Hello, I am Mrlegitislegit

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  1. HE RESPONDED111!1!1121121@?!@!@? :eek::eek:
    jokes aside I was ment that for leigt sorry if I made sound like it was towards you :p
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  2. That's ItsMeMatheus. Next time use full black rectangles to cover up names. Reported for insubordination.
  3. He is a ninja cow and always sneaking in unexpected like :p
  4. >MFW someone actually takes this seriously

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  5. I know nothing.
  6. This man has done nothing, and he is a true patriot! That is why I am pleased to announce that he will be my running mate!
  7. Sure you sly but awesome duck :p
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  8. Me, NathanRP, LuckyGreenBird and TheDarkModRising were wondering if we could have your head? :) See you in game maybe?

    And Legit, welcome to emc! ;p
  9. #smp3rules. But, please no walls. I like freedom. :p

    Welcome Back! :)
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  10. add me to that list
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  11. Sheesh, 6 free shitposts in one thread. I gotta step up my game.
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  12. You mean like this ^ and the one that's going to reply to this one? :)
  13. Exactly.
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  14. That reminds me, 72Volt, in a letter that has since been lost, has given me control of Wrem, which is now the campaign office of MEMCGA. Our campaign song is the very inspiring "Holiday In SMP9", which is totally not just a rip off of "Holiday In Cambodia."
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  15. >mfw someone thinks im actually being serious
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  16. Minecraft kinda died for me years ago, sadly. I miss it, but not sure there's much that would bring me back that would actually happen. If the powers that be want to give you ICC heads though, I don't mind.
  17. *Cough* Could I have *Cough* One? *Cough*
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  18. We were just joking around hehe. If you change your mind, I'm sure a bunch of people would just be happy to see you, even if you just jump around a spawn or something lol.
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  19. Please, EMC has been tormenting me and I need your help! just look at the convo i had with it yesterday!

    "Hi EMC"


    you are my last hope, majestic icecreamcow
  20. I wasnt joking ;) but i mean if your willing :p