Happy Earth Day!

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  1. Happy Earth Day 2016!

    Celebrate mother nature and the Earth by getting out there and planting a tree, repairing some creeper holes, or maybe just running around and enjoying the pixel sunset as it sinks below the horizon.

    Share your awesome pics of our Minecraft Earth in this thread if you wish.

    No promos, just a message for everyone. Today isn't about promos. It's about that giant globe that we all call home.
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  2. Thanks! happy Earth Day all! I was going to be at my op (ironically) clearing a forest but now I'm going to go work on repairing and replanting a forest!

    EDIT: First!
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  3. Happy earth day!

    I'll be fixing Creeper holes all day!
  4. Happy Earth Day!! Ill be planting trees and planting flowers and planting trees and planting more flowers!! XD
  5. For those that want to fix creeper holes on smp 7 there are 6 DC's of dirt in Wild North I will be there off and on all day if you would like to help.
  6. Happy Earth Day
  7. Happy Earth Day all :)
  8. Hmm I may make a flower Garden on my res sometime today for this and Happy Earth day.
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  9. All i'm seeing is Purple Rain this week.
  10. Me too. Got to actually meet Prince during the Purple Rain tour....super nice, very soft spoken.
  11. Both my dad's and my mom's employees were singing purple rain all day long.
  12. ...and my birthing into said world. Who needs promos when you got me! :D

    Happy Earth Day!
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  13. Happy earth day.
    Now I'm off to deforest the Amazon, pour oil into the sea and make a giant cow ranch.

    Also, I probably care more about promos than the earth.
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  14. Hope you are joking, not funny btw :)
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  15. Yes you do you naughty fox.
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  16. The second line was a joke, the third, no, the third line is not a joke. :)
  17. No Earth, no promos!
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  18. Happy earth day! I'm off to slaughter the undead & save the world.
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  19. Lelel happy earth day y'all :D
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