Happy Easter EMC!

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  1. I assume it loses it's shiny when you eggify it?
  2. There go the magical egg wand prices, and rip hallows who just bought one for 30k yesterday xP
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  3. Like the other promo spawn eggs, it does lose shiny when spawned.
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  4. Happy easter everyone! :D

    As the usual question hasn't been asked yet, I'll do it: how long will these be available for? :p
  5. 1 week
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  6. The promo's a prank, everyone. It keeps turning into a polar bear, and the staff won't acknowledge it. Y'all talking about how there's no prank... yeah right lol
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  7. For the record, I never said there wasn't...
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  8. Just referencing the people complaining about no prank :p
  9. Alright, ya got me with the egg prank. There is no way to spawn it, is there? It's not a rabbit spawn egg either, just a generic spawn egg that doesn't do anything.
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  10. There is no prank. Actually, there is! This is the prank! We lied about there not being a prank, and there actually is one! That IS the prank! Get pranked!
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  11. Krysyy's been working with Mojang - They changed the textures to align with this failed spawn egg so we wouldn't notice the difference.
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  12. Things I think may help spawn it :-

    There must be other factors since I had difficulty respawning it

    -Edited to remove spoilers - BigDavie
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  14. I have checked the lore and done everything I can think of without any luck.
  15. I finally was able to spawn mine! I was out in my wild base and it wouldn't work this morning. A while later I went back to town, and I was finally able to spawn it :D

    Not sure what changed though? I didn't do anything different with the egg, I just took it back to town with me from my frontier base.
  16. Time of day?
  17. Umm, I think it was dark at my frontier base, and day in town. Do you think that’s it?
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  18. After much trial and error, I am proud to say that I have gotten my bunny to spawn! SageCREEPER claims that he was a polar bear earlier, but I'm starting to think he just wants to call my bunny fat. Bad, no fat-shaming Sage. Anyway, this special bunny is adorable, and has such a colorful name. Too bad it was so difficult to spawn him... I hope others can get theirs to work! I cant be the only crazy mob lady out there.
  19. You're insane slvr
    completely insane
    the whole staff team is
  20. I have no idea, I haven't tried yet. xD