Happy Independence Day 2017!

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  1. Happy 4th of July 2017!!!
    The Staff at Empire Minecraft would like to wish all of our players a happy and safe 4th of July!
    Celebrate with our 2017 promos with /promo iday2017 in-game. This year, you have the choice of the following:

    Independence Bundle
    Declaration of Independence
    Independence Day Firework, 2017 Edition
    Meteor Bow

    Empire Bundle
    Declaration of Independence
    Empire Firework, 4th of July 2017 Edition
    Meteor Bow

    Note: All bundles will auto-claim into your inventory so please make sure you have adequate space for 3 items.
  2. just checked the /promo ingame and there was no iday. I'm upset
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  3. It's iday2017 and you are far too fast if you managed to check that inbetween me posting and activating =P
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  4. Happy 4th of July everyone! =) Stay safe and have fun!
  5. Happy 4th guys! :)
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  6. I like book promos, I guess
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  7. Happy Fourth everyone!!!!

    Thanks for the promos....

    Also a huge thank you to Krysyy for taking the time to type up the Declaration of Independence for us all...

    Just a thought but will the fireworks be available for purchased in /shopworld ?
  8. Have a safe and happy 4th all :)
  9. yayyy! thanks krysyy! is any going to be avalable if /shopworld? and/or is the freedom steak returning?:p
  10. We chose not to put anything in shop world due to giving the meteor bows out in each bundle instead.
    W e are also giving the poor cows a break this year. We may resume the cookout (steaks) in 2018..
  11. FREEDOM IS GOOD *rides away on a bald eagle*
  12. Happy 4th of July!
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  13. Thanks for the promos Krysy! I'm a tiny bit disappointed that there won't be any taste the freedom this year, that was my favourite part of the EMC Iday season.
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  14. Thank you Krysyy, and happy Independance Day to you all.
    I would like to ask, how long will these promos be available?
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  15. A break from the wheat harvesting, breeding and killing of 1000's of cows...thank you!

    Happy 4th everyone!
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  16. This was posted at mainland (Western) Europe's 6:07 AM! :D
    Also, oops, I was online with both of my accounts this morning but forgot to claim the promo. :p
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  17. Hurray, more promos to burn. Gonna be a fun day.
  18. Sweet! Independence day promos :D
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