Happy Independence Day 2017!

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  1. Sarcasm?
  2. Happy Independence Day! :)
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  3. take it any way you like
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  4. Once again have a safe 4th of July and stay safe
  5. For me, the book is the best promo ever.
    I recommend everyone to read it and contemplate about the contents.

    Thank you for that posting, nothing is black and white and, yeah, there's also always the (or an) other side of the story there.
    Even a phony democracy is a democracy, and even a dictatorship is bound by the economic and the mental state of the population. If they go against the people and against the nature - they'll crash.
    Is it even possible to "become great again"?
    Theoretically yes, and believing in it is a requirement - but that's by far not enough.
    Mental shape.
    Attracting people of compatible mental shape and economic mentality.
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  7. Opinions on that vary.
  8. well, you can see my opinion is pretty clear xD
  9. How long are the promos planned to be available for?
  10. Is it still going? If not I can't claim, internet is dead
  11. I'm currently logged in and I did /promo. The Iday stuff is still available to claim.
  12. Problem is I probably won't be able to get on for at least a week or so....
  13. I think the promos stay available to claim for 2 weeks. I'd pm Krysyy and see if she be able to help you out in this situation. Seeing as you are not able to log in right now.
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  14. If you've got mobile data you could use it to download minechat and claim the promos through that.
  15. You need to shiftclick to claim it, so you unfortunately can't do that.
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  16. Last chance to claim your promo. This will be disabled on Wednesday!
  17. Boi.
    I'll have to buy one then....