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Which story should I tell first?

How I discovered my sexual orientation, thanks to the help of someone on EMC! 16 vote(s) 72.7%
How my life has been from my abrupt disappearance (June 2014) to now 11 vote(s) 50.0%
What I've been doing for 17 months since my last update 12 vote(s) 54.5%
My sophomore and part of my junior year in high school 6 vote(s) 27.3%
My financial status and college 6 vote(s) 27.3%
Other 4 vote(s) 18.2%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. EDIT: I noticed my nick changed along with my MC name. For those who don't remember, I'm 5chris100!

    Yes, you heard it here first, everyone. I've resurrected from the dead for the... what is it, third time?

    Anyway, it's been a little over 17 months since I was last active on the forums and in-game. I've been getting back into computer gaming (over from console gaming, but my PS4 will always drag me back for more Destiny ;)), and you know what that means! More Minecraft! And what does Minecraft mean? It's not fun unless you're on a server! What server comes to mind when you think of lots of people? EMC!

    So yeah, I'm going to be returning to EMC and hopefully be active. I still remember a lot of the friends that I've made on here, and even if they don't remember me, I hope that they'll at least acknowledge me! :eek: It's good to be back in the Empire, and boy, do I have a lot of stories for you guys. But I won't tell them right away! I want to know what's on your minds! Oh, yeah. I might be able to become a supporter again. Probably only iron, but I might be able to work my way to the coveted diamond!

    For those who don't know me, hi! My name is Chris, and I'm the 8,368th member of EMC (which means I've been on EMC longer than most of the staff!). I was a regular on SMP2 and pretty much everyone on there knew who I was. I guess you could say I was... a celebrity? :p I was here when JustinGuy (may Hestia bless his soul, wherever he is!) was the only admin of EMC. I was here when IcC was promoted to co-admin, and later the sole admin. I was here when Maxarias joined, Aikar fell in love with her, and they got married! I was here when Aikar became emperor (read: new admin) of the server. Etc, etc.

    But, since I've been gone, that means changes have gone down! Fill me in on what happened, peeps! It's good to be back!
  2. Welcome back, Chris! I am looking forward to seeing you in-game sometime. :)
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  3. I remember you! Welcome back!
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  4. Welcome back. :) I as well took quite a long break from EMC (I existed when Aikar joined as well ;)) but I am definitely glad to see some veterans joining again.
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  5. I think I remember you from the forums while stalking members. Welcome back!
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  6. Likewise! I haven't seen you around before, and I don't know how long you've been staff, but congrats on joining the awesome contribution team :)

    I remember you too! Thanks ^^

    I feel like the original EMC members (first 10k or so) are really friendly and helpful towards the new members, so it's great they're coming back! Hope to see you around

    Yeah, I used to be really active on the forums when I was still around. Hopefully I'll get back into it. :D
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  7. Welcome back! I definitely remember you, it's nice having another old player back. :) but i'm still older muahahaha (on my previous account)
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  8. Welcome back to EMC! Its always nice to see people return
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  9. Thanks, and indeed, I remember you too! :D

    Thanks aplenty :)
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  10. I remember you, welcome back :)
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  11. Welcome back, Chris.
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  12. Like wow... The writing, the post length and nice touch for detail. I think I can get used to this :)

    So first of all: welcome back. No, I don't know you, but obviously I did quickly look you up and I noticed a disturbance in the force. Next time you log back onto good ole SMP2 please do /v open followed by /res claim or just /claim if you're lazy. Because you say you're from SMP2 but you know the drill: pictures, errr: residence(s), or it didn't happen! :D

    This time we'll get it right, no worries :D

    Oh wait, no, sorry, we need SMP8 for that I suppose ;)

    And no, don't take that too seriously please, I'm only messing with you obviously. Besides: I'm referring to Keph's upcoming dark ritual anyway, this time you'll never be able to leave us, mwua ha ha ha haaaaa!

    Iron is fun but basically at its best to chat in the wild (IMO of course). Quite frankly, depending on your goals of course, I'd say it might be good to start with Gold so that you can nab 2 residences and get a nice extra daily funds as well. Then you can always lower back to iron. Gold can also help you build / develop your residence, thinking about named locations and such right now (/res loc list, /res loc add and ofcourse: /home <location name>).

    That's not even mentioning customizing your entry/part residence messages, the ability to nab a Utopian residence and bunnies!

    Yeah, now that I think of it: you haven't lived the 1.8 update so.. beware the killer bunnies laddy, thems huge teeth and evil starers can kills ya!

    Down? No, they went up!

