[SMP5] Gimme all your Mesa!

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  1. Hi gang!

    Update: This thread has been obsoleted by the wasteland reset. The next version can be found here.

    This is a reboot of my Highway to Mesa project which I did a few months ago. I decided to use a different title because, uhm, well ;) The project is the same, but I figured it'd be fun to add some variation :cool:

    SO yeah, as the tradition goes: Gimme all your lovin', err: => Mesa! :D

    Where: /waste ne on SMP5, go south.
    When: Right now! (I'll update the post and also mention when the event ended) The highway is finished!
    What: We're building a cobble highway (skyway?) to the south where a nice Mesa biome awaits!
    Who: AyanamiKun, Gawadrollt and his in-game fiancée (I hope) :)

    Current status: The road has been finished!

    Credit goes to AyanamiKun for finding the Mesa biome!

    This is how it looked before we started building. Aya started on the road and I build a staircase down so that you can also easily reach the ground if you want to (and more important: so that you can also easily reach the outpost again whenever you're on the ground, for example after a mining session).

    And this is the current situation:

    So yeah, I'm offline now, coming back in a moment, so if you want to join: /waste ne on smp5 ;)

    And as is the tradition which I'm trying to start... In case you wonder where today's quote comes from.. for the optimal highway experience this projects suggestion is listening to this one:

    Since you did click this open I now once again suggest to turn the volume all the way up!

    Enjoy some classic heavy metal while you're on your way to the Mesa biome :cool:

    Warning: As before its best not to click the spoiler open if you're not interested in heavy metal and/or hardrock :eek:

    Breaking news!

    The Mesa biome has almost been (b)reached!

    (Aya just sent me this link)

    SO that's where my iron voter tools are, eh? ;)
  2. Event is over!

    Gawadrolt came online and helped me out while shell was busy on forums.

    We build more of the road with cobble slabs instead of stone and then build stairs.

    and i kept falling down, lol! ^.^

    So: mesa biome. pls use /waste ne, then go south on our skyway.

    and best not click that noise up there open, teehee! ^.^
  3. I saw ZZ top on their 2013 tour, and appreciate your good taste in music :p
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  4. nice taste of music tho ;P
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