[GIVEAWAY] Diamond Supporter Voucher

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Rhycicles, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Hope I win. :) and thank you for doing this
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  2. the most famous thing about you in my opinion is your love of beacons!
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  3. Thank you so much for doing this give away, so generous. <3 Btw i love your username :)
  4. I haven't really talked to you, but I know that you're famous for hording beacons. :p
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  5. Thanks for the giveaway!
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  6. :) Your face is beacon, I like Beacon, Beacon sounds like Bacon and Bacon sounds like Beacon, which means Bacon is Beacon which also means Beacon is Bacon, which also means your face is Bacon! HA GOT EM
  7. Your not to ask for a number
  8. Thanks for the giveaway. Honestly, I don't really know you notr have I talked to you but you seem like a nice guy and I hope to see you around soon. Hope I win.
  9. I like you for the times we would talk, it was always interesting to hear what was going on in your massive adventures of the wild. You are also known as the Beacon Emperor of EMC. Also, very great way of getting people to actual read the post.
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  10. I'd appreciate anyone to take the time and money to host things like this for the community. Without people you, we wouldn't even think about having a chance at a free Supporter Voucher. It's people like you who keep everyone happy, even if they don't win anything. It's fine if I don't win, there will always be a next time for everything. Again, thanks for taking the time to do this, I'm sure people will be mad if they don't win, but to all of those who are entering, remember that he doesn't have to do this, and even a 1/100 chance is still high when you compare it to other things. Live life positive. (I really should change my quote thing to that...) And even though I've never met you or talked to you before, I already know that you have a good intention for where EMC is going. Never on any other server have I ever seen simple giveaways on Forums, encouraging people to participate. Even though this giveaway will have no impact on real life, hopefully one day we could have peace in life. And while it has encouraged me to do things like this, I unfortunately am too poor to do so :p Edit: What if 1 is chosen? You also posted the second post...
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  11. Failure, So many people didn't read the OP lol. I like how you are willing to giveaway a diamond voucher, you are famous for beacons and wither skulls. :)
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  12. You are a great member of EMC, and I enjoy our odd conversations on SMP8.

    I don't need a number, just thought I'd tell you that.
  13. My favorite thing about you was the time i tried to steal your res and then saw you had a voting streak lol
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  14. Having a beacon for a brain is a lovable characteristic. You can shine light on even the most difficult subject.
    (Bad pun, I know)
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  15. If I liked your post, I added you in the giveaway. If not, re-read the OP. And just so you know, I AM reading these, and Runningrhino, I'd like to have a followup discussion with you about my res... >.>
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  16. Some one didn't read the op :rolleyes:.
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  17. 'Cause your skin rocks, and your mega-mall is cool. And because you're swag.
  18. 39 Please ^-^ Forgot the reason, I love how you are giving away something that you won! #Nailedit
  19. I didn't know you were famous (or well-liked =P )
    So based on the comments, i'll say you're probably famous for a bunch of giveaways and creatively-named events.

    I think people like your giveaways more than you, fyi.
  20. Hashtag is falsified because you aren't going to get a number if you ask for a number.
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