Happy Easter EMC!

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  1. Kyrsyy, this hurt to try and read and understand. xD
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  2. TLDR
    You've been fooled. Egg was never spawnable!
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  3. I just try to [quote ] when this happens. So my eyes don't get hurt
  4. And Krysyy shot down my only prank whichwould'vebeenamazingtofinallyfoolSageandTuq -.-
    But I knew it wasn't spawnable the whole time hahaha
    Gj Krysyy

    Edit: removed that Tuq seemed to- thanks for playing along, bud! XD Well, I'mma go back to what I was doing.
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  5. Also I have no idea how it put my message into it's own spoiler. xD It has a mind of it's own it would seem. Edit: Make that multiple spoilers apparently. How the heck did it do that xD
  6. Code:
    ^spamming it
  7. fify
    msg kinda got lost in everyone's response, especially since it isnt formatted
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  8. I'm adding it where it's needed.
    Edit: And I made my spoiler post not as terrible =P
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  9. It's gonna live in the ritual place on my fourth res anyway.
  10. .
    Well, literally first thing I did when I read this:
    click here for my picture album of secret mission hehe :D
    Did I get you? real picture album is this link is imgur.com/a/4FFzb PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS PART
  11. I can't say the things I want to say to you right now on EMC....
    But also, A+, I haven't been got by that in ages.
  12. For all those feeling like chumps because they fell for this prank... I came back to the forums tonight to find my inbox spammed with conversations of players requesting egg fixes.

    You think you're a chump? Try talking to ItsMeChumpeus over here who had to reply to most of them.

  13. Poor mat..
    Why did so many people fall for it? I saw egg color and went "it's a dud not even trying it"
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  14. So I am completely confused because of all of this april fools stuffs... So like which are they collectible ones? i am a nub
  15. The brown bunny egg is real
    White bunny egg.. is the dud that everyone fell for
  16. Is the Easter Bunny being non-shiny intentional?
  17. Yes.
  18. awehh I wish they would stay. Probably would have been worth a fortune :eek:!.
  19. Too many jokes. Thank God it's over now.
  20. Is the brown rabbit non-transferrable through smp's too like the fools one? Or can we just vault/mail those like normal promos (without them breaking)?

    Also, I like this prank one :p. It got a lot of people real puzzled. And especially since some people (including normal members) were claiming they got it to work, it was still quite belieavable I guess.
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