[SMP7] Holding out for a MESA!

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  1. Hi gang!

    This project has been obsoleted by the wasteland reset, the new version can be found here! :)

    This is a "continuance" (sorta) of my Gimme all your Mesa project ;)

    So yeah, this waste reset there won't be much of a Mesa project for me because the staff basically did all the work for us :D If you're looking for hardened clay then the best way is to head over to a Mesa biome. And this time there are two very good ones, but the winner is definitely SMP7:

    SMP7, /waste n => The outpost is in the middle of the Mesa biome!

    It can't get any easier than this, can it?

    A good runner up is SMP8: those folks have been going at it as well. Same location (/waste n, this time on SMP8 obviously) and just follow the road.

    So yeah, which leaves me pretty much out of a job :confused:

    But ya can't kill a good tradition and as such... Now, I've had some comments from people who told me that although they liked my Mesa projects they didn't always enjoy the hardrock / heavy metal. So I decided to break a little with that tradition and add a bit of variation to it. Also saves me the need for spoilers ;)

    Today's subject was taken out of a classic from the 80's: Bonnie Tyler's 'Holding out for a hero', enjoy!

    Click here if the video doesn't play
  2. OMG thank you shel! Time to save SMP8 with the Mesa drought brought to you by /v +bulk on smp8.
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  3. Is this bad that even before the post, I saw the title and thought of that song? :p
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  4. Mission accomplished, mwua ha ha haa! :D
  5. This is the first time that I've heard that song but i liked it.:) I'm not sure what that says about me. lol
  6. I was confused for a second. Now I know it's just a bump. :p
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  7. A bump, on my thread? Not even done by me? I will not stand for this!

    Beware... For my ally is the Mesa, and a powerful ally it is!

    Oh wait, I already did that quote once, right? Kind of a weird quote anyway. I mean: if that Mesa was so powerful then how come we can mine it dry anyway?

    So yeah! The dark side of the Mesa is a pathway to many abilities some would consider to be un-crafty.


    If only we could have clay slabs, eh Sky? :)
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  8. Died stone slabs? Yes, please! :p
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