[GIVEAWAY] Diamond Supporter Voucher

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  1. You could turn this into a fun experiment for science. Change things like text color, size, formatting, and other things for about 24 hours each and see if it impacts the number of people who actually read it. Would be useful for others too.
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  2. Ooh, I will try that :)
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  3. Excuse me, I haven't read all of the posts. I have went through quite some trouble in order to post this, though, as my internet access was denied 9 seconds after I was done typing my post. I've found a loophole though, luckily.
    Hm... what do I like about you... hm... well... now now... I do know you're famous as the beacon king...
    I'm not really sure how to describe it, but I just like your way of reacting to some kind of things (okay, I don't get that myself either, but it's not that easy to describe what you like about somebody you've never been all too close with).
    Okay, that's all I could think of at 10 PM :p
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  4. Thanks for doing this. I think I like that you seem to be a very mature player. Also, you're known for your beacons and the 12 months of farming.
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  5. There might be enough invalid posts that I could still be in. But I doubt it.

    In case I'm in, Qwerty, I love your name! The perfect blend of nerdiness!
  6. Just follow the instructions and you're still quite in. Otherwise this wouldn't have been bumped (i think) >.>
  7. I like how you have the patience to build those huge farms! You are famous for beacons and those 12 months of farming.
  8. Did you even read the OP? Because I think you need to re-read it ;)
  9. Ugghhh I am always behind forget me... Deleted that post
  10. Did you even read the op -face palm-
  11. I remember randomly stumbling into your lovely domes!
  12. I love this idea! Count me in! :D
  13. can i have what ever is open?
    Thanks, :D
  14. I'll take whatever is open also!
    Awesome Giveaway :)
  15. I don't understand people *not* reading the first post...

    Guess they don't care to read, just want items xD
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