[Giveaway] 1 Fresh Pair of Wings

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  1. my fav feature are improved boats, they behave much better and u can take passengers too!
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  2. My favorite thing about 1.9 is the new combat. Now before people lose their minds, hear me out. I feel as if having to time your hits makes fighting more challenging and more unique. As the person I am, I enjoy challenges, so this update was perfect for me. Prior to 1.9, it took little to no skill to swing a sword because anybody can pick up a mouse and start clicking it a bunch of times. Now, you have to actually strategize and time your hits perfectly. The end seems pretty cool too and I should probably check it out. :p
  3. i like how people try to sell me dragon heads for 20k and say how hard they are to get. I like how people tell me how expensive wings are if i want to buy them.... I just spent an evening adventure and filled my nether chest with a pair of wings and dragon heads and piles of armor, diamonds, gold and all that other stuff in the funky houses. Of course I am pretty far out on a beautiful island, I think I will camp out here for the night, circle around another way to get home tomorrow.
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  4. bumper boats(boats on ice and many peoplez)
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  5. My favorite part about 1.9 is definitly the end. It's very fun exploring but I hate the concept of hholding two weapons at once. But it is fun to hold my sword in one hand and my steak in the other. Thanks for being so genorous and doing this giveaway.
  6. My favorite thing about 1.9 is... Umm... I havent got to play 1.9 yet ;-; #RipMyLaptop
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  7. Shields and skeleton horses!

  8. My favorite part about 1.9 are chorus plants, because they have a unique shape and are relatively difficult to harvest.
  9. My favorite feature is shields since Minecraft is slowly becoming a RPG sandbox game...
  10. Woaaaaaaaaaah
    How did you get that?
  11. My favorite of 1.9 is that we can glide with Elytra.
  12. My favorite part is definitely mending. I've broken so many pieces of "god armor" because I don't see its durability in my hot bar & I always forget to look at it in my inventory (more concerned with what I'm actually carying as inventory).
  13. My fav part is the Elytras... Why u think I click dis post XD
    If you are ever on the 9 I have spent a lot of time jumping and gliding around spawn mastering the movements of the Elytra

    My least fav thing is they removed super secret settings... I cri
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  14. Thank you for this giveaway!
    My favorite thing of 1.9? Hmm.. chorus plants / new blocks. Squid heads. The change to glass panes and iron bars. Shearing a snow golems head. Placing banners on shields. BOATS! Lol won't break when I run over lily pads now >_< oh and end rods.

    Lol just to name a few :p

    I want to do this now! o.o
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  15. What I like most about 1.9 is the new blocks. #ArchitectMuchExciteSoMuchWow

    Now I can build more things!

    Second favorite part is wings, not to use them, but to wear them. That way the wings in my Aelisium Logo can actually be worn when at work for the service xD

    Third favorite part is the end updates, more end, endless but finite end. FUN!
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  16. My favourite part of 1.9 is being able to use the elytra and glide through the air. Hopping from skyscraper to skyscraper i wish to become one with the air!
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  17. My favourite part of 1.9 would have to be the expanded end. I never really took interest into the end, I would go there once and kill the dragon, and be done with it. Now there is an exploration factor to it, it really makes me happy =]

    Thanks for running the giveaway!
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  18. A new challenge - exploring the End.
    Within that - flying in the End.
    I like how shulkers help me to fly around End cities :)
  19. i like the purple flowers :D
    i like the totally new way to farm them :)
  20. I like you <3
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