Happy Easter EMC!

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  1. Oooh a special bunny! And more wands, love me some good wands ^-^

    Happy Easter and thanks for da goodies
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  2. i finally got it!!! omg xD why is it sooo specefic?
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  3. Thanks Guys!! Happy Easter!! :)
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  4. Alright, now that enough time has passed, who all figured out the secret to get the Easter Bunny to spawn? Don't share too many details just yet. We don't want to spoil the complete journey for the others. I just want to see how helpful the lore was.
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  5. Well, eggs obviously led to chickens, so chickens are involved. And the whole "sprang from the ground" or whatever, that's obviously a tunnel or hole... So. Not gonna actually say how to do it but you know ;)
  6. You successfully spawned it, right?
    Did you have help?
  7. Nope, didn't spawn it, cause I didn't want to :p
    But I saw JustinBiebs' res and I saw his setup
  8. Didn't want to?
  9. Boy don't lie, you helped me spawn mine! :p
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  10. Well, not like I'd spawn it, I run a museum people :p
    (I need a copy for my museum and I only have 1)
  11. You can eggify it after...I even gave you a magical eggcellent wand to do it with!
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  12. Spring in the Air - jumping
    surrounded by eggs - have lots of eggs in inv
    special hare-y friend - no idea
    comes out of the ground - must click on dirt
  13. Yeah but then it's not SHIIINY!
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  14. tried that, doesnt seem to work
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  15. Maybe you have to spawn it at a specific time of day, like noon or something? Maybe you and the other people were just lucky and spawned it at exactly the right moment.
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  16. As 12 hours have officially passed, we might as well tell you how to spawn the Easter Bunny.

    Spoilers to prevent spoiling it for players that want to try to figure it out still...

    The secret to spawning the Easter Bunny...
    is to first dig a hole 3 x 3 x 2...
    then surround that hole in fence...
    and spawn 10 chickens with normal eggs...
    so you're gonna need a lot of eggs...
    then jump in the air while holding the Easter Bunny Spawn egg...
    at least 10 times, but not more than 50...
    then make sure it's just after dawn...
    and realize you look like a fool, an APRIL FOOL!!!
    Spoiler: The egg is not spawnable at all. It's a dud. Thanks to all the Staff and Senior Staff that helped to really sell this one.
    A real Easter Bunny egg will be made available with /promo EasterFool as of EMC midnight tonight!
  17. Good gravy Krysyy, spam much on that "So you gonna need a lotta eggs?" and beyond.. lol, but this was what I thought it'd be.
    Sage! Find da price of this bunny and I'll sell ye mine, you know I sell most me promos anywho.

    oook I got tackled on that. EDIT
    I'm making a DM with Sage and Tuq who both called it cause I don't wanna waste time over a stupid promo's auction. -.-
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  18. As of this post, please do not sell any of the White Easter Bunny Eggs. They were marked non-transferrable for a reason, but I'm aware that some of you have been getting around this. As of the 1.13 update, the dud eggs will cease to exist because Mojang is writing them out of the code!!!

    A post will be in-game as well.
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  19. Thanks Krysyy *and dangit for spoiling my prank, that was my one shot at a prank..*

    FORE I GET SHOT FOR SCAMMING: i wouldn't have sold it, I'd just watch them bicker then laugh when i say "Wow April Fools Prank not caught?"
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  20. That's a lot of spoilers lol