Healing 1.3 & 1.3 Recovery Fund

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by IcecreamCow, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. Actually, that's just the delay Xenforo has. It also happens with username titles that you earn.
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  2. Yes, i'm experiencing what herb is experiencing. I'm still having rollbacks :(

    Last night my wall along the front of my res was 1 block and 1 slab high, it's now just 1 block high. Also I placed a chest last night and it dissapeared. There were 2 chests in my inventory that I didn't have before, so I re-used them.
  3. tnx to all the EMC Staff
  4. *Pretends to post like ICC*
    *Gets no likes*
    *Hides in corner while eating Ice Cream*
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  6. Awesome! Thanks! Keep up the good work! d=:D=b
  7. Wohoo! I did not lose that much valuable stuff due to 1.3 glitches so I will put most of my bonus into the LLO recovery fund. Thanks for the great work you guys do!
  8. Thanks Aikar and everyone that worked on it, it's much appreciated. :)
  9. Smp9......
    Can't Go ON It D:
  10. I congratulate you not making 8 threads about it :D
  11. ????
  12. Heh, yeah; so I made 1 thread, to try and avoid that - because I think I was amongst the first to see it; and onne thread is a good thing - better discussed there than here.
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  13. Not sure if anyone has posted anything on this yet, but I have noticed that boats are glitching out lately. When you are riding one and right click to get out, it will travel forward a little. Bad thing is when it does this you can't get into it or collect it. Anyone else seen this???
  14. Boats did this before the 1.3 update.
  15. If you have an alt this is heaven.
  16. Yup lol
  17. yes :)
  18. yes :)
  19. yes :)
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