Friday Night Miners

Jun 28, 2015
Friday Night Miners
  • Friday Night Miners is a weekly event hosted by the Empire Staff. The philosophy of Friday Night Miners is to get people together with their friends on a profitable and fun adventure. There are no prizes for this event, and the intention is to socialize and mine with friends.


    Friday Night Miners was started by EMC member samsimx in June, 2014. Over time, the event was adopted as an official EMC event, and is now hosted by EMC staff. Since then, the event has become a weekly tradition.

    Information and Participation(top)

    Friday Night Miners is hosted every Friday (and occasionally on Wednesdays), at 8:00 PM EMC Time. The specific server where the event takes place changes on a weekly basis. Before the event starts, the players vote on whether to mine in the standard Wastelands, or the nether Wastelands. Occasionally players hand out gear for other players, but it is highly encouraged to bring your own armor, tools, and food.

    While not necessary, the official EMC Mumble server is used to communicate between players, and is highly recommended to be used during the events.

    For more information on the event, visit this page.

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