[Guide] Selling Mob Spawner Locations

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  1. What is this about?
    This guide will outline the selling of mob spawner locations and public coordinates in the wild. It will highlight the proper procedures and what you can expect from the staff in regards to these actions.

    What exactly can be sold?
    There are a few things. You can sell the location of a found mob spawner if it is VERY clear that nobody has already started doing something with it. Should you so much as see a torch on it or around it, consider it to be in use of another person. You may also sell services of setting up a mob grinder for another person to be a functional mob grinder.

    Where can I sell the locations?
    You may use the Community Market place and for a set price. You may NOT use the auctions to sell locations.

    What's the catch?
    The catch is that you will receive little to no support from staff in regards to disputes on this. In fact, we downright think that it is a bad idea and suggest players don't participate. There is a very good chance that you will be wasting your rupees as there are to many chances for things to go wrong. Your location may be found/griefed, the player whom you paid might not give you the exact idea of what you thought you wanted, etc. Also note, that when making a purchase of a mob spawner, you are not purchasing the RIGHTS to the spawner. Spawners are public domain and should someone come and find it, they are as welcome to use it as you are. You are simply purchasing the coordinates to the location of that spawner.

    Any complaints or inquiries to the staff regarding a deal gone wrong in this case will simply be referred to this guide, where we specifically suggest against doing it.

    When making a post regarding selling a spawner, you must include a link to THIS post as a disclaimer for buying/selling mob spawners. This will ensure that everyone sees and knows the risks involved.
  3. Thanks ICC :D
  4. Added a safety net. Be sure to read the last thing in the guide. Added it a minute or two after post was made.
  5. Nice very nice.

    A tip to any buyers, make sure you check the reputations of every seller. Ask for refrences if need be.

    Also, please be aware that ANY non-supporter that bids on a location is making their bids public and can be tracked by anyone after the auction. So be careful and know that your purchase will be at risk of grief.
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  6. Could you clarify these two statements?

    You may use the Community Market place and for a set price. You may NOT use the auctions.


    When making a post regarding selling an auction, you must include a link to THIS post as a disclaimer
  7. The last quote has an error.

    Auctions are now allowed, im sure icc will edit this soon.
  8. Oh wait, i missed the no auction thing. Ouch!!!'

    Icc, what about the new supporter auction forum?
  9. Thank you very much ICC! :D
    Any if anyone doesn't feel like 'hunting down' this thread every time they want to sell one, despite the fact it's in the obvious place, here's an idiot proof link: http://bit.ly/spawner
  10. That's how I read it also, but I think it's something that could be misinterpreted.
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  11. Sorry, I just had to point out a spelling error.. :p
  12. And this is why we love ICC <3
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  13. I have edited the OP to reflect the following change to the final paragraph:
    "When making a post regarding selling a spawner, you must include a link to THIS post as a disclaimer."

    Yep, got that one too. :)
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  14. I have a question regarding common areas.. Would I need to vacate my spawners should I decide to sell co-ordinates? I have camps setup at my spawners with crafting and furnaces..
  15. Thanks for fixing my errors. I'm super tired, lol.

    Also, we decided that we will not allow for the use of auctions when selling locations.
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  16. How about a sub forum for like 'vouches' So if I trade with someone, and they don't scam, They can have a thread I can vouch for them, It would make them more trusted.
  17. I hold the stance that nobody "owns" any part of the wild over another person. You're simply selling the knowledge of where something is, not selling the rights to that specific area. Therefore, you may stay/use it if you choose.
  18. This is something we probably won't put that much time/effort into, as we (as stated) don't really officially suggest or approve of the idea of buying and selling spawners. This thread is mainly to give the heads up to those who still wish to do it despite those risks.
  19. As a whole, Not just for spawners,
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