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  1. Hi gang!

    It took me a while to finish but now I can finally present you guys with the official ShellShop, which is located in the attic of my main house on smp2 (smp2, the server in the blue! :p).

    When you come up the stairs or use the teleport pad then this is what you'll see...

    The ShellShop

    The ShellShop is in the attic of my house which I transformed into a shopping area. The main focus here is to provide some commonly used products which we all need for everyday use. Here you can find stuff such as torches, beds, furnaces but also spawn eggs such as villagers, ocelots, cows, and so forth.

    When you first enter you'll immediately notice the infoboard. This is where you can find the latest news on my shop. It will always list the date of the last update (though I may chose not to mention minor changes; so restocking one chest of items can sometimes be ignored).

    General area of my shop; clearly visible are the Enderpearls and the villager eggs...

    Most shopping signs have a redstone lamp next to them; this tells you if the sign is still stocked up or not. When the light is lit then you'll know that there is still some left in stock.

    What makes my shop a little special are the several areas and the way they're set up.

    Facts and Fun Facts

    Bought a mooshroom? Did you know that having a bowl is very useful then?

    You will find signs all across my shop which explain a little more about the products. Also noteworthy are the "side products", as can be seen in the picture above. So; if you bought a mooshroom then buying yourself a bowl could be interesting because that can get you a lot of stew. The shears which you see on the right are actually related to my sheep eggs; shearing sheep will get you wool after all.

    I don't sell horses, but still have saddles for sale; simply because you can use them to ride a pig...

    'Speciality' items

    Every once in a while I will put up some 'special' items up for sale. These can be trials to see if I should sell some new products (like I did with the potions, see below) but sometimes it can also be a completely unrelated product what so ever (like the period where I sold redstone ore for a while).

    So basically: right now the 'speciality' item is a potion of fire resistance. But in a few weeks this item will be replaced with something else.

    Speciality item this period: potion of fire resistance, lasting up to 8 minutes...

    Public services

    Last but not least is my public section. Here you'll find some basic tools which you can use and also some (possible) freebies which you can have.

    Public trading chest up front, enchantment table (lvl 30) in the green area, public tools in the blue area.

    The public trading chest was originally meant to allow players to give each other things which could be soulbound (or to prevent other players from accidentally picking them up). But then I figured that you can easily do all of that on your own residence, so I changed it a little bit into a "goodie bag".

    Every item which you find in this chest is fair game. You can empty the entire chest (although its friendlier to leave something for your fellow players), you can grab anything you want from here, and you're obviously also free to dump stuff here which you don't want to have (I noticed someone already added a sword, thanks!).

    In the background you'll also find an enchantment table which is up to level 30 (the green area), obviously free to use. And don't worry: there won't be any lava this time ;)

    The blue area features all commonly used tool blocks: a crafting table, a furnace (you can buy coal there as well if you need any), an ender chest and an anvil (with a friendly request not to overdo its uses, but everyone has free access no matter what).

    Hope to see you all someday in the ShellShop!
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  2. I have used your anvil in the past, but it's gonna be a while before I use it again because I need to get up to level 17 to fix a pick I've got. Maybe your next speciality item should be XP bottles!
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  3. I like doing auctions. They can be quite exciting; sometimes you get more money out of them then you were hoping for, and other times you can get less (I always start lower to make the auction a little more appealing to do).

    To me auctions are a game of giving & taking.

    And because I'm sure that I'll be doing more I decided to dedicate a small section to my store to it:

    My auction area, here you can view and pick up the items...

    Finally a good use for that open space. So as soon as you enter my shop you'll see this area to your left. When the lamp is lit then you can be sure that I'm auctioning off the items in the chest. During the auction the items can be previewed, and when an auction is won the chest will be locked and only accessible by the auction winner.

    And in any other case the lamp will be off and things go back to being boring ;)
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  4. Announcing Aprils "speciality" item...

    A lot of people seem to be in need of bricks, as such I decided to make it a 'speciality' item for the upcoming period.
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  5. Not enough ice cream to attract me, maybe lay some cookie trails. You can't draw me in with brick blocks!!!!!!!!!
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  6. Dont u have an inkstain 10 book selling?
  7. Indeed, but the Inkstain is Hashhog3000's project, all I'm doing is reselling it ('official reseller').

    I'm not publically advertising it to avoid confusion, however you have given me an idea here, but I'll have to talk to hashhog about that first ;)
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  8. Make a Shell gas station! :p Cool shop, I needed one of the eggs in the photo, so I will stop by.
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  9. Oh, I missed this! I should remember to check this out some time!
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  10. ShellShop - Summer update

    Times change, things changes but in general the ShellShop remains (the same).

    I never set up the shop with the intent of earning thousands of rupees, only to make me a decent amount of money combined with a good dose of fun. And I succeeded; many players found their way to the ShellShop and plenty enjoy their sporadic stay.

    Over time I came to know a few players and there are more who value fun and pleasure over rupees. One of them briefly ran a shop on SMP6, then moved to SMP4 and right now is too busy building to maintain a shop, even though she'd like to. And that got us thinking.

    Introducing the revamped ShellShop:

    The interior remains, the items change...

    This shop started when we were all still playing happily on MC1.7 and ever since the new update I figured that I also should sell some of the newer blocks. Introducing the new Sea Section: prismarine, prismarine bricks and sea lanterns are sold here.

    I've always had a miscellaneous section and some items were obviously favoured more than others. And so I removed the items which people didn't want and let someone else fill in the blanks with items which she thinks players would like to have:

    The rest of the shop more or less remains the same: we still sell spawn eggs (Ocelot, Chickens, Sheep, Mooshroom and Pigs) but the cow section has been replaced with bunnies! We're still (re)stocking up on some of the regular mobs while also considering to replace one of them with Wolf / Dog eggs. But in the mean time we introduce the bunny eggs!

    The potion section has been expanded. Instead of selling 2 we're now selling 6 potion types.

    Warning: prices may change a little over time. Some sections are still being investigated, esp. the Sea section and potion section. If you think that some prices are too high then please let us know, we value the input!
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