this chapter. First time we got 'stalked' by our fans while we were on smp9 :)

    Signs of Darkness - Part 1

    "No Shell, that's not how you draw a sword. Come on, one more time..", Rei tells me. "Now, put your left hand on my shoulder again... yes, like that. Now the other on my hip. Right.. Now; close your eyes. And concentrate...", she tells me. Pff, I'm trying to, I really am! "Now, make a fist with your right hand and imagine that you're holding my sword...", she says. I'm slowly letting go of her hip and try to imagine that I'm grabbing a sword which she's wearing around her waist. Once again I grab air but I try very hard to imagine that I'm actually holding a sword. "Yes, that's good Shell!", Rei says: "Now, try drawing it towards you". I pull Rei a little closer towards me while I also try to make a gesture of drawing a sword. I turn around, and hold up my hand... I wonder... "And?", I ask while I open my eyes. But no, once again the attempt failed and all I'm holding is air.

    "I can't do this", I say: "can't you put it in a chest or something so that I can take it out again?", I ask. Rei shakes her head: "Eventually that might work, but don't forget that this sword is soul bound. No one can touch it without my consent, and the only way to gain that is to actually draw it while I'm wearing it", she says. I sigh, I have no idea why it doesn't work. At first I thought Rei distracted me too much, and maybe she did during the first attempts, but definitely not these last ones. "Hey, cheer up!", Rei tells me: "We'll try again later this evening, ok?". I nod, though I'm not exactly convinced that this is ever going to work.

    "Say, why don't you check out the mine a bit more? I think I heard some strange noises there the other day, and we still haven't found any lava pools to make that obsidian you wanted", Rei says: "and while you do that I'll go out to tend to our animals". Well, I suppose I could, might even help me to get my mind of things a bit. Things have actually been a little slow lately ever since that visit from Momentus. It's almost as if our enemies now know that Rei is better armed these days. "Oh Shell", Rei says while I'm already half way down into the mineshaft: "could you please see if you can find some more of that white stone? I'm going to try and finish decorating our house a bit". "Sure thing", I answer while I climb further down the stairs. Though I wouldn't exactly call it a house, but I have to admit that it is most certainly a much better place to stay than that mud cave we lived in a few weeks ago.

    Entrance to our cave / house...

    Once I'm at the bottom I stand still for a moment to listen for weird noises, but nothing so far. I start digging a bit and eventually also find some coal and iron ores. That will most certainly help out! I continue digging and searching for a good 30 minutes or so when I suddenly hear faint noises. I start knocking on the walls a bit and for sure: there are hollow sounding points. Which, of course, reveal nothing when I remove the stone blocks, but there is definitely something here. Wait...

    I push my ear against the wall to try if I can hear anything. Hmm.. "ook bea, ap...ture.", I hear. I can't really make out the words. Maybe... "irl, o....atch... ll....ow....her....sson". I know better but I push my head even closer against the wall to try if I can pick up something more. It sounds as if someone, or something, is talking about Rei. Or so I think. Then suddenly: PEQUAAAAAK! The chicken, which Rei named "Cluckie" in the mean time, has followed me into the mine and all of a sudden starts to make a big spectacle, scaring the NotchaNether out of me. "Will you STOP doing that already!", I snap at Cluckie even though it's pretty useless to try and talk to a chicken of course. I try to listen again but the sounds have stopped.

    One thing is for sure: something is out there, and I think it must be a cave or something... And I'm going to need some help if I want to find this one. I climb up the stairs of the mine and when I'm on top the whole room seems to have changed: "Surprise!", Rei says: "How do you like it? I collected a lot of those colored stones during the past days and I figured our room could use a bit of decoration", she says. "Yeah, it looks quite nice Rei", I tell her: "But I'm going to need your help with something.".

    Surprise! How do you like it?

