Happy 9th Birthday EMC!

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  1. Happy 9th Birthday EMC!!!

    Yes, that's right. EMC is celebrating turning NINE years old. First started in July 2011, it has grown and developed into the amazing community and custom-coded server you all know and love today. This achievement would not be possible without you all and we are so thankful!
    Come celebrate with Aikar, Krysyy, and staff at the EMC Birthday Party.
    July 25th at 2 pm EMC time
    Utopia /v bday2020 (will be opened shortly before event)
    :love: :<3:
    Can't make it? Celebrate with CAKE!
    /promo bday9
  2. Awesome can't wait!!!!!
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  3. Congrats on 9 years EMC! heres to 9 more :D
  4. Happy Birthday EMC! Hope I can be back by 2 :)
  5. Happy 9th birthday to the best server around! :D Here's to many more amazing years to come! :) <3
  6. 9 years and going strong. I cannot wait to see EMC turn 10 next year!! :D
  7. Happy Birthday!!
  8. ayyye happy birthday EMC!!!
    as my third grade teacher would tell us when we turned 9: This is your last single-digit number
  9. Congratulations. I've had some good times on this server. Thanks for everything.
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  10. Happy Birthday EMC!
  11. Happy 9th Birthday EMC!:D
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  12. Heyy, I can make that! I am tired, but this could be fun, I'll at least check in for a bit. :)
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  13. Happy 9th birthday emc
  14. Happy 9th birthday EMC! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens on the server in the future :D
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  15. Happy Bday EMC! Can't believe it's been this long :)
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  16. Happy birthday EMC!
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  17. Happy birthday EMC, and thanks for hosting Krysyy and Aikar!

    If I could make a small request, next time, when these events occur, could the thread come out a bit earlier? Reason being is because I have to plan my sleep schedule around them (this one was at 2am) so having the announcement earlier would be great. I know they're on the events calendar but having a thread is nice as the date and time is confirmed. Thanks again :D
  18. Happy Birthday and all, but it would have been nice to have more than three hours of advanced notice about the time of the events :I
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  19. I got a few screenshots when I remembered to take some

    Snuck a selfie w Krysyy and Aikar and other friends

    I caught DrMadFate having a staring contest w Aikar

    And of course our beloved Wafflecoffee setting everyone on fire

  20. It was a lot of fun. Thanks to Aikar, Krysyy and all staff for doing this and all the events. It really means a lot to the community.
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