[GIVEAWAY] Piwi Day 2016

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Did you know who Piwi is before seeing this thread?

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    Yet another year has passed, and we have to part with Lion King Piwi! Let me introduce to you: Cool Piwi!
    As last year, celebrating the new year there will be a giveaway. To enter, choose a number from 1 to 30, and in some days I'll have a winner pseudo-randomly selected.
    If it is you who is selected, you'll win the following things:
    Cool Cap, Projectile Protection II, #191919, leather_helmet
    Geeky Shirt, Protection III, Unbreaking III, #7B4E89, leather_chestplate
    Rad Jeans, Blast Protection I, Unbreaking I, #2D4193, leather_leggings
    Sleek Shoes, Protection I, #664C33, leather_boots
    Interesting Block, leaves:5
    Jelle68's Head, skull
    Piwi Certificate, by 607, written_book

    1. StoneSky
    2. FDNY21
    3. Evesthery
    4. Jelle68
    5. Wither_Addict
    6. Lukas3226
    7. RaiinNL
    8. haastregt
    9. DufneIsANub
    10. tuqueque
    11. TomvanWijnen
    12. BenMA
    13. ArchDukeMelon
    14. EpicSubTastic
    15. Damitchell1985
    16. WitherDoggie
    17. Sachrock
    18. FAEVortixel
    19. TuckerAmbr
    20. ShelLuser
    21. BearJedi
    22. GameBoy999
    23. Uber_Corq
    24. Kippy159
    25. Palmsugar
    26. nltimv
    27. IronDoesPvp
    28. God_Of_Gods
    29. Kytula
    30. Dufne

    So, if you'd like to join in with this giveaway, please post a free number from the list above.
    By doing so, you agree to the terms and conditions:

    You will not distribute whatever you won to anyone, not even your own alternate accounts.

    You will not share the contents of the certificate with anyone but the other people who got it (me and AliceTheFox).

    Please comply to these terms, and Piwi will be happy :)
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  2. Yay! Piwi day is here ^0^ loving the cool new look ~_^

    I'll take number 29 please.

    I'm glad I get to participate this year. Thanks for hosting it ^^
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  3. Thanks for hosting. :)

    I'll take 16 please.
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  4. Aw heck, why not :p

    Thanks you for hosting.

    I will take number 12.
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  5. Yay :D Happy Piwi day! :D I'd like number 11, please. :) Thanks for holding this giveaway! :D
  6. Thanks for hosting!

    I take number 7 please :)
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  7. What's a piwi? Did you purposely mispell kiwi?
    I'm not going to enter cause I have no idea what this is lol. Thanks for the giveaway? :p
  8. Can i has 17 Please! Happy Piwi Day! Thanks for this giveaway!:p
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  9. There's no such thing as "a" piwi xD Check my profile picture, that's Piwi! And my previous profile picture was of Piwi too, and the one before that too!
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  10. Uh... happy Piwi day I guess?

    13 ploxychie
  11. I want number 8 and I really hope to win (even more than those big rupee giveaways :p) because I want to know what is in the book :}

    Happy Piwi day everyone :D!
  12. 13

    happy piwi day :D
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  13. Number 20 please (story more is coming, wanted to secure my number quickly!)

    Edited this here:

    I'd like to have started with this, then I realized I'd better get my number in first ;)

    SO yeah, I want to seize the moment to say how impressed I am with you doing this. For the simple reason that I lived the last time you switched avatars and I really enjoy such annual events. Things like the time capsule, your piwi give away, my staff appreciation: things which only happen once every year.

    And you're doing a great job too IMO. I actually grinned when looking at cool piwi, suddenly he reminded me a bit of Mr. T! :D

    SO... Aya asks if you accept donations? Figured I might as well ask on her behalf :)
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  14. Number 26 please.
    Thanks for hosting!
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  16. I'd like number 3, please.
  17. Yo hit me with number 5
  18. So a piwi is a tiny yellow bird? :p
  19. No, not "a" piwi xD Piwi is the name of mine. Just like a endermagic1 isn't an enderskeleton: EnderMagic1 is the name of one ;)