    I think it's safe to say that in the mean time the Empire became more powerful than you can possibly imagine :D

    So what happened... Well, for starters I joined, and the Empire sighed because now they actually had to read some of the posts being written ;)

    But, some of the more noticeable changes in a nutshell:
    • Mini bosses spawn more frequently, now you don't risk playing on EMC for nearly a year without ever seeing one.
      • Fun fact: you can also toggle their spawns using /ps. Don't want mini bosses and/or enraged mobs? Turn it off!
    • Residence permissions always get you confused, so you simply give out the admin flag? No more need: we have a new chest interface (see /res cset and/or /res cpset <playername>).
    • Show the pride! Get a country flag in the Flag shop and hang it on your wall or door or... From the US all the way down to The Netherlands: it's there (see wiki page for an overview, which reminds me to check if that page is still up to date).
    • Residence biome gets you annoyed because all your nice green grass dries out and turns brown? No more need to bug Senior Staff nor having to spend rupees. /res changebiome. Invest 5,000 tokens (10k for Utopian residence) and just change the biome yourself.
    • This next message was brought to you by the ShellShop; the attic sale you can afford! (or something ;))
      • Looking for a Mesa biome to get clay? => Gimme all yer Mesa project on SMP5.
      • Disclaimer: The ShellShop cannot be held responsible for anything happening because of a proper exposure to hardrock and/or heavy metal while making your way to the Mesa biome, as suggested in that thread.
    Yeah, well, I guess that's a good round up on some of the most important changes during the time I've been on :)
    Welcome back!
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  13. As do I! Heya mate :)

    Matheus! Zomg! You're staff now! That's pretty awesome. Maybe I can possibly kinda-sorta maybe be a moderator now :3 JustKiddingYouMustHateMeForDisappearingSoI'llNeverBecomeStaff~

    Typing is the imagination's way of speaking, I've heard ;)

    Disturbance in the force? Damn, my flux capacitor is probably broken, then. I'm off to fix it!

    EDIT: Fixed, now I'll continue reading your post.

    Funny you say that, I remember that I gave everything away before I went dark, and I completely forgot the command to go to an open residence! I even had to go to /tutorial for the command ;-;

    And no, don't take that too seriously please, I'm only messing with you obviously. Besides: I'm referring to Keph's upcoming dark ritual anyway, this time you'll never be able to leave us, mwua ha ha ha haaaaa![/quote]
    You don't happen to mean Kephras, do you? That guy's an OG! (along with 99% of the rest of EMC :p)

    And that's where it gets weird, because I don't have a supporter rank at the moment, but /res info claims that I can have 2 residences (I can even confirm that I am allowed to claim two plots, possible bug?). Ah, well, maybe because I used to have iron and diamond in the past, or because I'm an EMC vet? :p

    Ah, now that was quite the perk. Back in the day, I had an idea for a thing called the League of Nations, basically a gathering hall where representatives of each SMP would join in, and we would have guest staff as speakers... Anyway, how does that relate? I didn't spend my extra Rupees to buy more materials for the construction. I didn't use any perk except the residence messages. Yep. "Welcome to the League of Nations!" when you come, "Now leaving the League of Nations." when you go. Looking back at that makes me cringe.

    I've played a bit of 1.8 singleplayer, just not enough. I spawned near an island, but ~40m underwater. Mojang pls nerf.

    *references first quote* :p

    I heard 1.8 had pretty huge changes, so I kind of kept up on the wiki. But thanks for the list! :)

    Thanks again! Geez, I haven't done that much reading since my annual summer reading for school. Oh wait, I DIDN'T DO THAT BECAUSE MY TEACHERS ARE TOO LAZY TO ASSIGN THAT. I'm one of those kids who enjoy reading, but don't know what to read. I usually read most or all of the suggested books that appeal to me each year, so this year was boring. :(
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  14. Been here longer than you, totally don't remember you at all. Welcome back though.
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  15. Howdy neighbor! :D

    It's not a bug, it's a feature. And this time I'm not even joking. I can't produce the quote but I read in the news section that at one time (before my time of joining) your limit would rise one whenever you became a supporter. But that has been changed in the mean time: right now people remain on a 1 limit when they become a supporter.

    But you've been a supporter in the right time, so yah; now you too got 2 SMP2 residences :)

    Hehe, and this post remained well within the limits, so you got lucky here ;)
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  16. I noticed that I forgot to set an expiration for the stories poll! Oh me, oh my! Looks like I'll have to choose random time intervals to check the votes! And guess what? Right now is one of those times!

    The leading story is about my sexual orientation, with 7 votes. So, let's get into it...


    Okay, so that's a bit of an exaggeration. But it is partially true. Let's begin!