    "Oh, is that all you can say?", Rei says. "No, I mean: it looks really good Rei, but I think there's a cave somewhere below. And I think there are enemies there as well", I tell her. "Well, fortunately you have the heroic Cluckie at your side Shell", Rei jests: "I'm sure she'll be all motivated to attack any enemies you might encounter". "Yeah, and then end up roasted and plucked", I say. Rei grins: "Well, let me get my gear", and soon enough we head back to where I heard those strange noises and we start digging. All of a sudden Rei yells: "Shell, come quick!", and I rush over. "Look", she says: "I found a cave!". I nod. "And it has a natural water source too", I say: "Fancy to make a new underground garden?", I ask. "Yeah well, plenty of water available above on an island", Rei says. "Anyway, try if you can make this hole bigger", I say: "I'm going to try and dig my way upwards to see if I can circle around". When I see Rei's puzzled look I quickly add: "I'm sure that there are monsters here, so be careful". She nods while patting her hip: "Don't worry, at least I know how to draw my sword", she teases.

    As said I move towards the left (the length of the cave) and start to dig upwards a bit. With a little luck I might be able to reach the top which should give me a good overview of the cave itself and hopefully allow me to spot any enemies before they spot us. It takes me a few minutes but eventually I find a gap which shows a good overview of the cave. It's obvious that not too many people have been here because I'm looking right into the eyes of a surprised bat, obviously wondering what strange creature is disturbing its rest. "Sorry little fellow", I whisper before I suddenly hear voices.

    "Master!", a strange voice yells in surprise. I desperately try to remove some stones with my hands so that I don't alert anyone to my presence but it's no use. I decide to leave it for now and simply listen to what's happening. I just hope Rei will also keep a low profile. I turn my attention to Cluckie: "Shhhht!", I tell it.

    "You idiots, you've been discovered!", a strange yet somewhat familiar voice says: "where is the assassin?". "The what?", the other voice asks: "Oh right, him. He... he ran off master.". "IMBECILES!", the first voice shouts: "No matter, stop your work and kill the intruders. NOW!". "Yes..., yes, master! right away master!", the first voice answers, while obviously panicked.

    I must get back to Rei... QUICK!

    End of part 1 (I have a hunch this is going to end up too long, so I did a "preemptive split").
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  13. Signs of Darkness - Part 2
    Sorry little fellow, just eves dropping ;)

    I quickly run back down where I left Rei, my sword already drawn and when I get there I see that she's already made quite some progress with clearing out the entrance to the cave. She even lit up most parts already with torches, that's going to make it a lot easier to navigate. And I'm going to need that too because this cave is huge. "Die you monster!", I hear Rei yell in the distance. I quickly run towards the area where I heard her voice: "Rei, are you alright?", I ask. It doesn't take me long to find her standing besides a lava pool and a waterfall.

    "Oh, hi Shell", she says when she sees me: "there were indeed some weird monsters here. They tried to attack me but I managed to push them over into this lava pool", she tells me: "But the good news is that we finally found a lava pool", she says. I nod. This is really going to be most helpfull. Not only did we find a few lava pools but some natural waterfalls as well. All we have to do now is lead the water into the lava and we'll have obsidian in no time.

    "So, Rei", I start: "Did you hear anyone talking a few moments ago?". She looks up and shakes her head: "No, why? Should I have?". I shrug: "I'm not sure. I heard clear voices while I was up there.", I say while I nod in the general direction with my head: "and they seemed to be arguing over something". "So.. lets go back up there then?", Rei asks. I nod and we walk back towards the crude staircase I dug out. When I show Rei the open spot the bat I saw earlier has already left and obviously we don't hear any voices any longer. "Lets widen the opening", I say and we both start digging. As I expected the ground is quite hard and rough and it takes us a lot of effort to clear it out. But eventually we succeed and get a spectacular, yet very dangerous, overview of the entire cave. "Impressive", I sigh when Rei pokes me in my side with her elbow: "Uhm, Shell...", she starts. I look up and... Oh no.....

    "Quick, take this bow and kill it!", Rei shouts while she pushes a glowing bow into my hands. "Wait a second, where did you get this from?", I ask. "A skeleton dropped it, no time Shell. Please, shoot it before it attacks us!", Rei says. The creature sees us and to my surprise it doesn't start any threatening slurs or such but it is just staring at us. "Please Shell, do something!", Rei says. "Huuulp maaaa", a dark and hollow voice sounds. Wait a second...

