[SMP1] Konya wa Mesa!

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  1. Hi gang!

    This is a continuance of my "Holding out for a Mesa" 'project' from the last waste reset ;)

    And once again my Mesa project isn't much of a real project because the staff kindly helped us out here by planting an Outpost in the middle of a Mesa biome, just like they did last time (see link above). But there's more to this than making a Mesa biome accessible: it's also the sport of finding one (for me) and of course I'm determined to post anyway because this 'project' has lasted several waste resets already (just follow the link above, you'll see).

    What is this?

    Simple: every waste reset I'm checking out the maps to find an easy to spot Mesa biome, if it's not easily accessible I'll start an event to make it more accessible (for example by building a sky bridge or digging out a tunnel) and eventually I'll share the results here.

    The actual goal is simple: giving out public access to a Mesa biome. So if you need some of that gorgeous clay you don't have to search for too long :)

    And this waste reset's Mesa biome....

    It's located on SMP1 (as the title already said) and you can get here using: /waste ne. As you can see the friendly SMP1 players have already made a nice staircase for easier access.

    And the tradition goes on...

    Today's quote comes from the song of an anime series: Bubblegum Crisis, also one of my favorites. If you read some of my posts where the topic was anime then you'll know that one of my favorite parts of anime is the soundtrack. Often they're composing music to be used in a series, but only to end up using small parts of it (where the rest usually finds its way into an Official Sound Track ("OST") provided that the series is popular enough).

    Now imagine an anime series where one of the characters is actually part of a band. Not just that: they also often play in the series itself. Even better, the very first episode starts with a full fledged song performed by Priss and the Replicants.

    And the end result is this (I noticed the preview might look odd: no worries, nothing weird in here):

    Click here if the movie doesn't play

    Pay attention to the lower right corner of the screen: that is the actual scene from the first episode of the original Bubblegum Crisis series ("Tinsel City").
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  2. Well that's nice. Mesa biomes are great, they are my second favorite biome in the game!
  3. Don't leave us curious like that! ;) So what is your most favorite biome?
  4. Well when it comes down to it I really like The End, but that's a dimension. So my true favorite biome is the Ice Spikes and Ice Plains biomes.
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  5. know is old thread but just wanted 2 say that this is still really working good! smp1 has lots of clay if u need it ^.^
  6. I shall have a look when I get back from my holiday :)
  7. Shel you think you can do something like this but on smp5 for plains bioms? I like going horse hunting to see if i can "catch em all"
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  8. Well, when I go hunting for Mesa's I look around all SMP's, not just one (otherwise it would always have been SMP2). If you follow the links to the previous posts you'll see that at one time I even included SMP5 (now obsolete!) :)

    But you're in luck: check out /waste c, and go south. See this link. You guys also have a huge Mesa in the wastelands. The reason I went for SMP1 this time is because the outpost literally sits inside the Mesa :) Can't beat that with regards to accessibility :)

    Key to finding good stuff in the wastelands is to start using the livemap (see the server overview). And this is the fun part about the Empire: if your waste doesn't have what you're looking for, then why not simply use another SMP's waste?

    One SMP's waste is another players fortune... or... something like that, it sounded better in my head :D
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  9. Ok lol im probably going to go take a look at that huge mes and there seems to be plains and savabahs behind it so i can continue my game of horsymon go