[GIVEAWAY] Huckle's Xmas Giveaway!

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    Since its the festive season I have decided to hold a giveaway!
    On my 4th residence sits a Christmas tree, under this Christmas tree is 25 presents!!!(chests)
    25 lucky people will get one of these presents!
    Once present may contain dirt, one may contain diamonds!, and one might even contain some promos!
    It is completely random!

    How to enter:
    Simply comment below with a requested number between 1-100, along with a sentence describing why you love Christmas! (I don't want one word answers like "food".) If you have an outstanding description, then I will give you 2 numbers! Giving you another chance at winning! So make your reason good!
    Anyone who doesn't comment why they love Xmas will not be entered and if you don't request a number, you'll just get a random one!
    Winners will be drawn by random.org and will be announced on Christmas Eve! (24th Dec) EXTENDED!: 26th December! NZT. (So please note it may be 25th where you live!)

    To visit the Christmas tree visit : /v +Xmas OR /v huckleberry24 4 - SMP8 Also at my 4th res are some Christmas treats for sale! These include Warm Hot Cookies, Milk, Gingerbread and Christmas Cake!

    1. 007_James_007
    2. 007_James_007
    3. mman2832
    4. SlushyJushiez
    5. BrenRGerm
    6. BanditLM
    7. FWRonald
    8. Pineapplegem
    9. marshmallow369
    10. finch_rocks_1
    11. crafter31211
    12. Cameron19Shootz
    13. mineman678910
    14. TechNinja_42
    15. Naekal
    16. fishmeal
    17. FirstJugBurgerz
    18. High_Jacker
    19. 607
    20. bforbearbear
    21. Ocelotawesome
    22. BabyCreepersRule
    23. Agent_Creeper23
    24. Deadmaster98
    25. EffinPineapple0
    26. PandasEatRamen
    28. Karatekick2001
    29. Richard4861
    30. Gearmaster09
    32. Dj__Krazy
    35. Claremuss
    36. Petero555
    37. Generalfelino015
    38. L3A8
    40. Gearmaster09
    42. beardude123
    45. Laurenseattle
    48. cadenman2002
    50. Havioxs
    52. Scorpio528
    55. Traynfreek
    57. akela132
    58. Olaf_c
    60. happpygirl
    64. DeathLands
    66. Testman12345
    67. codemonkie
    68. Jelle68
    69. Starrock13
    70. Terr
    73. Opleasant
    74. Opleasant
    75. fluffynuggetggg
    77. Epic0258
    82. MrGraywolf
    87. Matious
    89. Qwerty189
    94. Ultimate_GG
    96. DragonXaI
    97. Snow_freak
    99. colepuncher
    100. EquableHook624

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  2. Can I have 10 Please?
    I like X-Mas coz food. Cough jk lol.

    I really like X-Mas coz you give gifts to the people you love, and support you.
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  3. I love the christmas spirit and how everyone gets joyful and you get to have presents XD
    can i have number 38
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  4. 22 please :)
    I like Christmas, because the atmosphere is always very happy :D
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  5. #15 :D
    I love Christmas because of its festivities and uniqueness. Not all cultures celebrate a fat man that rides on a sled powered by reindeer and hops down chimneys to give people presents.
  6. I love christmas because the wholr family always gets together and we always have a good time :) 18 please!!
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  7. 100 please :D Christmas=Chocolate=50 pounds more
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  8. I love Christmas because it's an annual reminder to be joyful. Also, food.
    16, please.
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  9. 25

    I love Christmas because it's a day to rest and enjoy family. Oh, and to be fat and happy from eating. :)
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  10. I love Christmas because it focuses my family on the gift that was given to us 2000 years ago and reminds us to give even before it is deserved. 67
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  11. I love Christmas because I get to see my family, my whole family! It's hard to pack 6siblings, 6 "parents" and so many aunts and uncle I can't even describe into a small house. But it's wonderful. With the fire blazing and the Christmas songs. It's just a wonderful time of year.

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  12. 23. I love christmas because it brings joy and cheer towards people's families. Singing christmas songs and enjoying a warm cup of cocoa.
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  13. 57 please, I love Christmas because it brings family together.
  14. Lucky #82. I love Christmas because its kinda like a gigantic "Family vacuum" and i see many of my family that lives VERY far away.
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  15. 7 please.

    I like Christmas as it is a reminder that Christ was born to save a sin filled world. Merry Christmas.
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  16. Have you Guy's and Girl's, seen the X-Mas tree above spawn on smp6?
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  17. Sure have, it's on other servers too! Awesome isn't it?
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  18. 66! (Heh DJ__Krazy will b mad)
    I love Christmas cause I get to say to kids "Santa isn't real!"
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  19. BUMP! 16 spots taken, plenty more left!!!!
    Thought I would give a preview of what one present contains....
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  20. Number 1 please! Lucky #1

    Haha, were do I start, there are so many great things about Christmas, I could go on forever!
    So instead of rambling on till after Christmas, I'll list a few of my favourites!

    Number 1:
    My uncle lives far away, so Christmas is one of the few times I get to see him. I get so happy, not just because he brings more presents, but because hugging someone that you haven't seen in a long time is great!

    Number 2:
    I love the smell of pine needles that wafts through the house, as my family always gets a real Christmas tree. The smell just says 'love' and 'Christmas'

    Number 3:
    I just love the warm fuzzy feeling you get on Christmas morning, even though its quite cold. When I unwrap a present, I love the thought that the person who gave it to you has really thought about you to get you this particular gift, and have chosen this item because they think that this will really make you happy. I just love that.

    Number 4:
    I just love saying "Merry Christmas!" to everyone! I don't know why, I just love the feeling of saying those two words!

    Number 5:
    Finally, I love Christmas as the whole atmosphere of the entire world is changed. The whole planet is filled with love, happiness and festiveness!

    Ok, I promise, I've finished now.
    Merry Christmas Huckleberry24 and all of Empire Minecraft!

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