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  1. My favorite part of 1.9 is the Mending enchant and the new End Stone Bricks.
  2. Favorite part of 1.9 was the Elytra. Cause' flight.
  3. My favorite part of 1.9 is being able to walk through the wasteland without the temptation of challenging a Marlix and then spending half an hour trying to fight through an endless onslaught of skeletons to get my gear back. I got new leather shoes though cx
  4. Path blocks and new boats. :)
  5. My favorite part is the elytra of course XD
  6. My favorite part is the extra hotbar slot, not gonna lie. Makes building and farming so much easier!
  7. You know... path blocks. So simple, but so aesthetically pleasing.
  8. Chorus! How I love Chorus, oh and all the salty PvPers! But more importantly Chorus. I researched Chorus I studied growth patterns and also found an optimal and cheap farm for growing that was invented by fellow EMCer willies952002. If you have any question about Chorus or want to start your own farm or want one set up at an outpost PM me.
  9. Dragon heads and squid heads! :)
  10. My favorite part of 1.9 is the elytra xD
  11. I know it sounds quite strange but I do quite like the boats! The oars and being able to have a passenger is pretty cool :p
  12. My favorite part of the 1.9 update has to be the dragon heads and the next thing well I guess this only applys to EMC, ik this is probably boring and stupid but the wastes resetting. I have never really gotten a chance to explore the waste as its true self not destroyed and left unintended. I finally get the chance to go out an explore all the places I have never seen before experience the life of a true traveler fighting mobs, exploring, mining, and so much more, you probably now think that I am some creep who thinks the waste is alive and all but this is truly how I love the 1.9 update for EMC it makes me happy :3
  13. I luv the new update because of the new boats, they're like doors now because you can get different colors :D
  14. I like the new end. I almost want to live there :p
  15. My favorite part is the addition of dragon heads! :D
  16. you just know FDNY will make it romantic somehow for Anon xD

    and my favorite part of 1.9 is well, everything, the combat makes it easier to actually have a chance (shield included), the tipped arrows are just amazing (wonder if i can shoot people to give them instant health? x3) the Elytra made all my dragon dreams of flight possible <3 and who doesnt like more to explore?? :D
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  17. My favorite part is the Elytra.
    (god I sound like dora >.<)
  18. For the both of us, of course!
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  19. Fav 1.9 thing has to be the elytra lol