Hello, I am Mrlegitislegit

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  1. Some of you may remember me, a lot of you probably don't, so let me reintroduce myself. I was, and still am, the coolest person to ever use this site. I've fought in many wars on these servers, and even though I probably lost most of them, I am here to make EMC Great Again. :cool:

    To start this plan, I am going to build a wall around SMP3. Ever since I joined these great servers five years ago, people have been stealing the jobs of the hardworking and honest people who live in SMP3, and they deserve more than what they have. We will build this wall and mak this site great again, but only if you vote to make me head admin. A vote for me is a vote for the vision of EMC that Justinguy had. MEMCGA!
  2. I refuse to believe that you are going to build a wall around smp3 until you propose that smp1-2 and 4-9 will be the ones paying for it.
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  3. I will NOT be making them pay for it! They too are the victims of an unfair system that benefits only the elites! We will be forcing Utopia to build our great and wonderful wall, and if they refuses I will invade them by myself and take their diamond encrusted toilet paper and use it to fund the wall! We're gonna build a wall that'll even make Roger Waters tremble with fear!
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  4. Something seems suspicious...
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  5. Uhhh, lets just ignore that because........


    We cannot let this monster rule our great servers! Today it was the greatest and dankest meme of our generation, but tomorrow it'll be YOU! End the terror and senseless killings, vote Legit for Head Admin!
  6. You mean 'Make my rupee balance great again'?

    Seems legit
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  7. I will only know you as the founder of the funny picture thread.
  8. I thought it was we will make EMC great again :p And other than that, welcome to the empire where the fun never turns bone dry <skeleton noise>
  9. I am IcecreamCow and I approve this message.
  10. O.O
    Thank you for that eggnog by the way.
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  11. You're implying that there was a time that SMP3 was, in fact, not great.
    I'm "down" with SMP3 returning to greatness.
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  12. It's alive? 0.o

    EDIT: Can I have a hug? Since I was never here when you were the owner.
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  13. I even brought IceCreamCow out of hiding, if that doesn't prove I'm the Head Admin that EMC needs, than nothing will!
  14. Nothing will
  15. Welcome back to SMP3. Not sure if you remember me, but it won't matter now. Have fun on the server! :)
  16. The cow has spoken :p
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  17. HIIII111!111!!>! :eek: :eek::D:) :p

    oh and heya legit nice to see you back again
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  18. Well, not sure I would say "back". Just around.