Hello, I am Mrlegitislegit

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  1. Well, then...
    This was unexpected, but very interesting! :p
  2. I'm very sorry to inform you dear sir but you have been replaced by the new model: me!

    The name is GripCEO and as you can see I have CEO in my name, which makes me totally cool. And because of that I also don't have to worry too much about things being legit or not. That is, until I see a green name appear of course, unfortunately I learned that lesson the hard way :D

    What a great idea!

    Just be sure not to make it an ordinary wall, everyone can take that down, no, you need a special wall. The walls of CEO, which are special because I just said so. Even better: it doesn't have to cost you that much either!

    From one cooler person to the other cool person let's say I cut you a bit of a deal... Stone brick blocks, only 2400r per stack. The walls of CEO. That, my good sir, is a bargain if you ever saw one.

    You're welcome!
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  3. Hey there Mrlegitislegit, welcome back :)

    I don't know if you do still know me, I wasn't really active in the days you was, but if you do, are you probebly remembering me as the one with the really really really bad Englisch :)
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  4. Oooh I'd like to jump on this train too! I lost my head when I went delirect :/

    But yes, welcome back Legit!
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  5. Can I *cough* have one *cough* too? *Cough*
    Also to legit, I don't support RL trump but I do you.
  6. I seem to remember hearing your name Mr legitislegit.
    Hi ICC/GK, been awhile.
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  8. ICC if you do could you please add me to that list also. ;)
  9. I'm dying XD
  10. Wait... What? Is this real? XDDD
  11. SMP3 has always been great... especially when there was that one lava wall that went up a few years back.

    Speaking of walls will Legit be using the 72Volt model or something new?
  12. Yeah, what else is it, somebody else from EMC logging into IcecreamCow's account? :p
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  13. You agreed to give me control of Wrem to use as my staging area to become the Head Admin! You told me you thought I was the perfect person to run these servers!

    *I have also paid you a substantial amount of rupees to seal the deal.*
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  14. We meet again! Mrlegitislegit!
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  15. Is there anyone still around who remembers what Wrem is? :p
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  16. Surely some, but I'm afraid they're getting scarce :p
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