Happy Veterans Day 2015!

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  1. Happy Veterans Day!

    In observance of this day, EMC is giving everyone a 2015 Remembrance Poppy with /promo veterans
    Remember that you only get one and its purpose is not to amass your virtual wealth, but to pay homage to the Veterans of past and present.

    In addition to the Remembrance Poppy, I will be holding a small ceremony at 6:30 pm EMC time at /v veterans on smp6. It will last roughly 30 minutes and will be more like a traditional Veterans Day ceremony, like last year.

    My hope is that whoever comes will do their best to follow that ideal and extend their respect through silence during the ceremony as you would during a real life one.

    Thank You!
  2. Awesome Krysyy! I love the idea!

    And yesterday, people came to my school and someone come into my class! He was a Veteran!
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  3. I love it Krysyy!!!Hope to see you there.
  4. Thanks Krysyy!
  5. Sorry if I sound stupid but, why is Veterans Day held on Nov. 11?
  6. I dunno, maybe next year we should leave a promo out of it. As the Scary Book event showed us, people will trade any limited item like a money maker even if it's not supposed to be. Much like the Earth Day promo, maybe it should just be normally renamed and not special? It still gets the meaning across but that way it will be thought of a symbolistic item instead of just another promo you sell for money.
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  7. Yay! Thank you Krysyy!
  8. Sounds great, i'll try to come.
  9. I too will try to attend to pay my respects, time permitting, thanks for holding this :)
  10. My brother was in the navy for 5 years...I shall attend no matter WHAT! :)
  11. We've set the precedent and will continue with the renamed items. This day deserves just as much recognition as July 4th or New Years, etc. We're not stopping to show that special recognition just because players want to be greedy.
  12. This day holds doubly special meaning for me as a Navy veteran being that it is also my daughter's birthday.

    We're headed out this evening to celebrate the latter so I may not be able to attend tonight's ceremony. In my possible absence I just wanted to say many thanks to EMC staff for all you do.
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  13. Major hostilities of World War I were formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, when the Armistice with Germany went into effect. The United States previously observed Armistice Day. The U.S. holiday was renamed Veterans Day in 1954.
  14. I wish your daughter a happy birthday and thank you for your service. :)
  15. Thank you again for doing this ceremony. I am on my way to the local 2 mile parade and wreath laying ceremony. It is from 1000 to 1115. Probably just staying home after that, the free/discounted meal today is not worth enough to sustain my anxiety in large crowds of civilians and Veterans. Today will honor my lost brothers and sisters of past and present wars and show our future generations that America respects the sacrifices given by the brave men and women and their families no matter how unpopular our campaigns of war may be.
  16. Awesome, Krysyy! Sadly I cannot make it to the ceremony but i pay my respects of those who served in war! Lastly I will like to say thanks to all the brave soldiers that fought in the past wars.
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  17. I can make the ceremony, but I might be a little late. Thanks to every verteran who served. :)
  18. Thank you for your service and hope your daughter enjoys her special day! :)
  19. I will change my profile picture today, its the least I can do right now. Thank you for holding this event Krysyy, my family has had a long chain of military history ( Yes, some were Nazi's during WWII; but I hope they were forced and didn't join knowing what their philosophy was. But Im mainly American military rooted ) and this would mean so much to my grandpa, if he didn't pass away a year after WWII.

    I have many stories to tell, if you want to hear, about him; but this means a lot to me and Im sure all other veterans.

    Thank you for your service to protect our nation, I know personally what you risked to protect us and I honor you for that.