    "Did you hear that?", I say: "it almost sounds as if....". "meeee no more fiiiight", the voice sounds again. "Shell, I'm scared", Rei says: "Please do something...". "Since when are you scared of these monsters?", I ask: "Besides, there's a whole canyon between us. No way that he's going to harm you", I answer. I look at Rei: "Don't worry, I'd never let it come that far. Trust me..". She nods: "But what are you planning to do?", she asks.

    I shrug: "I have no idea. Call me crazy if you will, but I think we should try to help this creature", I say. Though, obviously, I have no idea how we're going to do that. "Rei, destroy the mine shaft I just dug out and put a wooden ladder against the wall", I say: "I've never seen a monster climb a ladder before, it should help us to keep him trapped here". Rei nods: "I'm on it! Anything else?". "Yes, we'll need some water to try and extinguish those flames and well.. Would your book know how we can cure this poor fellow?", I ask Rei. "I'll look it up", she says.

    It doesn't take Rei long to discover a section in her book which talks about these flaming creatures. "Shell, listen to this", she says: "some of Herobrines minions have been so heavily brainwashed that they managed to tunnel their hatred into a magical Nether shield. In the Nether it would show up as a magical barrier, but on the overworld it shows as the main component of the Nether". "Flames", I say. Rei nods. "So how do we put them out?", I ask. "First we need to calm the creature down, ease his hatred", Rei says: "We need to heal it". I look at Rei: "and how does one heal such a creature?", I ask. "Using poison.", Rei says: "A potion of harming. Then, when it's calmed down, you need to feed it a golden apple. That should be enough to dispel the curse of the Nether".

    "Are you sure about this Shell?", Rei asks me. "No", I answer: "But this creature asked for help and I think we should. Who knows if it can help us..". We agree that I will remain here to keep an eye out for the creature and also to make sure that we don't spot any other enemies in the cave, while Rei goes back to our house to prepare the ingredients we need. After half an hour or so Rei comes back with some water bottles and a yellow apple. "Is this a potion of harming?", I ask. Rei shrugs: "I have no idea, I simply grinded a spiders eye and a mushroom and put it all into the water together with some sugar", she answers: "It should work though". I nod: "ok, go back down the ladder, then I'll make a bridge towards the other ledge", I say. Rei nods and once I made sure that she's safely downstairs I start building the bridge. As I somewhat expected the creature makes no attempts to attack me but it simply keeps standing there.

    "Ok, stand back. here goes nothing...", I say when I walk up to the creature. I open one of the water bottles and splash the water all over it. A sizzling sound is heard and it seems as if the creature is calming down a bit. Or maybe that's just my imagination. I open the second bottle of water and also splash that over him. Well... that should be enough, here goes... I grab the apple, I stomp the creature on his foot and when it cries out in pain I quickly shove the apple into its mouth.

    For a while nothing happens when all of a sudden a thunderous sound is heard and the flames are all gone! "Hullo!", the creature says: "Thank you for saving me!". What the... It looks like an ordinary villager now!

    "Hullo", the creature says...

    I help it reach the bridge and down the ladder where we meet up with Rei. "Don't worry", I say when I see the villager looking puzzled at Rei: "She's my friend, you're safe now". The villager nods yet still asks: "Are you sure about that?". "Why would you want to say that?", I ask: "Come on, lets go upstairs".

    While walking up the stairs I ask him what he was doing down there. "Digging", the villager answers: "We had to dig out the cave so that the lava pools would be exposed". "Why?", I ask. "I have no idea, all we were told was dig, dig dig!", he says. "Villager, do you know who ordered you to dig?", Rei asks. The villager nods: "Yes, but it is a secret", he says. "Your amongst friends now", I say: "you have nothing to worry about. Would you please tell us?", I ask. The villager is visibly disturbed by my question. "Please?", Rei asks: "It would mean so much to us" she says.

    "Well, uhm... you see.. No one is supposed to know but... Rumor has it that the dark lord has returned", the villager says: "Herobrine is once again amongst us". "Herobrine?", I say. Well, I suppose that could explain a few things. At least why these creatures are after Rei's book. "Let me guess", I say: "he probably wants his book back to get back out the Nether again?", I ask.

