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  1. Well first of all I'm not the first to do this and I certainly won't be the last, I just see a good business opportunity that can make me some money. :)

    Well with that out the way, I am launching my new grinder making service. This works on a first come first served basis, I will work through orders as I receive them. I offer a couple of services and the price for each one is based upon how much time and materials are required.


    Single Grinder - 3,000r - A simple water elevator leading to a drop. (Only skeleton or zombies spawners)

    Double Grinder - 4,000r - Two spawners with water elevators leading to one drop. (Only skeleton or zombies spawners)

    Triple+ Grinder - 5,000r (+1000r for each extra spawner) - Three+ spawners with water elevators leading to one drop. (Only skeleton or zombies spawners)

    Blaze Grinder - 10,000r - The EthosLab blaze grinder, an icecream cone shaped box around a blaze spawner that pushes them down into a piston crusher. This is the best grinder for xp. The EthosLab method is a tried and tested design that is very popular amongst its users.

    Dark Room Grinder - 20,000r* - 4 13x13 spawning platforms deep underground, out of sight that keep up a steady rate of creepers, zombies, skeletons and spiders falling down a chute. This farm is excellent for getting gun powder and music discs. A must have if you're a diamond supporter!

    * Extra platforms can be added for 5000r (max of 8 total platforms)


    You must have already found the spawner and have the coords for it. The spawner must belong to you. If you are looking for a spawner PM me or ask here:

    If you are interested in using this service please PM me or post in this thread. :)

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  2. bump!

    I've got a fully functional double zombie grinder for sale if someone is interested?
  3. thats a good deal! but unfortunately since i dont really go into the wild, i dont need this. but if i had a spawner, i would, since i am horrible at making them :)
  4. Well if you change your mind :p
  5. Is anyone interested?

    Remember music discs go for more than diamonds so the dark room grinder will pay it's self off very quickly!
  6. your bushiness will likely peak when the update comes out and enchanting is easier since i don't thinks Ac is making them right now you might have a monopoly on them besides some free-lance people
  7. Do you build etho design blaze grinders?
  8. Not right now although I am going to try learn too as they're in high demand. I'll update the OP when I've finished learning :p
  9. Well then, I might just have to start making them again ;)
  10. Please! lol. At least just this one :p
  11. Lol I've watched the video and I now realise why only AlexChance has been able to do them :p
    I think I could give it a good shot, I managed to make a good one in creative mode and I think I'm ready to try one in survival. Would you like me to try for you?
  12. i dunno, .. lets see what alex says first and then we will see.
    What you say alex?
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  13. Hm I'd love a dark room! Could I buy 1 on smp3 or 4 maybe?
  14. yeah sure, pm me with exactly what you want and we'll go from there. :)
    I'd also need you to tell me where to do it. I find small islands are best because no one tends to mine under the sea and won't find it.
  15. Actually first whats the spawning rate? Can I get more details?
  16. can u combine a blaze spawner to an already made blaze grinder
  17. Well it really depends on the mob cap and that stuff. I mean it's never going to be as fast as a spawner so isn't the most favourable option for xp but I'd say the rate is steady. You go afk for a couple of min there will be a dozen mobs in the landing area.
  18. I can build them side by side but I don't think there is any way of actually 'connecting' them.
  19. Yea. Im with coffee, can you try connect 2 with water maybe?
  20. Nah. I'm not massively experienced with blaze farms so I don't think I'll be able to connect 2 grinders together.