Happy Earth Day!

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  1. I don't think anyone would say that seriously lmao

    Happy Earth Day :D
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  2. Yay HAPPY EARTH DAY! Imma head our into waste when I get home and start repairing! Anyone wanna help?
  3. Chespin, why would you repair the waste? lol .. did you mean wild? =]

    Happy Earth Day! It's raining here in Cali Yay!! for the earth and this area of drought.. wait.. is that rain purple or is it just me? yea .. I'm sure it's purple.
  4. There should be a promo. Pie. Cause pie is love, pie is life. Lol
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  5. I guess I'll be planting some trees in the wild today. It might even become a jungle with a hidden temple.
  6. <grumpy voice>
    Meh, humbug, it was much more fun when Chin did it last year! <waves cane>

    Is it bad to laugh at your own jokes? :p

    Seriously, I like this. I am not an environmental activist, I also think that some things are overdone but I do believe that a little consideration is an important thing. Very important thing.

    True story: whenever I need to fill out a religion I add: Gaia

    No you youngsters, she's not "that character from Captain Planet". Sjeesj, kids these days ;) In all seriousness: that intro is kinda bad ass.

    More seriously: in Greek mythology Gaia is the mother of the Earth. The mother or spirit of the Earth. And that's why I do what I do. I am not a die-hard activist but I do believe that some things need to change. In my belief some people underestimate nature ("Gaia") and her way to adapt. Yet still think they know best and disaster strikes...

    Another true story: there was this river in Holland (we got many, but I can't pinpoint at this time) in which a company dumped warm water. The river was pretty populated with fish, it was even a favored spot for fishers. "A breach against nature, you can't dump hot water in there!", some activists cried out. They won, the factory stopped. All the fish who got adapted to said water died and no one fished there again. Eventually the whole thing got turned into land. Nice going.

    Sometimes nature can adapt.

    Do not take my post the wrong way... I intended to start like this. Gaia maybe strong, but every little bit helps. And that is the truth. Many small things.... My point though is be there where it counts. But also realize that we're all a part of nature as a whole.

    And its that last part, dead serious, which I think many people tend to ignore nowadays. In my belief too many people think we're "above" nature these days because yah; we got out homes, our cars and our security. And then, all of a sudden, you're out walking in the park, lightning strikes and... I won't spell it out but you can guess. Who was better again?

    Can't make heads or tails of my post? Good!

    But yeah, this post rocks Krysyy, I'm really happy that you guys are doing this again.

    Still, in all honesty: I do think you should consider to hand out a sapling again next year.
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  7. Last year it led to a lot of issues with people thinking they were real promos when they weren't and I was not wanting to deal with that again this round. Gotta have some variety =P
  8. Anyone wanting flowers can bring in some icky old bonemeal to 2113 and use it to get flowers for free, to help beautify our virtual home ^_^ the wild really does need some TLC <3
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  9. I do hope people help fix what's left of the frontier. I know I will be placing some dirt on SMP7

    Edit: Hey, Krysyy, why not do a reset of the frontier PRA soon?
  10. yayj that globe picture has ICELAND!! im happy
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  11. Things are in place my slabby friend. Just waiting on some particular updates...
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  12. I still have my sapling thinking it's a promo. Lol
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  13. Oh haha I just remembered my profile pick is Earth from super far away.
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  14. Yes, happy Earth day indeed!

    I am thinking about going to the frontier to work on the areas around spawn. Of course, with smp8 being surrounded heavily by water, it's not too terrible there (though center is god-awful and a death ground). As far as wastes go, I wouldn't consider going out to repair them exactly, but perhaps making the areas around spawn a little safer...
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  15. You're probably counted as Hellenic then :p

    I know who Gaia is, but I have no idea wtf 'Captain Planet' is.

    I'm 16 in like, 18 days. I'd like to think I'm a 'youngster' (even though it's about as adult as I ever want to be lol), yet I know more about the actual Greek version of Gaia than... whatever the hell the one from 'Captain Planet' is.
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  16. Ran out in the waste today, here's a couple of shots I got:

    Getting dirt now to help out with some holes :D
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  17. Aired from 1990-1996 had 113 episodes. "Was all that and a bag of chips!"
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  18. "Gonna take pollution down to zero"
    *only weakness is pollution*
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  19. Happy nature day erryone!
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  20. This is way up there in my top 10 weird 90s things alongside Bill Nye the Science Guy and Magic School Bus.
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