Happy Cinco de Mayo and Liberation Day!

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  1. 2015-05-04_19.35.59.png

    Now at the Empire Flag Shop:

    A huge thanks to ItsMeMatheus for his map skills! Enjoy!
  2. Cool!
    Thanks for a new flag, I'll have to get one of these ;)
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  3. Great to see different flags being added! :)
  4. More flags! Awesome. :)
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  5. Pretty proud of the Mexican one, it was a personal challenge which I believe I was able to complete fairly well. :)
    Hope you guys like it!
  6. Woo hoo! :D Looks awesome, guys! :)
  7. I'm glad you were able to concede that it looked fantastic.
    It helps when I give you a mean deadline, doesn't it =P
  8. finally I get more flags... When will you release all the flags...so when I have them all I will rule the empire :)
  9. Looks great :) Nicely done.
  10. Yay! More flags :D thanks Krysyy and Matheus!
  11. 12 hours to make the coat of arms.
    Not mean at all :)
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  12. More flags!! Woo!
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  13. Good job on the flags, they look really cool. :)
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  14. I shall now Build a Mexican Restaurant at my res. Yey
  15. Yes please!
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  16. its pronounced Mehico
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  17. Just in time for Cinco de Mayo! :D