Happy Veterans Day 2015!

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  1. I might come to the ceremony, just as long as everyone is respectful. After all, rude and annoying people are the bane of my existence.
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  2. Baaaa, they started in Holland when they went there ;). Point being, it was 'in your back yard'.

    And who can spell correctly anyways.

    However, you intend or not intend to celebrate the day, thank you.
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  3. Location of ceremony?
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  4. So sad, I have already seen more than 5 players trying to see the poppy. It is just so sad.
  5. Happy Veteran's Day to all of the men and women who have served our country! Thank you for keeping us safe!

    I would like to remember my grandfather today. :) He was a WWII Veteran who was captured by the Germans during the Battle of the Bulge. He was a POW (prisoner of war) for about 14 months, (if I remember correctly..) before he and two other men managed to escape to France.
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  6. So i'm hearing selling a rememberance day poppy is bannable? is that true?!
  7. No >_<
    It's inevitable that people are going to sell it - it's renamed, lored and rare as it is only available once per account. Not saying it's right to sell it but it's not illegal :)
  8. I've seen last year's poppy for sale, I don't see why this year's would be any different.
  9. Good to know- it'd be pretty stupid if you couldn't
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  10. Lest we forget.
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  11. Ok, small rant..

    I do agree with some sentiments about how this should be special, maybe people should reconsider trading it, etc, etc. But here's the thing: in the end this is all about freedom. And that is a two edged sword. Meaning that people can express that how they want to. You may not like it, which is your good right, but people do have the freedom to trade this promo. If you really want to honor events like this then you should also respect their wishes and interests.

    Respect goes both ways. It's not only about people respecting you, it's also about you being able to respect other people even if you don't agree with them.

    Cat's out of the bag, but honestly: this is one of the reasons / motivations why I wrote that book for HelloKittyRo. I know some of you don't really like her sometimes extensive presence on the forums. But even so... She is still a part of this awesome community. Trust me: if we all think alike, if we'd all agree on everything then this would become a really boring place really quick.

    As for the event: not sure if I can make it, but we'll see. Even so... I read some stories about the 9/11 memorial service and although I do agree that some players went a bit too far I still say that the event itself was a huge success. I still get goosebumps thinking back (no kidding). Sure; some players overdid it. But when the event was over, when most of the staff had left then the real event started for me; only those players remained who really needed or wanted to be there. And that created an unforgettable moment.

    So yeah....

    Guess I instantly lost StoneSlab's competition just now but oh well ;)
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  12. The ceremony was very nicely done. I enjoyed it a lot. I don't think that Honor is silly no matter how you give it.
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  13. Thanks for the great event krysyy.
  14. A great ceremony, lots of stories and great speeches. Relatively calm and respectful, thanks everyone.
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  15. Thanks for everyone who had the event or attended it! :D I was too busy taking screenshots. xD
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  16. Great screenshot! For me, it's a little hard to make a screenshot with all those people in it,
    but I managed to... well, kind of. ;)
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  17. Happy ARMISTICE day! May we live to see the end of war. -disgruntled and disenfranchised veteran
  18. The one thing was missing from that event was me... Oh well :/
  19. too bad at work at that time
  20. Brother mentioned planning on going into the army last time we talked. Got me kinda thinking about him. We rarely do talk and he used to bully the heck outta me, but were still brothers. Even though I couldn't be there, awesome event Krysyy. -Carrot