Half my Villagers vanished - Bug?

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  1. So yeah... I've a bunch of villagers on my res that I trade with for various things. They were there the other day, and today many of my more important ones have vanished. I've left the game and come back in, thinking that maybe it was a visual error, but they didn't reappear. Has there been any recent changes to the code that could've made certain villagers vanish? Would there be a reason an admin may have removed them for some purpose, or is this just some sort of out of the ordinary glitch?

    It took a lot of time to get the villager trades I needed, and now I have to start again...
  2. It's probably a glitch. An admin wouldn't have a reason to remove them.

    Check if you maxed out your /entc

    Did this happen in the wild or on your res?
  3. i had the same problem on a res
    i dient do anything on it and all of the sudden i came on and half of them were gone
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  4. It was on my res. I've not maxed out my entity count on my primary res for a while now (I've most of my animals on other residents), so the entc shouldn't have been an issue (but I'm not fully discounting that, either).

    I was just speaking with Baradar67 about it all. I figure if it's not bug related, or rule related, it may have been permission related. The only people with the permissions to eggify the villagers are adult friends I've known for years, so I trust them to not have gone through and done a mass egging. Though, some of them do have younger children... So now I'm wondering if maybe one of them may have hopped on the wrong account.
  5. It could be a glitch but even then it seems kind of weird because I heard someone on SMP2 mention the exact same thing yesterday evening. They had villagers and some animals, came back to their basement and several of them were gone. I checked their /entc myself and it was well below 100 (around 72), also checked their residence permissions and only their sister had admin privileges, other players had no more than move and use.

    So if it is a glitch it looks like its happened to a lot more people, which seems kind of odd.
  6. with me i'm 100% sure they just vanished
    and not because of my entcount
  7. All right, I was just looking at a bunch of threads and I came across this one which worries me quite a bit. I myself have many villagers at res ./v 833 I own a shop that sells enchanted books of which I get from villagers. Has anyone figured out what this bug is and how it is triggered? And if this bug were to happen to anyone else, would staff spawn the villagers back assuming the player has substantial proof that the villager existed before? Thanks!

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  8. i don't think they can spawn in villagers and chose their trades :/
    correct me if I'm wrong
  9. I agree that this is very concerning as I also have an enchanted book shop at 10959 (unbreaking III for only 300r along with other great deals). I have always worried it could happen but it never has. I haven't heard of it happening to anyone else either.
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  10. lmao great advertising

    The other day someone told me a villager disappeared right in front of their eyes...
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  11. btw: GRIP can (and will) easily refund any villager eggs to you guys if needed. I think we still got some in stock and if not then we have the resources to settle this in other ways. I know it's not griefing but meh, it helps the server which is the underlying motivation anyway.

    Well, you can to some degree (even in vanilla) but it can be a little flakey at some points. This isn't really well documented IMO, but you can use the Offers & Recipies attribute modifiers.

    Edit: actually it is documented, but in another place than I expected: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Chunk_format
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  12. Short of a check for $1000 made out to aikar, I doubt any villager trades will ever be restored from a glitch. It's a lot of work and I doubt there is a record to verify old trades against.

    In 1.8 the item count counted towards the kill count at first, that was patched though. I lost about 20 valuable 1.7 villagers from this bug.

    If animal damage is on, they could suffer suffication or other damage that would kill them. Also if placed in awkward position like floating in water, they can just magically disappear.

    Chicken farms can sometimes go on a "lucky streak" and produce a high number of babies at once to push you over your entc.

    Utopia reses don't fully load from 1 corner to the next, so it's possible to have too many animals on one side, walk to center and load all of them. I don't think this is possible on a normal res (at least unlikely).
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  13. All right, well since I am on a normal res, hopefully it will not happen. Thanks for the help!

    P.S. ./v 2000 books to see my shop. (Advertising)
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  14. Okay, this is really getting out of hand now... I've lost another handful of villagers (basically the rest of the ones that mattered)! What the heck is going on? Can't anyone from the EMC code staff chime in on this? Obviously somethings been changed, that's forcing villagers to vanish.

    (edit) - And it isn't related to people with admin rights, as far as I can tell, since I removed the flag after the first rapture.
  15. was there any pattern to the ones removed? Are they on chunk lines? Did they vanish while you were online on the res? Or while you left?
  16. No pattern as to which ones are going first, as far I can tell. I lost both old and new ones the other day. Today I lost some more of my newer ones (some older ones still remain). I'm not sure about chunk lines. How do I check for something like that? I've gone to other residences and even the waste and nether and have returned with all them still there (well, the ones that were left, still there). So far, the only time I've had any vanish was after I've left EMC completely (logged out and closed game) and then came back the next day. I'll note that I've been using these same villagers for months now without ever having lost any, which is why I think something recent must've happened to be causing them to disappear.

    (edit) - Also, they've always been kept in the same corner of my res.
  17. I lost a couple enraged guardians a few weeks back due to this same bug
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  18. Ok, I have now lost some villagers to this bug. It is not exactly on a chunk border, and was not in the same place either (some vanished on one floor and a couple others vanished on the second), I'm not sure what's going on, but this is definitely going to pull up the prices for books
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  19. I'm quite nervous as I have so many good villagers and it took a while to get them all, should I be worried?
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  20. hm... how long ago? We had entity issues in past due to one change I was working on but then reverted those.

    But if something happened in between then and my newest work... then its not my newest work causing it.
    As i'm really confused on how my newest work could even cause an entity to be deleted, as the work is in the part of the code thats AFTER its been chosen to be removed, and nothing to do with choosing to remove an entity but ill dig a little more at it.

    But if there was a bug with this new code, i really doubt it would affect villagers alone, so i would expect wide scale reports over all entity types.

    We really need to identify pattern and cause.