Happy 9th Birthday EMC!

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  1. I missed this due to sleeping all day. xD Curse you comfy bed!
  2. Curse time zones. Hope everyone had a good time at the party, here’s to another year!
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  3. I can't believe this server is NINE!

    I've been apart of this server for more than half of it's life span. :O o.(o) Weird to think about.
    Just wait till Empire turns ten... there better be one heck of a celebration...
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  4. ... still think I could have dropped more pebble heads...
  5. That was fun, thanks! :)
    I assume after the drop party there was parkour?
    I like how the celebration started out with my favourite event. :p
    I think the cake to eat might have been excessively big, to be honest. :p
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  6. As far as I understood, there was no parkour after the drop party. :)
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  7. I almost forgot to show off these images from the birthday event yesterday~

    Better late than never, yeah? :)


    Here's the main room.

    Me and Lucky.

    Me and Raaynn.

    Me and Anon.

    Waffee going nuts in the cupcake over from me, jumping around so many times and shooting so many flaming arrows that it causes particle lag. haha~

    Oh and the rare 607 sighting... >:3

    Me and 607, with a bunch of others, while Waffee is spamming her bow within the cupcake, haha~


    I did not get any images of the tornado, but that's okay, I'm sure someone else did. :)

    Happy 9th Birthday EMC! I hope to celebrate your 10th one next year!! :D:D
  8. Congratulations! Good times!
    How is Empire doing these days? it has been a while..
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  9. Wow 9 years, and to think that I have been here for most of it :D
  10. Strange, huh? When I joined, I thought I would forever feel like a newb, considering that I had missed 500 days of the server's existence... but now, having missed 1.5 years, out of 9 years, really doesn't seem like a lot!
  11. Prepare to relive the party!

    The event showcase, premiering tomorrow, covers the cake decoration, main event, and birthday Firefloor! Unfortunately, Replay Mod was unable to capture the drop party segment without crashing, so enjoy a short "old film" look to the small bit I could capture! We hope you enjoy!

  12. Awesome work my guy, I cannot wait to check it out when it's posted! :D
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  13. I hope to be there!
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  14. I just saw the video on Youtube, and I'm really impressed with the amazing community that EMC has! That cake looked so good once it was 100% decorated! :D

    To be honest, I never knew that the birthday celebration all happened inside of the cake!! :eek::eek::eek:

    I love how the FireFloor event was the ending to the video with everyone jumping around me and my twin, haha. (I actually did not know they were recording when I brought my twin online.)

    Happy 9th EMC, I look forward to what the 10th birthday will be like next year!! ^-^
  15. I pointed it out in chat at some point, but I sure did love that transition!! Very smooth and unexpected.
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  16. Well done DaybreakerMC cool video!:D
    Thanks You Aikar, Krysyy and Staff for the Awesome Events!:D
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  17. 9 long years. I'm getting old
  18. call me a narcissist but what I love about these events is finding myself in the pics afterwards
    it's just "hey look! there's me!"
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  19. Even better when you can see yourself jumping around in the video. :D