The ORIGINAL Grinder Finder Service!

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  1. You maybe know it, but I got a dungeon sale going on. And I got the idea to make some kind of a service, thatz find grinders for you!

    So, here it is!
    = marknaaijer GRINDER finder service =
    If you need a spawner to find, than THIS is your chance!

    Post an order and I will look and find for you!

    Post the orders like this:
    - What kind of spawner do you like? (Doubles will take longer to find)
    - What server do you prefer?
    - IGN

    I wil only take a 4 orders at a time, so wait if there are orders here.
    Order 1: 2 skeleton xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    Order 2: 4 of any type Terminator908
    Order 3:
    Order 4: Triople or quad Pumpkyn

    Prize list:

    1 zombie: 3k
    2 zombie: 5k
    1 skeleton: 4k
    2 skeleton: 7k
    1 spider: 2k
    2 spider: 3k
    1 cave spider: 1k
    2 cave spider: 2k

    1 blaze: 6k
    2 blaze 15k

    1 zombie 1 skeleton: 6k
    1 zombie 1 spider: 5k
    1 zombie 1 cave spider: 4k
    1 skeleton 1 spider: 5.5k
    1 skeleton 1 cave spider: 5k
    1 spider 1 cave spider: 3.5k

    NOTE: I will not make a grinder out of it, I will put torches up to light it, so you can make a grinder out of it, and I will NOT loot the chests.

    Other combinations just ask for the price, I will say if I will do it or not, TRIPLE spawners will take a while to be found, so don't expect your order to be ready very soon.

    Have some other stuff to say or to let me do that (Has to be with spawners though :p) just post it!

    1 Skeleton grinder, for just a 8k! PM me for more information!

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  2. As seen in my signature, you alway find this back!
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  3. Order 1 : x2 skeleteon
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  4. See if you can get it on smp7. Close to spawn. :)
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  5. I think the order will be done tomorrow! Remember that I am soon going on holiday for 3 weeks
  6. Can a mod please chage the title of this thread to: The Original Grinder Finder service!
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  7. Order 2: quad any type of spawners
    any server other than smp5

    Edit: any spawner other than blaze.
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  8. Order 3: quad blaze smp3
    Ps this is impossible to find
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  9. I do believe you trying to find the holy grail :p
  10. Haha, I do this to Mark :D
    I quit because of the wild "reset" but I plan to start back up soon.
    So technically, I have the original spawner finder service. :p
  11. Order 4: 1 skeleton
    PLZ respond to me after wild reset like manglex mentioned before
    Also it would be nice if it were on smp8
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  12. There is a wild reset NOOOO
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  13. The odds are slim to a reset of right now, their is no good reason for one, lets keep this thread on topic, just pm if you guys want to talk about it :)
  14. order 5 : 1 zombie please on 4,5, or 7
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  15. I wish I could return the single Zombie and get the double one
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  16. Quad will take a while, so I will be looking for it!
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  17. Just order another one!
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  18. do you build grinders on already found spawners?
  19. Only the dungeons, you need to make the grinders yourself.... :p
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  20. can i get a triple or quad (i will take either) of any type
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