Happy Independence Day 2017!

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  1. Yay! More Promos!! Happy Independence Day Eveyone! Stay safe and have fun! :D
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  2. Happy Independence day everyone!

    Quite frankly I like it how we're now faced with a dilemma; what goodie should we get? But considering how this is the 4th of July and what that means for the US... It's definitely going to be the independence day promo for me, I can't wait to read what Krysyy set up for us!

    We, the people players! :D
  3. #CowLivesMatter
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  4. Happy fourth of july all :)
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  5. Happy 4th of July everyone! :D
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  6. *grates teeth in British*
  7. I might read the book some other time, it being quite long... it might be interesting, though. :) I honestly don't know much about the circumstances this happened in.
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  8. I think it was all over Tea... lol
  9. Assuming you mean the revolution...

    Basically: people who are branded religious extremists in England (and came to power after the English Civil War and committed a genocide against Irish Catholics :)), who couldn't persuade the King of England and Scotland to do what they wanted (eliminate all traces of Catholicism in the Church of England), travel to the Thirteen Colonies aboard the ship called the Mayflower - they already dislike England and moved away from it so they could start a life in a place that hasn't been infected by traditions.

    The British Empire practised Mercantilism - the idea that all colonies existed for the benefit of the mother country (in this case, it's the Kingdom of Great Britain). The Prime Minister of Great Britain at the time, Robert Walpole, disliked Mercantilism and didn't enforce it upon the Thirteen Colonies. They were free to trade with whomever they so pleased, unlike the other British colonies.

    After the Seven Years War, Great Britain and its allies (Portugal, Prussia, etc.) defeated the Kingdom of France and her allies (Russia, Austria, etc.) and established herself as the world's sole superpower. However, the British only had a land army of 95,000 worldwide (when France joined the American Revolution, they sent 300,000 troops to America alone - on top of already supplying the Patriots with everything they needed and couldn't get themselves), because at the time her power lay in her navy, and had hardly any money left in the treasury. The Thirteen Colonies were tasked with defending themselves and didn't rely upon the British for protection after the war.

    On top of them already being fairly independent-minded, they got aggravated at the British putting laws in place that annoyed them. For example, they weren't allowed to settle beyond some mountains - the British just didn't want to annoy the Native Americans, but the Thirteen Colonies took great offence to this. Eventually, the British imposed some taxes on them (remember how I mentioned the British needed money?) and the Colonies demanded they have representation in our Parliament (which the British people themselves didn't even have). King George III said 'no, lol'.

    Cue some angry people dumping perfectly good tea in a harbour and starting one of the many historical revolutions against British rule - so good for the British that we don't even get taught about it in school and it lead to us having the largest empire ever created, because without losing America the British would never have had a reason to go and invade India.

    Interesting to note that only one-third of Americans in the Thirteen Colonies supported their independence, though. Another one third supported the British, and the final one third didn't care either way.

    also the constitution is basically stolen off the Leveller's (a pro-Parliament faction during the English Civil War who wanted to get rid of the monarchy and become a democracy *hundreds of years before the rest of Europe liked that idea* and they were subsequently killed and the agreements they put through for English constitutional reform were hidden until the 1800s) proposals lol

    Great now I might make a post about this topic.
  10. Nah synth_apparition it was definitely the tea
  11. You have killed me. And now I'm dead. Thank you.
  12. Carolmoss I agree with you. As far as I know from history, The Boston Tea Party and the tea caused so many problems

    Happy 4th of July all :) Let freedom ring, the fireworks impress, and the barbeques feast all ;)

    And definitely stay safe :)
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  13. I am only having a giggle btw :D
  14. Happy Independence Day Everyone~!

    Hooray More Promos :p
  15. I don't know if I say 'you're welcome' or worry about the fact you're thanking me for killing you.

    I shall do both I guess.

    ur welcome hope ur okay x

    p.s does this mean the police arrest me for manslaughter
  16. Happy fourth of July everyone ! So glad this year we have a president who's really making America great again :)
  17. thanks:)
  18. Happy 4th everyone!!!
  19. Happy 4th peoples !!!! Love promo books !!!
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  20. That feeling when the entire Declaration of Independence is written into the book..
    Krysyy: Nice touch with the flag on page 44 :D
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