    "Out?", the villager asks surprised: "No way, he's trying to get...."


    A booming voice suddenly shouts out, a flash of thunder strikes the villager and to our horror all that's left of him is.... an egg?

    Silence! A voice suddenly shouts...

    PEQUAAK! Cluckie suddenly yells out and goes to sit on the egg, seemingly determined to breed it. Rei runs over to me and grabs me: "Shell, what do we do now?", she asks: "How can we ever go up against Herobrine?". I can clearly hear the panic in her voice. I put my arm on her shoulder and pull her a little closer towards me: "Honestly, I have no idea.", I say: "But I do know this: we have come this far already. We know the Empire is real and we now know who our enemy is. We should put all our effort into finding the Empire, that is what matters the most.". Rei nods.

    "Besides", I continue: "We have Cluckie to guard us.", I say which fortunately makes Rei grin a little again: "Yeah, or to end up as dinner for Herobrine", she says. I give Rei a little hug and look over the room again: "Well, I have to admit, you really did a great job decorating the place Rei", I say.
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  14. PS:

    In case any of you wonder, yes, we actually did eggify an enraged zombie villager. Rei had to cheat a little by quickly going back to the outpost to pick up some supplies but... This is a cool thing to have:

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  15. Oh wow, this part was very impressive.
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  16. OkWheres the Chicken?
    Edit: was I Stalking you?
  17. And so time really flies. I was convinced that this story was no longer than 2 - 3 weeks old but Aya assured me that it was closer to almost being 2 months (so nearly 8 weeks). Had a bit of a setback where time & inspiration was concerned (we also played a little less last weeks) but 2 months is too long :p

    Fortunately for me I always collect plenty of material, more than I need for one story, so lets see.... First a quick recap / refresh, then we'll kick off some more ;)

    Back to normal, or.... ?

    It has been a few weeks since the villager which we managed to heal from the flames of the Nether got turned into an egg. An event both of us don't really like to think about because it was plain out bizarre. We decided to keep the egg safely stored in a chest so that nothing happens to it. Even Aya's book couldn't tell how we should be using this egg. Or so she said. I don't know, but ever since that incident I think that something changed. Something sinister is happening but I can't quite put my finger on it.

    Maybe it's just the shock of the whole incident and I'm now simply imagining things. I don't know...

    At first all seemed well, we were pretty much doing what we always did: tend to the animals on the island, make sure that we got enough food and we mined. My plan to build a Nether portal got put on ice though, ever since that comment from the villager that Herobrine wasn't trying to get out I've been very hesitant with reaching the Nether. Who knows what could happen?

    So instead I tried to focus myself on finding the Empire. After all; if we could somehow manage to reach it then I'm sure that we'll be safe from all these attacks. Unfortunately that's easier said than done, especially considering that we're on an island. But as I said: something sinister was brewing and I'm not even sure what it is. It all started when I was checking the island one last time after nightfall and noticed that there were several skeletons surrounding it. Yet none attacked me or even bothered to speak to me. All they did was just... wait. For what I wondered?

    When I got back to the house we build I warned Rei not to go outside because of those skeletons and it was almost as if she got a little annoyed, angry even. It made little sense to me. But there's more! So this one time I was exploring the cave some more, hoping to find more ores. I dug out a whole area in search for diamonds when I eventually decided to head back and it was almost as if I saw Rei talking to someone, or something, in the far distance. I couldn't quite make out the words nor could I get a good look at the other person, but I did recall seeing a golden sword.

    Of course I talked to Rei about it and she waved it off, according to her I was worrying way too much. It was just a pig which managed to wander into the cave and she talked to it to calm it down so that she could bring it back to the surface. I suppose she's right, my mind is probably playing tricks on me.

    Even so... I can't help wonder that there is more going on here, things I'm totally unaware of. Tomorrow I'm really going to keep my eyes open and see if I can discover some more...

    End of part I
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  18. That was a short part, we're not used to that ;)
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