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  1. Recently, I won a diamond supporter voucher in a giveaway. I really have no use for it, since I have more than enough rupees for three people, am already pretty much constantly gold, and already have four resses. Due to the fact that it is useless to me, I will be giving it away!

    To enter, just post below. Your post number - 2 will be your number for the giveaway. There will be 100 total numbers, and the winner will be chosen via random.org when all 100 slots are filled. However, in order to be included, you must state in your post what you like the most about me, or what I'm the most famous for on EMC. :) However, if you chose a number or say "any number please", that says to me that you didn't want to take the time to read this post, and I will say to you that I don't want to take the time to give it to you by not giving it to you.

    Let the giveaway begin!
  2. 1) f_builder_s
    2) Deadmaster98
    3) haastregt
    4) Evesthery
    5) slash14459
    6) Amusedstew
    7) boozle628 (to Olaf_C)
    8) Sandakuraman
    9) georgeashington
    10) Lukas3226
    11) TechNinja42
    12) Mutavalli
    13) hannesvdwalt
    14) SILVERMAN2
    15) Apcmagician
    16) AverageWalrus
    17) Malchizadek
    18) epic0258
    19) Owl_on_Caffeine
    20) FWRonald
    21) Kunamayjayan
    22) Drmadfate
    23) L3A8
    24) galazeek
    25) white_trash_dna
    26) Kytula
    27) NetherSpecter
    28) jkrmnj
    29) H00D
    30) NathanRP
    31) PenguinDJ
    32) crafter31211
    33) Dr_Chocolate14
    34) tedrocker
    35) ivanivanchenchen
    36) shanekas
    37) Runningrhino
    38) Batuhan
    39) RyugaXI
    40) SteamingFire
    41) ChickenButler
    42) sam3984
    43) ww2fan168
    44) Traynfreek
    45) FDNY21
    46) daveiscool321
    47) Masterdude13
    48) TomvanWijnen
    49) Defni_b_ded
    50) SILVERMAN2
    51) bemvino87
    52) LtCaptainMe
    53) cadenman2002
    54) 1998golfer
    55) 607
    56) mman2832
    57) ChumMiner
    58) karatekick2001
    59) clan23
    60) poofasaurus
    61) EpicPumpkinPie
    62) canuckshockey
    63) Bitemenao15
    64) Agent_creeper23
    65) Bad Man Simon
    66) Ultimamaxx
    67) Dj__Krazy
    68) Builds_With_46
    69) Akaikee
    70) jrm531
    71) hashhog3000
    72) Pab10s
    73) EmoryCrafts
    74) andrewmatic
    75) miljl1
    76) nuclearbobomb
    77) Zikko
    78) TheStickMan999
    79) DubChef
    Will post more numbers when I feel like it lol :p
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  3. I'll have 21 please :p
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  4. I like how you share the love of Beacons! :p
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  5. What I like best is that you answered like all of my random quiz questions on smp8 once, either you're a genius or a fast googler. Credit either way :D
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  6. I like how you have a minimum requirement in like, the middle of a text wall to funnel out people who just ask for numbers. Very smart :D Also, why have a number minus one? Just curious. I don't want a number, lol.
  7. 23 please, im pretty sure i bought a beacon from you super long ago, thanks for doing this givaway!
  8. 25, and you're famous for beacons. Just beacons lol
  9. 20, I like you for your generosity.
  10. because his post is the first post :p
    I think you are most famous about your beacons, and... some of the pictures caden posted on smp8 you worrie me maybe? Very generous of you doing this! :p
    Edit: I hope the people here are joking... or are there really that much people not paying attention when joining these things?
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  11. below :D EDIT: hey! You disqualified me by editing the main post!
    I'd say you're most famous for your riches. I mean, you're famous for being the beacon king, but it goes without saying that anybody with that many beacons is rich.
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  12. I love how you actually make people read the OP for the giveaway.
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  13. I like how you always try to take the hard route for things, even when there is an easier route that will take less time.
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  14. If I win please mail it to Olaf for the EMC society. :)
    You are probably the most famous for either your beacons or The Twelve Months of Farming.
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  15. Your res #: 1234.
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  16. I don't think people read the OP well enough lol. I like your personality. I've only talked to you a few times on smp8, but when I have you were entertaining and funny. Also, I think it's awesome you're doing a giveaway instead of just selling it for more money when you don't need it/won't use it.
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  17. I would say you're the most famous for beeing the beacon king
    Evidence a) your profile pic :p
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  18. I will have 1
  19. Inwant one 24
  20. I like how you make people read the OP :p
    Also, thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!
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