SMP9 down again?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Herbrin3, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. I got a java-timeout, and can't reconnect; and Utopia says "sorry, you can only be connected to one..." etc.
  2. I can't connect to smp9 either. :/
  3. The usual stuff;



  4. not working for me either. you're not alone herb ;)
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  5. When this happens I think of it as a short break for my eyes to recover from constantly staring at millions of blocks. Don't think of it as a nuisance; think of it as a good thing. However, it is easier to say "We're screwed for the time being." xD
  6. smp 4 is down also
  7. Heh, true true; but it was one of the rare occasions I'd escaped from my shop, to do "proper adventuring", heh. I knew 2 of the strongholds on SMP9, so decided I'd find the 3rd - a bit of maths means that isn't so hard. It's been discovered before, but hadn't been pillaged of all the mossy/cracked, so I was working through it... and playing with all the silverfish and quite a lot of other mobs. There's a disused mine intersecting it, so a cave-spider spawner added to my fun.

    Ah well; sorry; I'm just chatting 'coz I have nothing better to do. Hopefully I'll be kicked or cleared soon, so at least I can go on another server while we wait.
  8. Click on your respective server and check to see if you are in the online players. For example I am listed as online on smp4, but I am not. Sent a message to NurseKillJoy to kick me. Haven't heard anything back yet though
  9. Yeah, I msg'd nurse too...
  10. Lol, must have read the message and immediately logged out XD
  11. That does seem like a lot of fun to just be abruptly cut off from. I absolutely despise when I am doing something engaging in game and something takes me away from it. For example; feeding the dog or having to eat lunch/dinner.

    I do love lunch and dinner, but not when I am very active in game. :p
  12. Heh yeah; I always totally forget what I was doing, when this sort of thing happens; like, "Why did I put a chest there? what was I planning? And why am I heading towards my chest with a sword... I know there was some reason... oh, I remember now, there was a creep<ssss BOOOM>"
  13. im bored now have nothing to do but wait
  14. SMP3 wont connect :( gives me NO bars
  15. The obvious win-win here is, feed your lunch to the dog :p
  16. Ya jimbo me too smp3 was my old and favorite server when i got banned it was getting crowded so i assumed it was and now its not already have to much built to move back
  17. and herb you forgot to say feed your dinner to the dog
  18. 2 and 8 - can't connect to them either.
  19. Me to!
    It worked 4 minutes ago but even then smp3 did'nt work :(