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  1. Hi guys! Today, I have a special thread! So, this Directory will help you with shops to find, Rules, Events, Auction Help, and much more! It's all down below. Prepare for a really long thread :)

    EMC Events Directory:

    Mob Arena Information:
    The Mob Arena is usually hosted by a Senior Staff Member named RainbowChin and a Moderator named ArchdukeMelon. This arena is where you fight mobs in the 3 rounds.

    Round Information:
    1st Round - Normal Round, Gear aloud. (Any gear aloud.)
    2nd Round - No gear, no food. Just use your fists.
    3rd Round - Normal Round, Gear aloud. (Any gear aloud.)

    1st Round: 300 Tokens
    2nd Round: 500 Tokens
    3rd Round: 300 Tokens

    This is on Saturdays, at 4PM/9PM BST.

    Location: smp5, /MobArena.

    When ArchdukeMelon hosts the event, it's on Tuesday at 5PM EMC Time.

    Rounds are the same, tokens are the same.

    FireFloor Information:
    The FireFloor is always hosted by a staff member named RainbowChin. It's also been hosted by Krysyy.

    Round Information (tokens):
    Round 1: 300 Tokens
    Round 2 (2 floors round): 500 tokens
    Round 3: 300 tokens

    During the game, blocks fall. You have to stand on the block, and hopefully it won't fall. Try your best to see when it lights up.

    Creature Capture:
    Creature Capture is hosted by Krysyy. You need a fishing rod to try to pool up animals and then eggify them or not.

    Friday Night Miners:
    You go mining, and building, and do anything! You don't need to start off with the best gear, you can go starting off as if you where if you where a noob!

    This can be hosted by a list of people!:
    • ElfinPineapple0
    • Aphaea
    • Dramanya
    • SeffyChan
    • Uber_qorq
    • simx
    • Luckygreenbird
    • MrSocks75
    Auction Rules:

    Original Thread Link: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/empire-auction-rules-read-before-posting.42009/

    Template (example):

    [AUCTION] 1 DC of Diamond Blocks
    Item: 1 DC of Diamond Blocks

    Starting Bid: 50k
    Minium Bid Increment: 10k
    Auction Ending: 48 hours after the last valid bid.
    Pickup Information: Mailed.

    Rules (for hosts of auctions):
    • You can only start an auction of one thing. (1 auction at a time)
    • You can only hold 5 auctions in the Supporter Section.
    • Bump every 3 hours.
    • You may has ALT's to auction with, but your other account CANNOT bump your other account's auction. You may not use ALT's to bid on your auction.
    • You must put full detail into the auction.
    • If you forget a detail, report the thread.
    • If you're unhappy with the person and how much you bid, you still have to give them their thing they bid and won.
    • If you're going to set an access chest, do it like this:
    • You may not do a reserve/buy now price.
    Rules for bidders:
    • Do not bid on items you cannot afford.
    • Do not make bid jokes.
    • You're excepted in 48 hours
    • If you bid, you bid. You can't delete it.
    • Only post in an auction thread if:
    • You are bidding, You are asking a specific question, and you've won the auction.
    • Asking for a split auction is not a valid post.
    • You have to bid higher then the other person.
    • If the minim bid increment is 110, and someone bids 50, you need to bid higher then that.
    • You must bid on the same account.
    • DONNOT bid tokens.
    Rules for EMC:
    Don't advertise/mention other servers.
    Don't disrespect staff and normal players.
    If you're selling or giving a thread away, go to economy chat and only do it every 3 hours.
    No griefing or stealing.
    No hacking, or cheating.
    Use appropriate mods.
    Don't harm others.
    DONNOT scam others.
    Don't spam the chat.
    Don't beg.
    Keep chat friendly, reframe from cursing.


