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  1. Ok so i know greifing is not allowed and what not, but i think that maybe it should be allowed in non protected areas. like out in the wilderness. I mean i know people build stuff out there and whatnot but it should be up to them to make sure
    1. It stays protected
    2. Its well hidden.
    Instead of being banned for greifing, there should be a warning that possible greifing may happen out in the wilderness or non protected areas. I think that would make things a bit more interesting. I mean cause sometimes you're out in the wilderness and you just happen to stumble upon someones secret base with unprotected chests and i know many of you have been so tempted to take their things or destroy a few things but dont in fear of being banned. i mean it shouldnt be your fault that you found it.

    well i wont keep ranting, i just something ive had on my mind for some time now.
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  2. What should give you the right destroy others buildings, and/or steal other players materials etc just becourse its in the wilderness? Dont understand any of what you wrote...
  3. EMC is a non-grief server. Surely it'll take 5 seconds to look up a PvP server on PMC.

    Most people don't want something they have worked hard on to be destroyed by someone. This is not what EMC is about. If you want to grief so bad, go to another server. But EMC is no place for griefers.

    I don't want to go around griefing everything I see. There are places for that, and like I've said, EMC is not one of them. Perhaps a new server would benefit you more than staying on EMC would.

  4. I've never seen a thread filled with such idiocy before >.>
    EMC is a non-grief server. People don't want stuff they care about torn down. Residences are limited. The wilderness? Not so much.
    TL;DR version: No.
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  5. But it will be your fault when griefing or staeling.
    It will be your fault when you get banned for it.
  6. The ninth word pretty much sums up this thread.
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  7. Its not about wanting to greif or cause trouble, but lots of people go and build something small and just forget it. I know i have. So lets say youve stumbled upon a small wood house in the wilderness and you just so happen to need wood and there are no trees around. if i know i left my stuff unprotected and you happened to take it, id be fine with it because i know its my fault. thats what the actual town is for, so you can build your full proof protected homes anyways.
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  8. It's not fine.
    It's never fine to steal or grief
  9. I think the opposite, that staff sometimes (offcourse not every time, and not everyone of the staff...) are way to kind against greifers and just give them a warning instead of banning them..

    I use to built a little town just north of spawn on smp8 (go and check the ruin, it have been heavy greifed...)... Before i gave it up there was plenty of "small-greifing", and in the end there was two guys burn down everything that was burnable... I worked for it for a month, and they destroyed it in like 5 minutes..
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  10. Maybe that is what town is for, but the wild is supposed to be grief free. That wood house may be someone's home, you never know. There is no way to tell if something is abandoned.

    [quote="DannyyXIV, post: 471205"if i know i left my stuff unprotected and you happened to take it, id be fine with it because i know its my fault.[/quote]

    ^^^What? I pressed the reply button. XenForo fail.^^^

    Some people don't have enough rupees to lock chests. Also, you're fooling no one when you say you wouldn't care. It's not my fault if I leave a chest unlocked and someone griefs it; it's the griefer's fault.
  11. I even helped you build that town... Because of the carelessness of griefers you had to move over 10k blocks out just to avoid that risk.
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  12. Ok there's a difference between walking into someones home or shack or whatever knowing someone is clearly still using it and going up to their unprotected chests and steal their things as opposed to mining underground and stumbling on a random chest filled with usefull resources.
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  13. There's your problem, that makes it far too easy.
    It is like leaving the keys to your car in the middle of a busy street.
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  14. That may be, but someone may be coming back for the resources that they left behind. Also, just because someone is not online when you come across their items, doesn't mean they're abandoned.

    Please use the reply button so people know who you are pointlessly arguing with.
  15. So you say its okey to grief so long its easy?
  16. But that's not really what you said, you said it would be fine to tear down somebody's house if you needed some wood.
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  17. Did I say that? No, I think not.
    It is important to take steps against griefing/theft just like you would in real life.
    You building by the spawn did nothing to prevent it.
  18. See the fact that you said that statement right there proves that its the BUILDERS fault not the GREIFERS fault. As wrong as it was to totally destroy the town.

    Even so im not talking about that kind of greifing, i mean like finding stuff you know is clearly not being used.
  19. Schlaf82 had signs everywhere saying "please do not grief". He had some wonderful creations many could go straight to and admire. All griefers banned in that time period got what was coming to them after being warned. In Schlaf's case they just burnt everything in sight, they didn't steal. Griefing is not okay.
  20. You're contradicting yourself.
    You're also pointlessly arguing.
    The answer is also no, no matter how many times you explain/argue.

    Plus, as I said, you can't build much in town. To have full protection, you have small space. It sucks, but that's the way EMC works. The wild is there to build big things in.
    And your idea removes the point of the dragon tomb's dragon egg protection >.>
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