Happy Halloween EMC!

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    (yes, promo time ;))

    Zombies, Skeletons, and Creepers unite
    to give the Minecraft world an awful fright.
    Although they may try with all of their might,
    none can match the Headless Horseman tonight.

    This Halloween, his mask is yours to take,
    Giving you candy with a simple shake.
    And his special axe that you cannot make
    Is bound to give monsters a big headache.

    Wrapping things up, and with an eerie glow
    Is a Spooky Egg that you all may know.
    To buy your own to the Shop you must go,
    whilst Trick-or-Treat Bundle is in /promo.

    Redeeming the bundle will give you both the Headless Horseman Mask and the Headless Horseman Axe.

    Available at /shop for 15,000r each:
  2. Type /promo trickortreat to claim your bundle.
    The Spooky Eggs will be available as soon as Aikar pushes out the Shop change.

    Happy Halloween everyone and stay safe if you go Trick-or-Treating!

    And the other reason for this secondary post is now active...

    Disguises are now active on EMC for Halloween!!!!

    Upon logging in, you will be automatically disguised as a random mob. But don't get any ideas about super trolling or anything =P They are only active in the TOWN and if someone hovers over the mob, it will show the player name.

    -You can change your disguise with /disguise (name of mob) or /d
    -You can undisguise with /undisguise or /u

    Available mob types:
    Bat, Blaze, CaveSpider, Chicken, Cow, Creeper, Enderman, IronGolem, MagmaCube, MushroomCow, Ocelot, Pig, PigZombie, Sheep, Silverfish, Skeleton, Slime, Snowman, Spider, Squid, Villager, Witch, Wolf, Zombie
  3. Nice poem :) Thanks Krysyy!
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  4. Woot. :)
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  5. I just "claimed" it and it disapeared out of my inventory. I relogged and it is still gone.
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  6. So the Spooky Egg is the exact same as last year? Sure glad I spent twice as much as it costs now for 16.
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  7. I claimed it doesn't show in my inventory. Didn't get my promo.
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  8. I claimed the bundle, it popped into my inventory, and then disappeared..
  9. Uhm same just happened to me. wth
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  10. uhh when claimed it disapered and never got it :(
  11. And skare.
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  12. Yeah, more hype! :D
  13. Yeah. Also happened here
  14. Bug, I tried to claim it and it disappeared.
  15. Well isn't this a nightmare.

    /pun intended
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  16. Just claimed mine and had the same thing happened to me.
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  17. Well, it is trick or treating, right? :p