    EMC Staff Members:
    Krysyy (Community Manger, Admin)
    Aikar (Lead Developer, Admin)
    Maxarias (Billing Manger, Admin)

    BigDavie (Moderator, Senior Staff)
    B4DMAN5IMON (Moderator, Senior Staff)
    The_Boulder (Moderator, Senior Staff)
    chickneer (Developer, Senior Staff)
    ItsMeMatheus (Moderator, Senior Staff)
    RainbowChin (Moderator, Senior Staff)

    AlexChance (Moderator, YouTube Team Lead)
    Uber_qorq (Moderator)
    Dreacon78 (Moderator)
    JackBiggin (Moderator)
    allengro (moderator)
    SeffyChan (Moderator)
    simx (Moderator)
    JNightWind (Moderator)
    Ahksel (Moderator)
    Luckygreenbird (Moderator)
    BurgerKnight (Moderator)
    iamcavie (Moderator)
    DWmom (Moderator)
    highlancer54 (Moderator)
    weeh (Moderator)
    crystaldragon13 (Moderator)
    Aphaea (Moderator)
    TheDarkModRises (Moderator)
    Eviltoade (Moderator)
    Live2DieSlowly (Moderator)
    Baradar67 (Moderator)
    ArchdukeMelon (Moderator)
    Dramanya (Moderator)
    ElfinPineapple0 (Moderator)
    AnonReturns (Moderator)


    More will be edited and added soon!


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  2. Reserved Post!!!
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  4. It's better to have people just read the wiki for this information, so that way they get in the habit of looking there first when they have a question. It's a good idea to have one page for all your common information, but then in my opinion they're not going to look at the wiki.

    But good idea.
  5. Thank you. I just want players to have an area where they can just ask.
  6. This post is a bit cluttered, if I were a new player to the server looking for information I would have to do a lot of digging on this thread to find what I am looking for.

    TIP Create sections with links to the sections of the wiki and the staff member list instead of listing it all here, the wiki is there so players can find the information they need quickly instead of scrolling through a long list of information.
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  8. Empire LinkHUB is more towards links to threads made by players, with a few well-used wiki links. Anyways, it is far behind on development since Cory hasn't been on in a while, will let him know to get his butt on and start producing again :D
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  9. I don't know how to make spoilers, and that kind of stuff. So I did it my way.
    I copy the originals.
  10. http://empireminecraft.com/threads/the-hitchhikers-guide-to-emc.55898/

    While definitely a nice gesture, needsfoodbadly just made an epic new player guide that is quite a bit more comprehensible. I have been linking to every new person that asks more than a couple questions and they generally thank me for it. Though, honestly they should thank him.
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  11. I saw that, and it made me want to make my own.
  12. But if you're trying to remaster someone else's thing, you should try to make something that has a feature or other attraction that make it better. I think if you work on formatting and making it easier to read it could be better. Also for each topic you should just give a very brief summary and link them to the wiki if they want to learn more.
  13. But you said you were just copying other peoples stuff. Try to make it your own and stand out from the others.
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  14. While it is a good effort to try and help the community, if everyone were to make a similar guide such as this one, it would clutter the forums with copy threads.

    Maybe you should make a guide for something that hasn't already been done?:) That will have the most impact and usefulness.
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  15. I wasen't coping his. I made my own.
    Not trying!
    everyones done everything.
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  16. You were plagiarising(copying) his Idea. Any Person who doesn't want to Plagiarise(copy) someone and be original CAN'T copy ideas, or things from any other person. That is just the definition simplified by me.

    As others said, you should make another guide that noone has done before. maybe a how to build Hellokittyro style guide or something like that,
  17. I can guarantee you, they haven't. :)
  18. What does this mean? You're not trying to make it your own? Very confusing. It's good you're trying to help others but just copying what others have already done can lead to confusion if not kept up to date.
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  19. False. There are plenty of things that could be consolidated into a single thread that ISNT copying someone else's idea.

    - List of ALL public farms on EMC broken down by SMP
    - List of all EMC End Locations in frontier per smp

    These are just two...

    Use some creativity! You'll be surprised what original content you can come up with!

  20. I think a forum directory is a great idea but like others said, try to work on formatting and include less verbiage and more content. I dont think this us exactly like the thread I linked but think you can make this work a little better by letting the links speak for themselves with sumarys if what the links contain like haro said. For the staff list for example you could just link the staff members button. I think that's more of a website directory than a forum directory topic though. A forum directory might be best suited to include links to things like NFB's new player guide, pricing guides, the events like you did, auction guides, forum ettiquete guides(shutters) some notable wild community threads(most of the new people I have come across lately want this info) emc friendly farm guides, emc redstone compatibility guides(what can and cant work on emc) etc.

    Edit: on phone and not editing all the typos. Sorry grammar nazis