Happy Easter EMC!

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  1. This year, you've each been left a special Easter Basket found in /promo easter2018
    Inside you'll find a Magical Eggcellent Wand.

    Enjoy the day everyone!

    Notes: Easter Bunny can't be vaulted or mailed, so make sure you claim them on only a specific smp where you will want them. They also are very shy and only come out in certain circumstances. Read lore for more info.

    EDIT: AS of 11 pm EMC time on April 1st...
    The WHITE Easter Bunny eggs gained only on April 1st are fakes. They don't spawn anything and will actually cease to exist as of the 1.13 update, when Mojang writes them out of existence. For this reason they are NOT salable items, so please don't treat them as such.

    The BROWN Easter Bunny Egg will be available as of Midnight on April 2nd and is your usual promo rabbit. No special spawning ritual required :p

    Type /promo EasterFool to bring it home!
  2. That's a super cute bunny! Thank you =D
  3. Thx
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  4. the easter bunny can't be vaulted?

    edit: sorry :rolleyes: i somehow missed the note on there

    edit2: Thanks any Happy Easter fools day
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  5. Thank you
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  6. Happy Easter Fools, y'all.
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  7. Happy Easter! :)
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  8. Eww dat wascally wabbit!
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  9. Something is amiss, is this all there is? I don't sense any prank...
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  10. Huzzah to the Easter Bunny hope you all have a wonderful Easter with family and friends all :)
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  11. Woohoo! Free special Bunny's! Thanks for this! :D Also I never knew you could claim promo's in the wilds. Was very glad I could though. Now my alt doesn't have spend half an hour getting back to town to claim the promo so I could have it for that server.
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  12. Happy Easter everyone!

    It says my spawn eggs are broken and to contact ss to have them fixed. Is this supposed to be like this?
  13. That's the message it will give if it cannot spawn. Check the lore and try again.
  14. I wasn't trying to spawn it. I accidentally tried to shift click it into a vault while moving some other stuff. It gave me that message.
  15. Don't waste food. If you don't want your Easter bunny, we are having a nice Easter dinner coming up ;)
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  16. That's because it can't be vaulted then.
  17. A week earlier: *buys a wand for 50k* Wow! What a deal! I'm so glad these haven't come back! xD
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  18. I know. I didn't mean to try and vault it. I was moving a bunch of stuff and it was in my inventory and I clicked it by accident.
  19. It shouldn't have disappeared, so just ignore the error and go about what it was you were doing. When you do try to spawn it, make sure you check the lore. Easter Bunny gets rather peculiar about its surroundings.