[smp3] Highway to Mesa!

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  1. This post has become obsolete, for the next Mesa project go here.

    Hi gang!

    I'm a little annoyed at the moment because I can't access my private server using the VPN right now, so I have to resort to image uploading (when I want to write I can't wait until tomorrow). Alas... It can't be helped..

    On the Highway to Hell ... MESA!

    In another post I showed you guys the Mesa biome as it can be found on SMP3. The only thing missing was a road to get there. Now here's the thing: I really enjoy trying to help out my fellow players, and I also don't mind "wasting" some of my resources (or rupees) on that. As such I quickly came up with the plan to build a road to the Mesa; thus allowing us all easier access to all that gorgeous clay!

    /waste south on smp3 before the Highway project...

    So after I devised a plan (then again; what's there to plan? All you need is a lot of digging, tunneling and putting down cobble) my friend Willikers (Oldmanwillikers3) learned of it and since he likes clay as much as I do this quickly turned into a joint venture :)

    And so, fully prepared with my vault filled with cobble, we went on our journey towards Mesa. And yeah folks; us guys on smp2 know how to prepare ourselves. For example; learning half-way into the tunnel we dug that you forgot to bring torches. And now you got to fight your way back towards the outpost because the zombies and creepers apparently like Mesa too :)

    Start of the Highway to Mesa!

    The bed should be obvious; its easier to set your bed here so in the unlikely event that you die you won't spawn too far away from the biome; this allows you to quickly run back and grab all your goodies again.

    But yeah; as you can see you now no longer have to use enderpearls to go over the mountain; now you can simply go right through!

    tunnel.png A preview of the tunnel we made (I wanted to try the thumbnail option ;) )

    But following this road will eventually lead you right up to what it is all about, the Mesa biome:

    The Mesa biome on SMP3, now connected with a nice cobble road!

    SO there you have it folks!

    This was so much fun to build together that I really felt like sharing. In need for clay? Smp3 can provide! :)

    Oh, and to close... In case you're wondering about that "Highway to Mesa" quote.. Well, uhm, that's all because of this here:

    Click here if the video doesn't play

    Since you did click this open I now advise you to go to 0:42 and turn the volume all the way up! :mad: )

    (better not click it open if you don't like heavy metal / hardrock ;) )

    Hope you guys are going to have as much fun mining as we had building!
  2. This will be so helpful! I think next time I get online I'm gonna grab a pick or 5 and get me some mesa essence!
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