Happy Easter EMC!

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  1. It was a real pain to type the words Easter Bunny with the right colors into the wiki. :mad:

    Vaulting works, I believe.
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  2. You should have seen the number to tries it took me to make the Easter Bunny polar bear have the matching colours.

    Lots of fun swapping between bunny and polar bear when no one was looking.
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  3. Haha good job Davie- so he himself and probably a couple other ss pranked y'all to believe it worked.. Double fell for XD
    i had fun watching this and going "You fools." Thank you again to all the staff.
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  4. hi krysyy i cant find my bunny egg in my promo thing
  5. the dud was part of a package in the promo. The real wasn't shiny. XD /promo easterfool and i don't remember the other one
  6. Called it. :p. I'll admit you had me trying for a while there. Good job.
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  7. If you're actually going to sell it (the brown one, I'm not that bad of a rule-breaker :p) I wouldn't mind keeping it as a pet. I'd give it a good home :p
  8. I'll be honest... You guys (staff) had me. Somewhat. No, not in the sense of me trying to spawn things or anything because I did suspect something to be up, but... when you vaulted the item it said the egg broke. So I figured that if you would follow the pmss link you guys would replace the item with a regular egg.

    And... for a moment there I have been wondering "so whatever happened to 'Play your way?'", even considered posting that but didn't because it was still April fools ;) But that thought also got fueled by some other players who figured that the "no vaulting" was actually legit because it's happened more often that you guys tried to limit the promo market a little bit.

    Thing is: the default spawn egg can actually be legitimately used. So I figured that it might be possible that some custom code had been added to create some special effects :)

    And that makes this prank an awesome one: because it wasn't over the top, and it was actually somewhat believable :)

    I enjoyed myself!

    Thanks for all the effort put into this one, it was awesome! :)
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  9. I knew not to trust this! I never trust anything on April Fools Day!
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  10. You guys actually had me there, I legit thought I had a bugged egg until someone told me to check promos again.
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  11. I gave it to Tuq, free.
  13. I recieved the dud one. The item will dissapear when 1.13 arrives
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  14. So technically it'll self-destruct?
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  15. Totally forgot to mention it was the dud.
    Nope I kept the bunny.. but I may sell it later, Idk. xD
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  16. To anyone who didnt see my rick roll, here is the reveal :)