Healing 1.3 & 1.3 Recovery Fund

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by IcecreamCow, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. One question, how is the medic able to heal someone with either an Escape Plan or Equalizer?
  2. just made 9k on alts yes!! thanks ICC
  3. My own unofficial experience is, that boats are worse now.

    Yes, there's always been problems - especially if you disconnect, you can appear some distance away or the boat can explode for no reason.

    But since 1.3, a number of times my boat has exploded for no reason whatsoever; also twice when I've d/c'd (timeout/etc) then when I re-appeared, I couldn't do anything at all for perhaps 30 seconds, then it said just "you are dead" - drowned, with no opportunity to move at all.
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  4. I don't know about anybody else - But this thread no longer makes any sense for me...
  5. the thread or the comments?
  6. Ummm... lemme try;

    EMC have tried to fix some of the many major bugs that we're experienced since the update to 1.3, and given everyone 3100 rupees "compensation". But some users are still experiencing various problems, which they're discussing here.
  7. I'm awesome to i let you play on my res with the other guys XD
  8. Please feel free to start a thread about your dog, or your skin, or "how awesome Herbrin3" is... but please, don't post in this one unless it's about the 1.3 bugs/fixes. Thanks.
  9. I dare you to make a thread about one of those lol oh EMC its all about having fun and making bad times like these go by.
  10. Don't feel bad you were just trying to lighten things up it made my day a little better :)
  11. But I Dont feel like that i feel like im bad and stupid when i do that
  12. now i can finnly get back on emc!
  13. and i need a friend im lonly on empire:(
  14. WOO for dyslexia :D
  15. I hope i can go mining again to replace my lost ores of sorts mainly diamond ore
  16. I just lost another 50k (ish) of items.

    Before the recent crash, I was exploring a strong-hold. I'd lit it up, made a base, put down about 6 large chests, started collecting the cracked/mossy stone.

    I'd bought various equipment - including about 20 diamond block, a stack of iron, and wood, food, etc etc.

    I also had ender-chests, silk picks, fortune picks.

    Most of the valuables, I put in the ender-chest.

    After the outage, I was about 150 blocks from the stronghold. I made my way back, and went to my base... but it'd all disappeared - everything was back to the way it was before I arrived.

    I've holed myself in again... I have no food, I've lost all my enchanted picks, diamonds and wood (plus the items I had already collected here).

    I had 1 more ender-chest in my inv; I've just put that down, and... it is empty. So I've lost the diamond blocks/iron/silk/fortune picks too.
  17. Fyi IcC Edited the OP to acknowledge the continued issues.

    Said Sad to hear about your losses
  18. did that 50k include all the blocks that you could have harvested in the stronghold?
  19. ^There's no point me carrying on.

    I kinda sorta understand "nothing we can do". But, if that can happen, and EMC can do nothing about it... what's the point?

    I'm not lying here; I've no reason to. I've just lost all that stuff, through absolutely no fault of my own... and EMC can't do anything to help.

    I'm so annoyed right now.
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