    When I first joined EMC around 2012, SMP2 seemed appropriate, since I joined in 2012. At that point in time, there wasn't any of the trickery or doodads that we have now. No fancy mall for purchasing, no. We had four residences with chests sprawled along the walls. That was around the release of 1.0 or 1.1, so not many items and blocks were in. I finished the tutorial (which was also different then) and set off to find me a residence. I went and claimed... I think it was 4138 or something. Starting out, I didn't have much.

    Eventually, I made lots of friends, especially a particular group, who got close to me. And by close, I mean we exchanged Skypes and pretty much had a giant group call every weekend. Two or three of the guys in the group were gay/bisexual, and I was very accepting of that. One guy was two years older than me (let's call him Cutie, unless he replies on the thread for me to reveal his identity, which he did). Cutie and I sometimes called just the two of us. Before I met this group, I regarded myself as straighter than a pencil.

    Cutie changed that. Big time.

    He knew what I looked like and I knew what he looked like. He was handsome, sure. But I was interested in this one girl at my school, and I was oblivious to the fact that Cutie liked me. I thought of him as just a friend, and just because he's bisexual doesn't mean he likes me. But that got me curious. Does Cutie like me? He obviously enjoyed Skyping with me, and he was usually quick to answer my calls. I kept thinking about it, and thinking about it... Then I thought about not just about him potentially liking me. I thought about him entirely. The way his hair naturally looked, how his grin looked so cute on that face of his... Then I said, "Do I like Cutie?" (Spoiler alert: the answer was yes.)

    I talked about my feelings to the group, saying that I might not be as straight as I thought. Everyone said that they thought this was true as well. Cutie was caught a little off guard the next time I called him. "Cutie, do you like me?" I queried, curious about which answer I would be happy with. "Would I be disappointed if he said he didn't like me? That would mean that I would be happy if he did..." "Would I be happy if he didn't? That might mean I was just confused..."

    He said he did.

    Now, some people can argue that you can't have a relationship if you never met the person. I disagree. Cutie and I dated for about a year over Skype, text, and phone calls. We were even planning on meeting in the future, since we wanted to go to the same college. At first, it started out slow: "Hey cutie" "Hey sweetie" Then it got a bit more serious: "You look cute today! <3" "Can't you stay a few more minutes? :(" Eventually, we fell for each other: "Good morning, sweetheart! Have a great day, I love you!" I will admit, I was crazy for him. He changed my life in a way that nobody else has.

    We continued this until around the winter of 2013, where we... I wouldn't say "break up," but more of a short break. We were starting to draw attention from our families ("Who do you keep texting?" "Why are you constantly calling him?"), so we cut off our daily communication and only spoke through game chat and the group Skype calls (everyone in the group knew we were together, too). Unfortunately, we spent too much time apart, as we both fell for someone else near us. We agreed to end the relationship with each other and see how these would go. If it didn't work, we would come out to our families and continue dating. If not, it would be our little secret that we dated.

    Our relationships lasted, so we decided to end it between me and Cutie. We still texted and whatever, but we were just friends. Eventually, we were both single again and dated for a few months, only for it to end up again (this time not so gracefully). I then regarded myself as bisexual. After the second time we were together, I went out with this one girl from my school who I talked about Cutie with while we were together. Around this time, I started to get into IRC, or Internet Relay Chat. It's basically a giant network of chat rooms where you can do anything you want. I'll get into this more later. Anyway, the girl and I lasted roughly half of the time Cutie and I were togther for the second time. She cheated on me, so we cut it off.

    I kept this one IRC channel (read: chat room) up-to-date on my personal life. The owner of the chat room, who everyone was close to, showed sympathy for me on my break up, so we decided to private message. She revealed that she had feelings for me as well (this may sound like I'm making myself overly attractive and desirable, but I'm really not. :p). We started going out around April of this year, and we are currently together!

    TL;DR: Met someone on EMC, they regularly Skyped with a few other people from EMC, he was bi, I eventually liked him, we dated, "broke up," went out with someone else, broke up for real, and now I'm bisexual!

    I pretty much did this all from memory, so if there's anything that seems odd, please mention it and don't leave it outstanding. :)
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  17. Updated to 1.8 XD
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  18. Welcome back! I am kinda like you but had a longer retirement :p

    Hope to see you around ;)
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  19. Part-time Olga, full-time savage.

    Woohoooooooooo~ Time to create not one, but TWO absolutely unnecessary buildings!

    Limits? :eek:

    I can see that :p

    Thanks, hope to see you around! :)
  20. Post. A. Selfie. Of. You. Two. Love. Birds. <3 ( Not LuckyGreenBrid )
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