Happy 10th Birthday EMC!

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  1. Happy 10th Birthday EMC!!!

    Yes, that's right. EMC is celebrating turning TEN years old. First started in July 2011, it has grown and developed into the amazing community and custom-coded server you all know and love today. This achievement would not be possible without you all and we are so thankful!

    This birthday is way too big to fit in one day. So we're extending the celebration!
    Stay tuned for events and festivities throughout the month.
    And of course, the party to end all parties coming up next weekend.
    Date/Time to be announced, but I heard the theme is purple.

    Can't make it? Celebrate with CAKE!
    /promo bday10
  2. To clarify: the BIG event should be next Saturday or Sunday around 2pm. Getting confirmation for both Aikar and Krystal to be in the same party.

    Happy 10th Birthday EMC and I’m looking forward to the many activities in this next month to celebrate! XD
  3. Happy 10th EMC!!! Can't wait!!!
  4. That big 10!!! Woot Woot time to fill das boot. :cool:
  5. How awesome Happy Birthday EMC :D
  6. wooo faded will definitely be there :)

    i just hit 9 years in July on EMC.. always thought it was awesome to have my emc birthday on the server's birthday :)
  7. Alright I will bring myself next weekend for the event
  8. Man 10 years, time flies when you're playing Minecraft lol
  9. Woot woot! happy 10 years EMC! heres to 10 more!
  10. Nice! Happy 10th EMC \o/ :cool: Hope everyone has a great week!
  11. Happy 10th birthday, EMC!! I'm so thankful that I found this server six years ago. I've met so many incredible people here. :)

    Years ago, EMC inspired me to get more into Computer Science. Now I'm going to college to get a degree in CS! :D
  12. Happy birthday EMC!
  13. A cool reminder to me to make sure to caffeinate before wordsmithing. Made the fix in the post. :)
  14. Happy Birthday EMC! :D
  15. Happy Birthday EMC :)
  16. Happy 10th birthday, EMC!:D:aikar:
  17. 10 years and still going, have a good one EMC! :D
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  18. Wow, I joined on the 21th of October 2013. Time does fly and yes, I have met so many good people here in our lil world wide community and some good friends as well. So glad I found the Empire. Thank you for being a safe place to meet up and hang out with some good friends and greet new potential friends. Happy 10th!! <3
  19. XD?

    Happy birthday, EMC! I am impressed, 10 years seems like a long time for a Minecraft server to run. :)
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